“I’m going to have dinner with three girls, including Rinne, and then go to the arcade for a little bit before going home.
Don’t worry if I get home late.”

“I’m going to have dinner with three girls, including Rinne, and then go to the arcade for a little bit before going home.
Don’t worry if I get home late.”

I had a message on my phone saying that.

I was so surprised. I can’t believe that he would go out with three girls so soon after the entrance ceremony.
My brother has become a “popular guy” for a long time.

I thought to myself.

Are you getting desperate after being dumped by that woman for some ludicrous reason? I was worried about that, but it seems I don’t have to worry about that.

But that day. My brother didn’t come home.

The clock was showing 19:00.

That’s strange.

It’s not that he didn’t come home at this time of night.

It was the fact that he hadn’t called me at all!

It was raining outside.

My brother didn’t carry an umbrella, I’m pretty sure. ……

I got anxious and grabbed my phone.

Let’s call him anyway!

That’s when it happened.

Then the front door opened with a clank.


It’s my brother!

I ran to the front door.

“Welcome back, onii chan! Moouu~! I was worried you were late…..Eh”
“…… I’m home, Misuzu.”

There he was, soaking wet, desperate, and clad in an atmosphere that made him look like he was about to disappear from this world, the changed form of my brother.

Morning. I woke up at the usual time.

I wondered if my brother had slept.

My brother, who had just returned, looked as if he was going to die.
But in the end, my brother seemed to look forward.

I can’t …… forgive her.

I can’t forgive that woman who did this to my brother.

my brother told me not to hate her.

I can’t …… do that. Because there is no way I can forgive that woman who did this to my beloved brother. ……

I take off my pajamas and change into my uniform.

When I go downstairs, my brother is getting ready.

It is a little earlier than usual.

I was sure he was going to pick up ” Kitajima Towa san” at the station.

The woman who said she had been in love with my brother since elementary school.

I haven’t met her yet, but I have a feeling she’s not a bad person.

So I decided to meet her.

Because ‘sister’ can’t marry my brother.

Because I gave up this feeling …….

So I can’t accept that it has to be someone who can make my brother happy instead of me.

That woman, in my eyes, ‘I didn’t think she could make my brother happy’, but I only accepted her because she was ‘someone my brother liked’.

I have no idea why my brother liked that woman …… and I don’t even know what made him like her.

Well, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about that woman.

I concluded so and talked to my brother.

“Good morning, Onii chan. Did you sleep well last night?”
“Good morning, Misuzu. Thanks to you, I slept well. Thank you.”

It seemed those words were not a lie. Seeing his complexion, which was much better than yesterday’s, I felt relieved.

“I’m glad to hear that. You just got home, Onii chan. To be honest, I thought you were going to die like this.”
“Haha …… maybe you’re not so wrong …….”

My brother smiles painfully. I still can’t stand this feeling.

“I can’t forgive …… Rinne-chan.”
“Yeah. Forgiveness or not is up to Misuzu, so it’s fine. But, I don’t want you to hate her.”

Haaa…… brother is really kind…… or maybe sweet……

“Haa…… well, it’s fine. So, you’re going to the station now, right?”
“Yes, I’m going to pick up Kitajima san”

Strong eyes. I can feel my brother’s intention in them. Yes, I feel it. It seems that his body is getting over the fatigue.

“Take care of yourself. You may be physically tired, but it’s hard to get rid of the tiredness in your heart, right?”
“Yes. Thank you for worrying about me, Misuzu.”

When I said that, my brother hugged me.


“O-Onii chan!!??”

Why why why why !!!!?

“If I wasn’t related to you, I’d be marrying you, too.”

O-Onii chan!!??

“That’s about right. You saved me yesterday and saved my heart. Thank you so much. Misuzu. I love you with all my heart.”

He hugged me tightly and I felt my brother’s love.

I love…… big brother.

I really love…… big brother. ……

“…….Idiot. I’m not going to give up if you say that.”

I feel like crying and mutter in my brother’s chest.

Don’t hear me, …… big brother.

Then I pushed my brother’s body back.

“Come on, go on. Your future wife is waiting for you.”

I say this with a joking laugh.

“Hahaha. I’d be disgraced if I was late on the first day after making a promise to her.”

My brother says so, grabs his bag and heads for the front door.

I follow him to see him off.

Wearing leather shoes, he turns around and says to me,

“Then, I’m going to go.”

“Yeah. Take care, Onii chan”

I smile and send my brother off.

I continue this act because I want to feel like a newlywed with my brother.

It was when my brother opened the front door.

“…………, I’ve been waiting for you.”
“……, Eh, Rinne!”
“R-Rinne chan!?”

My “enemy” was waiting for him in front of the entrance door.

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