Well, moving on to the next step in my plan, I decided to find out more about my former childhood friend, Otori.

Specifically, the club he belongs to. The reason for Otori’s situation during the summer vacation.

If I’m not mistaken, he was the ace of the soccer club, so I decided to ask around the guys in the soccer club.

As a result, this is what I found out.

“Otori? Yeah, he was doing good until before the summer vacation, but he hardly came to the club during that time, and his reputation in the club was terrible.”

“Oh yeah. On top of that, when he played in the game, he had less physical strength than the guys on the bench, and he couldn’t keep up with what we’re trying to do.”

“Well, since he was the ace from the start, he was doing whatever he wanted, and he reap what he sowed, right?”

In conclusion, Otori has been skipping practice and his physical strength has also been dropping.

If it means that he has a bad reputation within the club, then my plan is probably going in the right direction.

It’s only a matter of time before their reputation suffers.

By the way, I also asked the manager about Otori, but should I say I was surprised?

“That person, he was talking to almost all of the managers and giving them physical touches, which was honestly creepy.

I got the feeling that he was interested in any woman. Besides, it seems like he already has a girlfriend.”

That’s what I heard.

I got what he was trying to do and was able to ask the number of people he was victimizing.

The person himself, Otori, should know that  they don’t like it when someone they dislike does something like that.

The fact that he did it in spite of that probably means that he’s rotten to the core.


Thus, after hearing Otori’s situation, I went home and thought about it.

Without a doubt, the worst former childhood friend of mine would be Otori.

It’s almost possible that the other two were being threatened, but from the reactions I have seen so far, it doesn’t look that way.

That means, they’re all trash in the end.

There’s not a single apology, and they may not even be aware that they have done anything wrong.

Although I hated all three of them, they were my childhood friends, it might hurt a little……but I decided to take revenge on all three of them.

The next thing to do is to wait for the results of the investigation from my sister and Natsuki, as well as an investigation into the possibility of Otori’s affair…

I think there are things I can learn from other grades so I’ll let the two of them do that.

I don’t have anything in particular to do. I will leave a lot of things up to the others.

Next, I have to go to my part-time job. I’ll have to ask a private detective…but I’m not sure if I can afford it.

Nearly 700,000 yen for a week. I wonder if it will be all right.

I’m a little worried, but I had no choice but to do something, so I decided to think of the next way.


A married woman who was with Otori. Her husband SIDE

Recently, my wife came home late.

She goes out on holidays for whatever reason, and there has been no nighttime physical contact for a while.

Something is wrong. Something is not right.

Thinking so, I started to investigate my wife’s affair, although I didn’t want to suspect anything, and when I checked her phone, which I had been asked to do, the strange feeling turned into certainty.

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1 year ago

I see. This will be a good show of revenge.