After that, both of them were exhausted, the rest of us still played.

 Well, I was tired too, so it was just Ishizaki and Segawa who played.

I was glad Segawa seemed to be having fun, since she had not been able to play much.

Ishizaki’s legs literally turned into sticks. Toward the end, it looked like he was moving by sheer willpower.

In the evening, we returned to Ishizaki’s villa.

Ishizaki and Natsuki were dying, so I carried Ishizaki and my sister carried Natsuki on her back.

Ishizaki complained to me, but I told him that the person who’s being carried isn’t allowed to say that, and he quieted down.

Perhaps what I said after that, “If you still complained, I’ll leave you here,” was the most effective thing I said. He could hardly walk, so if I left him there, he would have to spend the night as it was.

When we arrived at Ishizaki’s villa, my sister assigned me to cook dinner.

What’s more, she wanted me to cook for all of us by myself.

It’s pretty tough with my tired body, but I couldn’t disobey her order. I would rather make it myself than have someone else do it.

Segawa has become better at it than before, but if you ask me if it tastes good, it’s not so good.

Fortunately, it seemed that Ishizaki had prepared the ingredients, so I decided to make it randomly.

By the time dinner was ready, the sky was getting dark.

Today, I simply made curry. I adjusted the taste a little, but made it with store-bought ingredients.

Perhaps lured by the smell, Ishizaki sat down in a chair.

He seemed to have a good appetite as usual. Well, I made more today, so I think he can have another serving.

Ishizaki had already arrived, so I went to call the other three.

I decided to call Segawa first. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I thought she was sleeping, but I heard some mumbling.

Well, there’s no point in worrying about it, so I entered the room and found something rolling around on the bed with a futon wrapped around its body.

It should be Segawa, since she’s supposed to be the only one in this room right now, but what is she doing?

“Uuu..I’m here with Shota today…. Ah ! Just thinking about it is something…”

After hearing that much, I peeled the futon off Segawa. 

“Eh ! Why are you here Yuuki?”

“Dinner’s ready, so I came to get you.”

“Ah, I see… ……!”

After a moment of silence, Segawa suddenly turned red. She seemed to have finally noticed.

“……Hey, did you hear that by any chance?”

“Yup ! Clearly !”

When I answered clearly, Segawa kicked me out of the room. I have nothing to talk to her about so it was fine. I feel like I shouldn’t have listened after she said ‘Something…’.

Well, I figured she would probably come out sooner or later, so next I went to my room, that is, to call for my sister and Natsuki.

I knocked, and there was an answer. However, after waiting for a while, my sister and Natsuki didn’t come out.

Something was wrong. So, I decided to enter the room.

When I entered the room, I found them lying on the bed in their swimsuits for some reason.

They seemed to have noticed that I had come in.

“Um, Yuuki kun. Help……”

“I can’t move because of muscle pain.”

Well, I knew that must be what was going on since they didn’t come out of their rooms.

I wonder if it’s okay to move so much on the first day.

Anyway, I made the two of them put on some clothes and sat them on chairs.

Segawa seemed to have also come out of her room and sat down on the chair maturely.

“Alright, then, now that we are all here–“

“Itadakimasu !”

“Eh? Well, enjoy it.”

[ [ [ Itadakimasu ] ] ] 

Ishizaki was the first one to start eating. How hungry is he?

By the time I had eaten about half of my meal, Ishizaki had already finished eating, and he ended up having another bite.

The other four, including me, didn’t eat any more food, and after we finished eating, we were free to spend our time as we liked.

When I went to take a bath, my sister came in like always.

I thought she was the only one who came in, but to my surprise, Natsuki also came in.

“Eh ?! Why are you here too, Natsuki?”

“Well, for some reason…….”

“For some reason,…… Well, fine……”

I don’t think it’s a good idea to take a bath with a high schooler just for some reason, but I just need to be careful.

The problem was my sister.

I haven’t changed my clothes yet, so I changed and went into the bath. Of course I wrapped a towel around my body.

After washing my body and soaking in the bathtub, my sisters seemed to come in.

“Ugh….as expected, it’s still embarrassing.”

“Oh my, are you still embarrassed? I’m always like this with Yuuki.”


No, it’s weird to say that it’s always like this.

I don’t know why she decided to go in, but I think Natsuki is still conscious.

I try not to look at her as I reply,

“I’m already here. I’ll try not to look your way, so don’t worry.”

“See. Yuuki also said so. Okay?”

“Ugh, I understand ! Geez !”

I feel like if she feels awkward about it, I feel uncomfortable too.

I’ve gotten used to it because of my sister. It’s possible that my sister was completely naked, but I’d like to think that Natsuki is wrapped in her towel.

“Well then, I’ll wash you.”

“Eh ! Ah, hey, that’s…..”

“Fufu. How is it? Are you feeling good?”

“Nnnn, wait, Shiori senpai. Don’t. Yuuki kun is here.”

What are you doing, Nee chan?

I knew it, my sister is dangerous.

“Oh my, I see. Can you wash me next?”

“Ugh, geez. You’ve really done it….”

After that, nothing strange happened in particular, they seemed to have finished washing their bodies.

In the end, Natsuki ended up taking a bath together.

The bathtub in this house was quite spacious, and there was enough room for three people to soak in.

It can’t be helped that my sister didn’t cover herself, but why didn’t Natsuki wrap herself in a towel?

“Why aren’t you both wearing towels?”

“No, it’s because Shiori senpai.”

“Because this would make you happy, right, Yuuki?”

I can’t deny that. But, you know, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have two naked girls in front of a healthy high school boy, right?

“Sigh, I’m gonna turn around. Natsuki, you don’t have to listen to everything my sister says.”

“No, she forced me to take off my towel…”

“Nee chan?”

“Fufufu. You can’t have any advantages or disadvantages here.”


“No, no, it’s nothing !”

There are many things I don’t understand. Well, I’m sure it’s not something I can ask and they will tell me.

As I was turning around, I felt something behind me. I wondered if it was my sister.

When I turned around, my sister was soaking in the bathtub as usual.

…..Then that means, Natsuki?

I felt embarrassed and hurriedly got out of the bath.

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