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That day, I was a little worried and came with Yuuki because I felt something a little scary would happen to Yuuki on Sunday.

Then Yuuki was run over and I hurried to take a picture. I knew I couldn’t let them go because they didn’t seem to get out of the car.

While calling the police, I looked at Yuuki.

He was bleeding from the head, and his eyes were hollow, though he seemed to be conscious.

No, no, no, Yuuki. Don’t die. Don’t leave us.

“Yuuki, stay with me ! Yuuki !”

I shout at Yuuki, forgetting that I’m on the phone.

In contrast to my impatience, Yuuki is blinking slowly. He may not have the strength to move.

I decided to end the call first and make my call short and simple. I give them the license plate number of the car, and they seem to be moving quickly, so I hang up the phone and return to Yuuki.

The call didn’t take that long, but Yuuki’s eyes became even more hollow, as if he couldn’t see anything, and I became even more worried.

“Yuuki, Yuuki, don’t leave me. Don’t die.”

I don’t know if he heard what I said or not, but he didn’t respond to me. I was puzzled, and then Yuuki opened his mouth.

It’s hard to hear his voice, so I put my ear close to his mouth.

“Otori……,those guys are……”


After Yuki said that much, he stopped saying a word, so after confirming that he was still alive, I hurriedly called an ambulance.

After calling the ambulance, I could see one shape/form in my mind.

It’s just a thought, since it’s something that I will find out soon anyway.

The shape of this accident, in other words, the whole story, is this.

First of all, the basic premise is that this accident was planned by those bastards, Otori Kaisei, Kagurazaka Eri, and Kamisaka Ruri.

And although the plan may have been in the works for some time, it was only in the last few days that it was put into action.

Perhaps on this Saturday or Sunday, or at the school, they planted a transmitter, a listening device, or something of that nature in Yuuki’s shoes or something similar, so that they would know his location.

Otherwise, there is no way they could’ve caused the accident at this time today.

Perhaps they had been listening in and getting location information from their phones or other means for some time, but the timing of their actions suggests that it was a recent move. They must’ve been on their guard until then.

They knew Yuuki’s schedule for the day, that is, that he was going to a part-time job, and they predicted his route to some extent and chose the place where there were the fewest people and where they could surely target him.

The proof is that this is the most direct route from the house to the part-time job, and there are almost no pedestrians or cars on the street. Even now, I can hardly see anyone.

They probably used the GPS to time Yuuki’s arrival and ran over him with a car. The car probably came from someone’s house.

Did Yuuki recognize the car, or did he see the faces? Anyway, I got information related to them at that time, and that’s why I uttered those words.


The blood was sticky on your hand when I touched Yuuki’s head. The blood seemed to have already stopped, but there was no sign of Yuuki waking up.

When the police car and ambulance sirens were sounding, I was looking down at Yuuki and pushing down my murderous intent towards them.

☆ ☆ ☆ 

Yuuki didn’t wake up for about two days after that. Today, he still hasn’t woken up.

There was nothing wrong with him. The wound on his head was not that deep. The only problem was that he didn’t regain consciousness.

The sons of bitches were caught immediately after that, and the whole incident was revealed when they were each blamed for the crime.

There were surveillance cameras nearby, and we soon found out where the car had gone.

They were stupid enough to think that confessing to the crime would make them less guilty.

Otori planned this accident. He planned it about a week ago, right around the time when he was being sued by someone named Suzuya for alimony.

He stole money from his parents and bought a wiretap and a transmitter. He also had an online purchase history.

He planted the listening device in our front door and the transmitter in Yuuki’s shoes. The wiretap was planted on Sunday, and the transmitter was planted on Monday at the school shoe box.

Since I originally thought it was a sloppy plan, I thought they didn’t take their time in planning it.

He had Kagurazaka and Kamisaka check Yuuki’s behavior on Saturday, and as a final confirmation, Otori went to Yuuki’s house on Sunday.

There, they found out about Yuuki’s defiant attitude and decided to put it into action.

Since he had told them that he would arrive at his part-time job on Sunday or Monday morning, he may have thought of a route to take to his part-time job from there.

He chose a less popular road from that route and used his parents’ car without permission. By the way, the license plate number was hidden.

Incidentally, they set up not only a transmitter but also a camera at the intersection so that the timing would not be off.

The rest of the time, they checked Yuuki’s behavior from the transmitter and the camera, and caused the accident.

My theory was about right.

The accident was quite malicious, and there was a good chance that they would be brought up for criminal trial.

Although it was not my intention, I think it is safe to say that their future is over because of this accident.

It’s not a good thing that Yuuki was in an accident, but I will never see the faces of those bastards again.

With that in mind, I headed to Yuuki’s place again today.


“Yuuki, I’m coming in.”

It was after school, so Natsuki and Riko had already arrived when I got there.

Yuuki is still not waking up. I’m sure he won’t die like this. But what should I do if he dies?

Such anxieties were like a fog in my chest.

Yuuki’s appearance hasn’t changed in particular. He is wearing a bandage on his head.

I want him to wake up soon. I want to spend time with Yuuki again.

“Hey, Shiori Nee, Yuukii Nii is going to be fine, right?”

“He’ll be fine. ……I don’t want to lose Yuuki because of me…..”

“Both of you, Yuuki kun is fine. I’m sure he’ll wake up.”

All of us are staring at Yuuki, praying only that he will wake up.

Then, Riko opened her mouth.

“You know, I liked Yuuki Nii, who treated me like he always did no matter what I said. Even though I said something I didn’t mean, he was always kind to me.

That’s why I was happy when I found out that he was my step brother. So, wake up soon, okay? Yuuki Nii.”

[ [Riko (Chan)……] ]

Riko said this as if she was talking to Yuuki. Following that, Natsuki opened her mouth.

“Yuuki kun, I was saved by You. If Yuuki kun hadn’t come back then, I don’t know if I would be able to do this now.

That’s why I fell in love with you and I want to repay you. I don’t want to see you not come back even though those people are finally gone. Don’t lose, Yuuki kun.”

I also spoke after that.

“At first, I thought that you were just my little brother. But as I lived with you, I couldn’t help but love you. Then I found out that you were actually my step brother, and I became clearly aware of you as the opposite sex.

I’ve never been in love before, and there are times when things get out of control and I don’t know what to expect. But the feelings I have for Yuuki are real. I’m sorry I made you get hurt. Please, wake up…….”

We each expressed our feelings for the first time. Until now, I’ve only said that I love you.

So, this is the first time I know how everyone feels.

Because I knew everyone’s feelings, I regretted that I had caused Yuuki to get hurt, and I found myself shedding tears.

Then the two of them rubbed my back and comforted me.

I cry quietly, thinking that I didn’t want to ruin the relationship between the four of us.

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11 months ago

Those bastards! They clearly planned it to kill him. They are finished, but i can’t rejoice from it completely. I hope Yuuki can recover completely soon.