“Hey, why aren’t you talking to me? I’m asking if you’re avoiding me.”

Not surprisingly, on top of this awkward situation, she is angry.

I was supposed to be able to resolve a lot of things tomorrow and feel refreshed, but why did this happen the day before… However, there was no way I could answer “yeah, I’m avoiding yes” at this point, so I denied Nanahoshi’s question.

“I’m not avoiding you.”

“Then, is it a coincidence that every time I come into Magiri’s field of vision when I go to talk to you during recess, you go out of the classroom doorway in the opposite direction?”

“It’s just a coincidence.”

“Is it also a coincidence that you used to spend all your break time in the classroom, but after talking to me you started going out of the classroom?”

“It just happened.”

“That’s definitely a lie! It’s okay if it happens once or twice, but it’s definitely weird that it’s happened every day for the past few days!!”

Even though I don’t want other people to see me talking to her as an ordinary person, did I blatantly avoid her too much?

However, if I haven’t avoided her, I would have ended up talking to her, so it’s difficult to judge which one was correct

“I’ll get you to tell me exactly why you’re avoiding me!”

“…… Sorry, can we do this later? I’m in the mood for a bit of sunbathing on the roof.”

“Heee, then can I have a little chat with you while you sunbathe?”

“I’d rather be alone. ──── “

“Just! Tell me why you’re avoiding me!”

With her loud voice, the attention of the entire class was focused on her and me.

“N-Nanahoshi? If you speak too loudly, ────.”

“Hurry up and tell me!”

No…… if it continues like this, I’ll end up attracting attention in return.

“…… okay, but I’m worried about people’s eyes here, so let’s change the place.”

When I said that, she nodded, as if she was happy to hear what I had to say.

So, Nanahoshi and I came to the rooftop together.

“So? you asked me to come with me to the rooftop, but you won’t say you were just going to sunbathe, right?”

She said this, clearly angry.

“Maybe that’s still good. ────”

I was about to nod, when she glared at me.

“I was joking.”

I quickly showed my surrender in her eyes and decided to move on.

“It was about why I avoid you, wasn’t it?”


If I honestly say …… that I want to pretend to be ordinary and stay an ordinary being, so I don’t want to be near a conspicuous being like her──── she will know that I’m not ordinary.

But if I say something appropriate, I’ll probably offend her even more,…….

“I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to stand out too much, so when I’m with someone like you, who attracts the attention of the class, I don’t feel very comfortable because you attract people’s attention.”

Half-truths okay, the other half hidden.

This way, I can tell her what I want without her finding out I’m want to be ordinary.

And since I clearly told her that I wasn’t comfortable, considering Nanahoshi’s character, she won’t get involved with me any further.

“I see, then it’s no wonder you avoided me.”

Okay, now ────

“Then, from now on, when I talk to Makiri, I have to do it in a place where we can be alone!”

…… Eh?

“Wait a minute, that’s not what I’m talking about. ────”

“Eh? you are saying that you don’t want to attract attention when you’re with me right?”

Yes, that’s true, but would you normally, when people say they don’t feel comfortable with you in any way, shape or form, you think about finding a different way to be with them?

…Maybe I was underestimating her

“I mean, even if there was such a reason, isn’t it terrible to silently avoid me? You should have told me that from the start!”

“……that’s ────”

“I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few days that maybe I’ve done something to make you hate me!”

I don’t know whether she’s strong-minded or weak-minded ……, but if we take it positively, it means that from now on Nanahoshi will only talk to me in situations where she can be alone with me.

Then again, at least I won’t be spoken to in the classroom, so that alone could be considered a big gain.

“I’m sorry.”

“Nothing, it’s fine that you told me why you were avoiding me properly, but …… yeah, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

When I asked that in return, she said.

“Magiri, for example, if you were in a situation where a girl you had helped was actively trying to get closer to you, how would you feel about that girl?”

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