When I arrived at the rendezvous point with Nanahoshi, ──── there was a being who was attracting attention.

Thinking it was a scene I saw last week, I turned my attention to the eye-catching being.

She is wearing a white knitted fabric off-shoulder, a white miniskirt …… and a black choker around her neck and long black boots on her feet.

Unlike the rough style of the last time, this time she looks very much like a model.

However, this is the last time I’ll see her repertoire of coordinates, and I won’t know any new ones from now on.

So, I approach her, who is attracting a lot of attention, and call out to her.


Nanahoshi looks at me with a happy expression as I call out to her.

“Toiro! We meet again!”


But that will soon be over.

As promised, I took out the key card I brought from my pocket and presented it to her.

“I’ll return the one I kept.”

Now, if she accepts this card key, all I have to do is leave the place immediately.

However, on the night I first met her, she said she would follow me if I didn’t exchange contact details, so I had to think about the possibility that she might follow me ────, but She puts her hands behind her back and said.

“I still won’t accept it!”


“What do you mean? As long as we were talking before, you said that I could give it back the next time we meet, and more importantly, today is already Saturday.”

Her modelling shoot is on Sunday……. If she doesn’t receive the card key from me today, she won’t be able to take part in tomorrow’s shoot.

No matter how many studios, film crew and filming equipment are available, if the model is not there, the situation will be a disaster.

And if today was Tuesday or Wednesday, taking into account the possibility that she might not receive the card key from me until Saturday, so I designated today, Saturday, the day before the model shoot, as the day to meet her as Toiro

When I said this to Nanahoshi based on those ideas, she smiled and said.

“Yes, but if I receive it now, I’m afraid Toiro-san will just go home! So I’ll accept it after I’ve enjoyed the day with Toiro-san!”

If it’s so ……, I’ll say that it’s difficult because I have plans after this.

However, Nanahoshi has done this, so even if I tell such a lie, it will only make sense it will only hurt her. So I won’t

“…… okay, but I was only going to give you the key card, I didn’t book anywhere.”

“Leave it to me! I’ve booked everything perfectly!”

It doesn’t make me happy even if you say it with such sparkling eyes.

However, since we couldn’t continue to be exposed to the sun here, she and I went together to the restaurant where she had made a reservation

And when she opens the menu list, I look at one of the items on it and say.

“I’ll have this thinly sliced roast beef.”

“Yes, but I have a shooting tomorrow, so I might not want to put too much meat, even though it’s thinly sliced.”

“Why do you assume we’re going to have the same menu? If you don’t like it, You can have something else.”

“If you really want to eat it, I won’t stop you, but if that is not the case, I really want to eat the same menu as you, so I want you to make it a non-meat menu!”

I can feel the consideration in the fact that it’s not forced, but ────


If you look at me with such an appealing look and I don’t change the menu, I’ll feel as if I’ve done something wrong.

“…… then I’ll have the one over here with the salad as the main course.”

“Toiro san…..! Thank you very much! I’ll have the one with Toiro-san!”

Saying this, she showed a very bright smile.

…… Nanahoshi Chiha is really attractive.

I, who am deceiving someone with such a bright smile, would be an evil being if good and evil existed.

But I also have something I cannot give in to.

For my sake, and for the sake of her smile, today is the last time I will be involved with her


I felt a little sad that I would not be able to see this smile, but it was inevitable.

Afterwards, She and I ate dinner together, chatting lightly.

As long as I am talking to Nanahoshi in a normal way, I can say that it is a pleasant time.

However, that time will soon come to an end ──── with this person, Toiro.

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17 days ago

She’s annoying and he’s a doormat.

Garrulous Ghost
Garrulous Ghost
6 days ago

Man I feel like the author is very confused about how Magiri is supposed to be plotted out.

Magiri wants a quiet life and stay out of the limelight but still entertains Nanahoshi at school

He doesn’t want to lie to Nanahoshi because he doesn’t want to hurt her when in essence Toiro’s existence is a lie, one that’ll end up hurting her anyways since he wants to cut ties

Magiri’s nature feels very contradicting ’cause of this

On the other hand, the heroine’s logic is convoluted and quite contrived (BOTH heroines actually) and combined with Magiri’s actions towards them, it doesn’t paint her in a good light at all and they feel very unlikeable.

Even if Magiri were to say he doesn’t like Nanahoshi, she won’t be taking no for an answer and instead ask him to wait till she’s more suitable for him.