My sister wanted it to start on Saturday, so my sister’s week became a week from Saturday to Friday.

By the way, this “Sister’s week” is a term uttered by my sister who’s in a good mood. Somehow I use it too.

I told Ishizaki about it on the day I received advice from my sister and Natsuki, and Ishizaki was enthusiastic about giving it a try, and I think he will probably start dating properly as early as next week.

Today is Friday, and the clock has already struck twelve o’clock. It’s already Saturday, which means that my sister’s week has already started. As I walked up to my room to go to bed early to prepare for tomorrow, I heard a noise in my room.

I opened the door, thinking that there was no way, I was afraid to open it.

“Yuuki, my week has already started !”

“So early, huh….”

Inside the room, my sister is sitting on the bed, looking a little excited and tapping next to me as if urging me to hurry up.

“First of all, sleeping together. It’s something I haven’t been able to do lately.”

“Nee chan, can’t we start in the morning?”

“Yuuki, what did I say?”


“Right. Then no.”

I thought she would go that far, but she made me write something like a contract, and sure enough, it said, [You must do whatever your sister says].

I had no choice but to get under the blanket with her and sleep with her. It can’t be helped because we were lovers and the first day was still fresh in my mind. I had forbidden her to sleep with me for the past week.

But what my sister says is absolute, so I cannot disobey her. If I were to disobey her with all my might, I don’t know what she would do to me with that contract. It would be better to obey her quietly.

“Yuuki, look at me.”


I was told by my sister that she wasn’t satisfied with me turning my back at her.

After all, it was a small bed. When we were lying facing each other, we were close enough to each other. I wasn’t sure if I could sleep with her beautiful face in front of me.

When I turned to her, she started to stroke my head gently.

“Yuuki, I’m really happy to be able to go out with you, you know? Not because we can do naughty things, but because we have changed from being sisters and brothers.”

“Is that so? I think you were getting a little wild the other day.:

“T-that was ! I wanted proof that I was dating Yuuki. I won’t go that far from now on.”

My sister quickly averts her eyes and says so while blushing. I wondered if that might be the reason why she had been acting strangely, or perhaps distancing herself from me.

Anyway, from what she just said, I feel a little relieved that we will not likely engage in such behavior this week, even if I’m going to be dragged around.

The other day, I was in real trouble. It had been a while since I had reached the limit of my physical strength and many other things. I couldn’t take it if I had to go through that again and again.

Sensing my relief, she lowered her eyebrows apologetically.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be careful from now on. Do you dislike girls like that?”

“I’m not saying that, okay? It’s just that it was really hard. I love you, Nee chan.”

“Fufufu. I love you too, Yuuki. I love you more than anything in the world.”


When my sister said that and smiled, she immediately fell asleep as if she was relieved.

The sleeping face of my sister is beautiful. She’s the complete opposite of the image I had of her at school, like an angel or a goddess. I wanted to tell everyone, but I wanted to keep it a secret between us, just me and her.

I thought it was a little perverted, but I pulled her hair toward me and sniffed it. I was just trying to distract myself, but I had no other intention. I just wanted to keep staring at my sister.

My sister’s hair smelled softly and sweetly like flowers, and I felt safe in that smell, and soon I felt sleepy and fell asleep.

This was the beginning of my sister’s week.

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