“Mirei san, she went that way.”
I was playing games with Mirei san for the first time in a while.
We passed the time mainly playing FPS and occasionally playing physical games.
“You are as good as ever, aren’t you?
“Masa is getting better, too.”
I think I’m getting better than before because Haruto has been teaching me.

“Would you like to cook with me today?”
“Yeah. I thought we could do it together.”
“Okay. I’d like to try it, too.”
And so…
“What shall we do today?”
I came shopping with Mirei san
“Is there anything you want to eat?”
“Hmm, a hamburger steak?”
“Okay. It’s going to be a little difficult to make, but I’ll do my best.”
She patted me on the head.
The oni san who was looking at me in the distance was being slapped by his girlfriend.
I felt sorry for him.
But I can’t help it, I like to be petted.

“For now, we’ll just use what we have at home…”
I didn’t know what to buy, so I just followed Mirei san’s lead.
“Let’s buy some snacks too.”
“Really?! Are you sure?”
“I’m sure it’s fine. But you have to make sure you don’t gain weight.”
“I’ll be fine!”
When I was choosing sweets with Mirei san…
“Ah! Masaya-kun!”
A classmate spoke to me from the side.
“Are you shopping too, Masaya kun?”
“I also have to cook dinner tonight, so I came here to buy some stuff.”
“I see.”
I’m nervous because I only talk to Haruto in class.
“Is he in your class?”
“Yes! We’ve always been good friends!”
“Yes. We’re going to go now, so can I take him with me?”
“No problem at all!”
“Bye, Masaya kun!”
“Bye bye”

“Um, Mirei san?”
“Are you angry?”
“I’m not angry. It’s not unusual for you to talk with other people in your class. But I’m a little jealous.”
I thought it was cute on the inside.
“I see.”
I replied

“Shall we make it then?”
“Yes, please!”
She taught me how to make a basic hamburger steak.
“Well, it’s difficult.”
I’m probably not a good cook. I used to think I was good at it, but now I remember that I used to make the same dishes or eat prepared foods.

Then cook it…”
I put it on the pan and tried to cook it, but when I was wondering when to turn it over, she said
“It’s all right, I’ll watch with you”
And from behind, she grabbed my hand holding the frying pan.
“Umm, I’m not sure if it’s ready yet.”
She confirmed it

I was so nervous that I was almost like a puppet, but I managed to make it.
By the way, President Takuya said to me
I thought it was not so bad to be Mirei’s puppet. Or rather, I even wanted to be one.

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