──── I was about to be touched in the forehad, and I used my reflexes to the full to avoid that her hand.


She seemed surprised by my sudden fast movement,…… and I say it myself, but I am athletic, and that is no exception to my reflexes, so now I have shown her a part of my reflexes,────, However, in addition to the fact that it happened instantly, and the reflexes I showed while sitting, I think it’s safe to assume that there would be no suspicion that I was pretending to be an ordinary person.

“Well. did you really hate it so much when someone touched your bangs?”

I say to her, who asks me that with an agitated look on her face.

“Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable without bangs, these bangs are like a part of my body.”

When I say this to cover up the real reason why I don’t want my bangs touched, she laughs and says.

“Haha, what’s that! I mean, your bangs are originally part of your body!”

After laughing at that, Nanahoshi said with relief.

“Thank goodness, I thought maybe I did something that Magiri didn’t like, but at that rate it looks like it’s going to be alright~.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

When I said that, Nanahoshi looked even more relieved.

I already knew that she is a kind person, so if I had honestly answered, “Yeah, I don’t want you to touch my bangs,” Nanahoshi have blamed herself to some extent.

I was as relieved as Nanahoshi is now that my deception was correct, and Nanahoshi, perhaps forgetting the earlier incident because of her relief, brightened her expression and said.

“I mean, Magiri is a mystery, isn’t he?”

“…… mystery?”

For me, who wants to stay ordinary, being called mysterious is a matter of such importance that I have to listen to it.

As a Toiro, I have only had a few conversations with her, but if there is something strange, I will have to eliminate that in the future.

As I listened to her next words, Nanahoshi said.

“Yeah, unlike other boys, I get the feeling that you don’t look at me based on my profession or my looks.”

Come to think of it, that’s what she said to me as Toiro

“Since your profession and appearance have nothing to do with what you talk about, isn’t it normal that I don’t care about those things?’

“…… Yeah, supposed to.”

She smiled, somewhat resignedly.

……If it has become a factor that makes people wonder, I would like to eliminate it, but it may be a difficult thing to eliminate about this matter.

She smiled somewhat resignedly, but then smiled and said.

“Magiri, you might be a bit like that person I went out to eat with on Saturday.”

I don’t mean it seriously, but I’ll deny it firmly for the moment.

“It’s rude to say such a thing to someone you are interested in, so you shouldn’t do it.”

“Haha, I don’t think that person cares about that kind of thing, do you? Besides, it’s not like he’s normal like Magiri, he’s an amazing person!”

“I’m normal, huh? …… Thanks, Nanahoshi.”

“Eh, What?”

I thought I was grateful for being called normal, but I forgot that the word normal wasn’t originally a compliment.

“It’s nothing.”

When I said that, she smiled and said.

“We haven’t talked at all, but Magiri is funny.”

“I didn’t mean to say anything funny.”

“That reply is already funny. …… Yeah! I don’t dislike Magiri!”

She said this with a very bright smile,──── and the students in the class were transfixed by that smile.

It’s bad…….A student talking to a being who is being watched by the students of the class is far from ordinary!

As I was wondering what I should do, the morning chime rang and she said to me, “Bye, Magiri!” and returned to her own seat.

The chime helped, but I’m sure some students will still remember me and Nanahoshi talking, so I’ll be living my life avoiding Nanahoshi for the next few days at least.

──── After school that day, I sent a message to Nanahoshi as Toiro.

[Let’s meet this Saturday.]

Saturday will be the day I cut off relations with Nanahoshi and erase the existence of Toiro altogether.

I have to ────.

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