It’s a very topical question and I’ve heard it somewhere before. ──── Yes, this question is probably a question about being in Toiro’s position, but I answer it because I see no reason to lie here.

“I think he wants you to forget about being rescued and just go on living your life as before without him.”

When I said that, Nanahoshi, perhaps anticipating my answer, said without a pause

“That means, in essence, Magiri wants to avoid that girl, right?”

“That would be so.”

“Then, what would annoy you if she did something to you?”

…… This could be a good opportunity.

Here, if I tell her what I don’t want her to do when I’m Toiro, she should be able to do that considering her kindness.

I immediately decided to answer that Nanahoshi question.

“Well, for example, doing something that would give him an excuse to force a meeting with him.”


“Like, maybe you send a message every day.”

“Yeah yeah”

“Also, in the first place, I don’t like it when she actively try to get involved.”

“I see.~”

Nanahoshi nodded and listened to those words of mine.

This question is probably from the viewpoint of Toiro……, so if I say this here, Nanahoshi will not do what I just said to her as Toiro────.

“So I should do what Maigiri just said to that person I’m interested in~”

…… Eh?

“Nanahoshi, did you hear what I just said? I said that I think he’d get in trouble if you did what I just gave you. …… Is it okay if you do something that would get that person in trouble?”

When I said that, she gave a small nod and said.

“Of course I heard you. But you’re talking about the trouble with avoiding, aren’t you? If that’s the case, I don’t want that person to avoid me, I have to do the opposite and do something that will make it difficult for that person to avoid me! I think Magiri and that person are similar in that respect, so I’m sure that person will be troubled if I do what Magiri just said. …… I’m sorry to trouble you, but if I don’t do anything, that person will really avoid me and go far away…… I mean, I don’t have a choice! It would be worse if he went away without telling me why he was avoiding me! Yeah, I’ve made up my mind! I’ll never leave him until I find out why he’s trying to avoid me!!”

Seeing Nanahoshi so enthusiastic with a cheerful expression,──── I, on the contrary, was feeling very down.

Really, since I’ve become involved with Nanahoshi recently, I really ──── think that I’m a poor predictor of relationships.

In academics, I’m confident I can get first place in the national mock exams, unless something very irregular comes up.

And athletically, I’m confident that I can get to where people say I’m the best in the country if they give me a month or so to compete individually in a sport I’ve played, or even if I’ve never played before.

But …… relationships are the only thing I’m really bad at, apparently.

Whenever I have a conversation with Nanahoshi, I think about whether or not the destination of the conversation is going the way I want it to go,……it should be like that though.

“Thank you, Magiri! I might be able to get closer to that person thanks to you, Magiri!”

As it’s happening right in front of my eyes now, the opposite of what I predicted would happen in a relationship.

Really, how could something like this happen today, the day before I severed relations with her and erased the existence of Toiro

I’m so disgusted with myself, then I go home after finishing the teaching process for the day.

And ──── a while after returning home, a message flew in from Nanahoshi to me as Toiro.

“Toiro san! I’m looking forward to tomorrow!”


I’m also looking forward to tomorrow because it’s the day I can finally return the card key that I have desired.

After that, I went to the training gym, took a bath and went to sleep. ──── Finally, the long-awaited Saturday when my wish would come true came.

I’ve been in an unexpectedly long relationship, but today that finally comes to an end.

Feeling a little happy about that, I finished the necessary preparations such as raising my bangs and headed to the meeting place with Nanahoshi.

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