Volume 2 Episode 20 – The second day I spent with her, she was picked up when I took my eyes off her for a moment, and I realized that I should never let my guard down



[Shopping Mall]

Located a bus ride away from the station, this large shopping mall, said to be the largest in the prefecture, is a large-scale facility with an abundance of stores specializing not only in clothing, but also in sporting goods, books, glasses, and other items.

There is also a wide variety of dining options, including not only Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, but also Korean cuisine, which has become a hot topic of conversation. In addition, there is a game center as large as the one in front of the station, as well as a movie theater.

The area boasts more than enough space for a full day’s worth of fun.

It is a standard date spot for high school students.

“Can I start by looking at my clothes?”

We were walking hand in hand, trying not to get separated from Towa san
We had practiced this at school, so it wasn’t going to be a handshake.

Well, a little …… no, I’m very nervous and I’m worried about sweaty hands ……

“No problem, but may I ask why?”

I say to Towa san, who tilts her head.

“No. I’m sure mine will be decided soon. Towa-san’s side will take more time.”
“Fufufu. I see. Let’s go to the men’s fashion store.”

Towa san and I looked at the information board at the entrance of the mall to find a men’s fashion store.

“It is on the third floor. Next to it seems to be a women’s store.”
“Yes. Let’s go there.”

Using the elevator, we move to the third floor.
I looked at the reflection of myself and Towa san in the elevator.

Her reflection in the mirror was still beautiful.
I wonder if I look balanced with her at such a high level. ……

“Seeing us side by side like this, Kirito-kun is still very cool.”
“…… Eh?”

Towa san’s cheeks were a little reddish as she looked up at me.

“Your good qualities are on the inside. I think so. You have a well-defined face and a fashionable hairstyle. You are tall and well muscled, and your body is sturdy and masculine. It is nice that your posture is not hunched but straight. It must be Misuzu san’s coordination. I think it’s great that you look good in these simple outfits.”
“…I-Is that so?”

I was embarrassed by the praise, which was more than I expected.

“I don’t think you noticed, Kirito-kun, but a number of women were looking at you, you know? FufufuI. I won’t give this to them. I can’t tell you how many times I gave them a look.”

I-I didn’t understand……

because I was looking at the guys who were looking at Towa san rather than at me.

While we were talking about this, the elevator arrived at the third floor.

“While it makes my arms ring to make you more cool like that, it also makes me feel that I don’t want to show you to other women any more. Fufu. It bothers me.”

What a statement, I got off the elevator and walked to the men’s fashion store.

“Well, I also don’t think it feels good for you to be exposed to so many male gazes, but I also feel like showing you off, don’t you?”
“Fufufu. I understand. Me, too, I want to show you off.”

“Welcome! Please take your time to look around!”

As I entered the store, a stylish male clerk greeted me.

“What kind of clothes are you looking for?’

the clerk asked me.

“For now, may I ask you to take me to the large size section?”

I replied.

“Yes, sir. This way!”

Honestly speaking.

It’s hard to look for ‘wearable clothes’ before looking for ‘fashionable clothes.’ ……

As I was thinking this, the clerk led me to a corner where there was an abundance of clothing in sizes XL and up.

“There’s such a wide variety of clothes. I’m surprised.”
“These days, there are more and more people who want to wear loose-fitting clothes, not only taller people. Well, please take your time with your girlfriend.”

The clerk bowed and left.

“Well, Kirito-kun. What kind of clothes do you want to wear?”
“Eh? I can choose!?”

‘’Fufufu. There are no clothes here with a professional baseball team’s logo on them, right?”
“D-on’t make fun of me, …….”

I say, and I see a red T-shirt and a pair of black wide-leg pants.
I think I’d like to wear something loose-fitting.

“How about this one and this one?”
“Yes. I think it’s not bad. If you wear thin skinny pants, I think it would be hard for Kirito kun to wear them, so wide pants are a good choice. Red is a difficult color to wear in fashion, but it has a bright image, so I think it suits Kirito-kun.”

After saying this, Towa san brought out a jacket.

“I think it will look even better when combined with this one. Even if you buy them all, they won’t cost more than 10,000 yen, so they will fit within your budget, right, Kirito-kun?”

Right. We had talked about the budget lightly, right?

“Yes. Then I’ll go try on the clothes.”
“Okay. I’ll wait for you here.”

I went into the fitting room with the clothes I was going to wear.

After taking off my clothes, I put on the clothes she picked out for me.

“Hey, hey, do you want to go out with us afterwards?”
“No. No, I don’t think so.”
“Don’t be such a prude. How about it? I’m sure I’m a better guy than your boyfriend.”
“Haa? Kirito-kun is a hundred times cooler than you guys.”
“Kirito-kun hahaha”
“Two swords hahaha?”

…… haa. This is what I get for taking my eyes off the road for a minute.

I hurry to finish trying on the dress and open the door to talk to the two assholes in front of me.

“Hey, what do you want with my ‘girlfriend’?”
“Kirito-kun ……”

I take the form of getting between her and the assholes, who have a very confused look on their faces.

“I was listening to you in the fitting room and you were saying whatever you wanted to say, weren’t you? Are you guys better men than me? haa…? How dare you talk to me that way when your being such a skinny little guy?”

I, who am over 180, look down at the two 170-something bastards.
They have thin bodies that don’t look like they’ve done much training.
I’m not afraid of them.

“S-short. ……”
“Don’t get smart with me, …….”

I was in the mood for a fight. but I tried to keep my composure.

“Excuse me! Clerk! There’s a strange person involved!”
“What the hell are you talking about……!”

The clerk heard my voice and immediately came running.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting! …… Ah! You guys were supposed to be banned! Why are you here!”
“Oh no, we’re running away!”
“Tch! Remember me!”

Remember you? Hmm. All right.

I kept the faces of the two assholes firmly etched in my mind.

As I watched them run back out of the store, the clerk bowed

“I’m sorry! Those two are the ones who occasionally come in and do the vicious act of accosting the companion of the customer with the girlfriend, and I had banned them, but it seems they got through. ……”

“Haha …… I see that you did. ……”

I said and smiled, and the clerk produced a ticket.

“It’s not exactly an apology, but it’s a discount coupon for our store.”
“I’m sorry you had to go that far. but I’ll take it gratefully.”

It would be rude not to accept it, so I took the discount coupon from the waiter.

“Then, please take your time this time. I am very sorry for the trouble I caused you earlier.”

The waitress bowed and left us.

“Phew. I’m sorry, Towa san. I’m sorry I gave you a bad time while I was out of sight.”

When I said that, Towa-san smiled at me.

“Don’t worry about it. Compared to the joy of hearing you call me ‘girlfriend,’ that’s a minor thing.”

That’s right. I called Towa san ‘girlfriend’ in the confusion.

“Fufufu. Thank you, Kirito-kun. I feel so much better now.”
“Well, that’s good to hear.”

Then I asked her again to look at me in my new clothes.

“Yes. It suits you very well. It’s so cool, I’m falling in love with you all over again.”
“Haha, thank you.”

I say this and go back to the fitting room.

“Well, I’m going to change back into my original clothes. I’m going to buy this outfit.”
“Okay. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Towa san said, then smiled mischievously and made a suggestion to me.

“Can I enter Kirito-kun’s fitting room to avoid getting picked on?”
“Y-you can’t! The clerk will misunderstand me!”

They will think we are doing ‘that kind of thing’ in the fitting room.
There’s even a chance we’ll get banned. ……

“Fufufu. I’m just kidding, right?”
“Haha…… really, Towa san’s jokes are heartbreaking…….”

I said and got dressed in the fitting room.

This time Towa san didn’t get picked on.

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