Today is just a few days away from the Saturday when I meet Nanahoshi as Toiro.

I’ve been successfully avoiding her completely in school for the past few days.

Sometimes I enter the classroom just before the morning chimes, sometimes I go to the roof, sometimes I go to the courtyard ──── and today I was in the library.

“A boy coming to the library alone during recess,…… sounds very mundane.”

In the library, the probability of her coming is infinitesimally small, given her personality, so I can read with a calm mind.

I took a random book from the library, sat down on a chair in the library, and started reading.

However, the book I started reading was not one I took from the library, but one I had brought with me.

As the book is a little difficult for a high school student to read, it would be a little less ordinary if I read this book without hiding anything.

However, since I am stacking books that I have taken randomly from the library, from a third person’s perspective, I am an ordinary student reading the books in the library, and in reality, I want to read them. I’m reading a book…it’s the ideal time to be able to do ordinary things and my desires at the same time.

“Hey, hey, are you interested in that sort of thing too?”


I feel like a female student’s voice is coming from in front of me, but I don’t know anyone in the library who has the kind of relationship that would suddenly call out to me from the front. Since it was not my voice, I assumed that there was probably someone reading a book near me or in the seat behind me

“Me too, just today I came to borrow a book on that kind of stuff…”


When I continued reading, hoping that she would speak a little more quietly, or that she would stay away from me───

“Ah ……?”

Suddenly I was pulled on both cheeks.

I couldn’t just continue reading after having my cheeks pulled, so I turned my attention to the person in front of me who had pulled my cheeks.

…… a woman with a lock of bright light blue hair.

A somewhat relaxed expression.

The face is somewhat mature, different from Nanahoshi’s of the image of a flowery high school girl.

…After all, she is a stranger.

The woman with light blue hair in front of me began to talk while pulling my cheeks.

“You’re a first year student, right? I’m a second year student, and if you ignore me, your second year sister will keep pulling your cheek like this, okay?”


When I nodded twice to show that I was listening to her for the time being, the light blue-haired woman started talking again.

“So? If you’re reading those kinds of books, then maybe you got into this school because of your sporting abilities too?”

Books of that type, exercise …… I see.

I look through the cover of the book I took at random to hide the book I am reading ────.

The book was called ‘How to Develop Physical Fitness’.

And this person said, ‘You too have been recognised for your sports-related abilities’, so she must be someone who excels in some kind of sports-related ability……. So when she came to the library, she saw me reading a sports-related book, and she started talking to me.

Well, I see what you’re talking about.

If that’s the case, it’s easy to talk to you.


Just answer like this.

Just answer like this, and this person loses interest in me at once, and I can enjoy my ideal time again.

I switch my brain again from a conversational brain to a reading brain and ────

“Really~, you’re so great that you could get into the special shcool, so you don’t need to be shy~”

…… I didn’t expect her to believe me, but what I say doesn’t change.

“It’s true.”


As long as I keep saying it’s true, it’s unlikely to be trumped by this story, because this person has no basis whatsoever to call it a lie.

“But you’re interested in sports a bit, aren’t you, since you read books like that?”

……It would be unnatural for someone to be reading such a book if they are not interested in sport, so let’s assume that I am interested here.

There are plenty of other people at this school who are interested in sports, so there is no problem if I just answer that.

“A little.”

When I replied, the light blue-haired woman in front of me smiled and said.

“For you, I’ll give you a present from your sister~!”

As she said that, she offered me a single ticket.

“…… what’s this?”

“Tickets for a competition I’m going to in two weeks, I gave them to my girl friends and I have one more ticket left over, so I wanted at least one boy to cheer me on, but I don’t know any boys at all and I’m embarrassed to be seen at the competition by someone I don’t know so well.”

…… I’m not sure, but I decided to reject the proposal because it wasn’t a positive thing for me in any way.

“Two weeks from now is just a busy time for me, so I’m sorry, but you’ll have to find someone else ────.”

“Aaah~! I had to go to the next transfer class! I wanted to borrow a book! But it can’t be helped, can it? I’m going to go now, but this is just another chance for us to be together, so if you have any problems, you can always ask your older sister for help!”

Saying that, she left the library, leaving ──── the ticket behind.

“….. even if you give it to me so forcefully, I won’t go.”

But I don’t know if I can leave the ticket in the library like this. ……If it’s a ticket for a convention, it might be misused in some way.


I put the ticket in the pocket of my uniform and, as I had no more time to read, I put the books I had taken from the library back where they had been and left the library.

Let’s think about what will happen in two weeks’ time, let’s concentrate now on severing relations with Nanahoshi and eliminating the existence of Toiro

And continue to avoid Nanahoshi

──── Friday.

The day before the day when I finally cut off relations with Nanahoshi and the day when the existence of Toiro will disappear.

I had been avoiding her recently, and of course I continued to do so today as well.

And at recess, I walk quickly to get out of the classroom as soon as possible.

Nanahoshi and I sit far from each other, so this way I can avoid her────

“Magiri, I want to ask you something ……, you’ve been avoiding me lately, haven’t you?”

When I thought that, Nanahoshi blocked the entrance and exit of the classroom, and Nanahoshi asked me that.

…… That’s a tricky one.

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