Today, Natsuki, Riko and I were summoned to my sister’s room by her.

Natsuki comes to the room a little late, and for some reason I’m the only one sitting on the bed, and the three of them are lined up around the table facing me.

“Um– what’s going on here?”

“You don’t have to worry about it. Yuuki kun. I’m sure you’ll understand depending on the outcome.”

‘….? I see.”

“Now, let’s get down to business.”

My sister said that in a light tone, but with a serious look. I straightened my body a little, turned to the three of them, and waited for my sister to start talking.

She took a breath and opened her mouth.

“What I want to ask you today is a response to what I said to Yuuki the other day. That’s why I gathered everyone here. By the way, you can’t run away. I’ll get your answer here today.”

“I understand.”

Judging from the atmosphere and the situation, I guess she gathered everyone to hear the answer about the proposal of “going out with the three of them”. My parents won’t be home today, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to escape out the door, so I guess they’re trying to get me to answer at any cost.

To be honest, I still didn’t have a clear answer in my mind. If it weren’t for this situation, I might have run away. Let’s put aside the question of whether I could escape.

From my point of view, this situation could have been saved. If I hadn’t been put in this situation, I might never have gotten an answer.

If I kept putting off answering, I would be the one who would regret it.

“Reply with yes or no. If no, choose one of us here.”


“Right here.”

I feel like I have to make a decision quickly, so I think about which future will be happier.

One in which I have been with all three of them, and the other in which I choose one of them. Which future do I want to spend?

Will my current relationship evolve a little more and I will spend time with all of them as a lover, or will I develop love with just one person?

After pondering for a while, I came to one conclusion.



“Yes. I, no, I too, like Nee chan, I wanted the four of us to be together.”

It’s true that I was becoming attracted to the proposition of [going out with the three of them] and it’s also true that I wanted to maintain the status quo.

I know I can’t objectively and proudly say that it was the right choice. But I was scared. Choosing one person means not choosing two. In other words, I was afraid that I would have to separate from the two of them.

What if the people who are important to me leave me? I wanted to eliminate as much as possible the possibility of being estranged from someone.

I’m sorry that I have to make such a choice for such a reason, but for me, this was the most ideal choice.

“Are you two okay with that?”

I looked at Riko and Natsuki.

“I’m fine with it. I was hoping you would choose me if you had to.”

Riko said, but with a slightly happy expression on her face.

“I think I want to respect Yuuki kun’s feelings. ……Shiori senpai, it’s about time.”

Natsuki says this voraciously and looks at my sister. I also look at my sister accordingly. My sister seemed to be thinking about something and didn’t move for a while.

At the same time she started to talk, she gradually moved toward me. Incidentally, so did the other two.

“Yuuki, that’s fine with me too. We finally became lovers, right?”

“I guess so, hey, why are you coming closer to me?”

“It’s fine, we’re lovers, right? Yuuki kun.”

Before I knew it, I was pushed down on the bed by Natsuki who was approaching me.

“Yuuki Nii, I’m not going to let you sleep tonight, okay?”

Riko said this with a devilish smile on her face. My sister moves to my head and Riko moves to my feet.

I finally understood the strange feeling I had today. The absence of my parents, being made to sit on the bed, the fact that Riko looked happy, and Natsuki’s restlessness…..were all part of the plan to push me down like this today.

As Riko had declared, I spent the night without sleeping a wink. For some reason, I felt a little uncomfortable with the three of them, who seemed to have gotten used to it, but in the latter half of the night, I was too tired to do anything about it.

Personally, I wish they would stop doing it for long hours at a time, and I started to get ready for school.

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1 year ago

Harem route, successfully reached! Happy harem life, Yuuki and everyone!

1 year ago

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… that’s how a novel with a harem tag should end ……most anime and manga should learn from this to make harem manga and how to execute it smoothly…