Natsuki side

-3 years ago-

I was almost assaulted by my father.

As a result, I wasn’t assaulted because my mother came home right away, but because of that incident, she got a divorce.

I didn’t want to see him again, so we decided to move. To a city very far away.

And now I’m in that town.

“What a big town.”

That was my first impression. The area in front of the station is crowded with people, and the surrounding buildings are all tall. I had never been to a place like this before, because the town I had been in before was a place with almost no entertainment facilities.

My mother couldn’t come today because of her work, so I had to head home by myself.

I’m pretty poor with directions, so I had no idea what I was looking at on the map. Incidentally, I would get lost even when I use an app on my phone. Why did I go alone?

There was nothing I could do about that, so I decided to head home anyway. If I get lost, just ask someone and I’ll be fine! ! With that in mind, I started heading home.

-10 minutes later-

“….Where am I?”

I was completely lost. And I was in the town full of neon signs (To put it simply, there were many shops lined up at night.) The sky was getting darker, and I was beginning to think that this was a bad idea.

I thought about calling out to someone, but the only people on the street were men, and I felt a bit intimidated, so I didn’t. The women seemed to have a bad vibe, so I couldn’t get close to them.

In the end, without being able to talk to anyone, I continued to wander. I must’ve walked for about an hour. I came to a worse place.

A narrow street between buildings. It was dark and unpleasant. (I don’t know why. I felt as if someone was watching me.) I had been walking around looking at my phone and map all the time, so I didn’t realize that I had entered some kind of place.

What should I do? I don’t know how to go back.

……I’m scared.

Is there anyone who can help me?

While I was thinking about that, a voice suddenly called out to me from behind.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing here? Do you want to do something nice?”

What? This person. I was too scared to speak.

 “Give me some kind of response. If you don’t say anything, does that mean you agree?”

I got scared and collapsed.

“Well, whatever.”

Then he started to undress me.

……No, don’t. Stop.

Even if I thought so, I couldn’t speak.

When I was only in my underwear, the man looked at my body intensely. It was disgusting.

“Well, I’m going to take them off, okay? Are you sure?”

Saying that, the man tried to put his hand on my underwear.

It was at that moment.

“Hey, you. What are you doing? From the looks of it, it’s a crime.”

Suddenly, I heard a voice from the side.

“I’m feel sorry for you, but I took a video of you for evidence,:

“….Tch. Just when things were getting good !”

The man then punched the boy. The boy easily avoided it and threw the man away. Amazing.

The man realized he couldn’t do anything and immediately ran away.

Did you just save me? Me. No, I don’t know yet. This boy saved me… That’s what I was thinking.

“Are you alright? Hurry up and get dressed.”

He said gently. Thank God. With such relief I began to cry.

“Ugh ! I’m sorry !  Of course you didn’t like the way I was looking at you. I’m turning around so you can get dressed.”

“U-um, I was just feeling so relieved, you know…”

“Oh, really? But anyway, I’m turning around so you can get dressed.”

“Yeah, okay. I understand.”

I’m glad. There are good people, after all. Thinking so, I put on my clothes.

By the way, it was a lie when he said that he took a video.

When I told him that I had finished putting on my clothes, he offered to show me the way. For the time being, he was with me. I’m going to get lost again, aren’t I? Definitely.

I felt sorry for him, but I explained the situation (just why I was lost) and asked him to take me home.

Surprisingly, Nanase Yuuki’s house is close to mine. So I decided for Yuuki kun to take me home.

By the way, Yuuki kun said he took that road. That’s nice. He’s not poor with directions.

After walking for about 20 minutes, we arrived at my house. I had shown him the picture before.

“Thank you for taking me home. I don’t think I could have made it here by myself…..”

 “That’s okay. But please be careful next time. You never know what will happen the next time you get lost.”

“You’re right. I’ll do my best to learn the way.”

“Good luck. Well, then.”

With that, Yuuki kun left. Oh, no I should’ve at least asked him for his contact information.

After entering the house, I was reflecting on the events that had just happened.

(Yuuki kun, he’s so cool. He looks like a hero. I hope we can meet again.)

I thought so and stopped thinking about it after that.


Natsuki side (3 years ago)

About a week after I came to this city, I became a different person. It’s like I’m not me.

After that, I made a drastic makeover so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed the next time I met Yuuki kun. (Why did I think like that? I don’t really know.)

I’ve changed so much from the person I used to be. Maybe he won’t recognize me next time Yuuki kun sees me… I thought so, but I wanted to create a “cute me” for the next time we meet.

Time passed, and I became a 2nd year high school student.

Since then, I have seen Yuuki kun on occasion, but I haven’t been able to talk to him. I had seen him at least once a week.

I was looking outside in a daze when he came to the park and….I finally made up my mind and decided to go see Yuuki kun.

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1 year ago

Wao, a cool way to conquer a heroine.

11 months ago

So… He can actually fight? Why did he not defend himself earlier when his “childhood friends” assaulted him? Also, poor girl, she’s been hurt much worse than the MC.

9 months ago
Reply to  Krozam

He wasn’t in the mood, he was too hurt emotionally to care, his response to pain, is clearly to hide his emotions.