They stared at me for a while and then started staring at each other. If I told them about my sister, it would be troublesome later (mainly my classmates), and I don’t know why Natsuki senpai is here. It can’t be helped, right?

“I’m Yuuki’s older sister, and my name is Nanase Shiori. I came here today to eat lunch with Yuuki.”

My older sister was shoving her lunch box as she said that.

“I won’t say who, but this class, and the rest of the 1-4 assholes, have hurt Yuuki.”

My sister said and glared at Kagurazaka san.

Why do you say that…? See, my classmates are starting to whisper to each other.

“If you’re going to say that, then so am I ! I saw Yuuki kun being hurt yesterday. That’s why I came here to cheer him up !”

She saw me? Hm, surely yesterday was a one-sided attack. I’m kind of embarrassed.

“I mean, even if that’s the case, why did you come to Yuuki’s place?”

That’s right. I don’t think there’s a connection between us.

I was nodding my head.

“I had Yuuki kun help me out before.”

I seriously don’t remember doing that.


“Hmm. What about it? You don’t have to come all the way over here just because of that, do you?”

“It’s, you know… It doesn’t matter ! Why are you so kind to your brother when you are called the “Ice Princess”? Are you a brocon !”


“What about it? I love Yuuki. It doesn’t matter, does it?”

The classroom was filled with noise.


Not good, she didn’t hear me.

I was afraid that if she went on like this, she would say something more serious (mainly my sister. I wouldn’t like it if she said something about the bathtub). I was going to grab their hands and walk out.


“Yuuki, you’re so…”

She said something like that, but I couldn’t care less. I didn’t want to be the center of attention any more.

I took them to the rooftop with me.

Our school opened the rooftop during lunch break.

Fortunately, there weren’t many people there, so I sat them both down on a bench at the back of the room where we were less noticeable.

“Anyway, putting aside my sister, Natsuki Senpai. Why did you come to my place?”

“Well, my house is near the place where Yuuki kun was beaten up yesterday. I was looking outside and saw Yuuki kun and the others. I’m sorry. If I had stopped it, it might not have been as bad as it was…”

So that’s how it was. But you don’t understand the important part, do you?

“I don’t mind that. But what did you mean when you said in class that I saved you, Natsuki senpai?”

“Hm, don’t you remember?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember at all.”

“I see….”

I felt a little sorry for her. She looked depressed.

“Well, if it’s okay with you two, why don’t we have lunch anyway? We’re running out of time.”

[[Yeah !]]

They’re so energetic.

“And, I’d like to ask Natsuki senpai about what you said earlier, if you don’t mind.”

“No. It’s fine.”

After saying that, the three of us started eating our lunch, and Natsuki senpai started talking.


??? side

When I went to the classroom, another woman came to Yuuki’s place. Looking at her uniform, I think she is a 3rd year student. (In this school, each grade has a different uniform.)

We argued a bit, but then Yuuki kun grabbed my hand and pulled us away. It was the first time I’ve ever had a boy hold my hand.

I went to the rooftop and talked to Yuuki kun, and it seems that he doesn’t remember what happened. It’s a little sad.

But I’m happy that he asked me about it. I hope this will help him remember something.

With that in mind, I, Nakano Natsuki, began to talk.

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