The next day I was heading to the hair salon with my sister and Riko.

Why was Riko there? I don’t know either. It would be no fun for her to come with me.

Riko didn’t seem to approach me even though she came along. Maybe she just followed my sister because she was bored.


She took me to a hair salon and I was surprised to see the amount of money. 8,000 yen? It’s not the kind of money you would spend on me. I knew it was for my sister today, not me…

“Nee chan….are you seriously going to get a haircut today?”

“What are you talking about? Of course it’s for you, Yuuki.”

“A-ahaha. I see…..”

No way… It’s more than I deserve….

I was dizzy to think that such an amount of money would be spent on me. We’re still going to buy clothes today, right?

I was curious about the price, so I checked out the store’s review and found it to be very good.

…..Why did she choose this place? Just for me.

I was worried about the money, so I asked her.

“Um, I don’t have that much money today, is it alright?”

“…..? You don’t have to spend money, Yuuki. I’ll pay for everything.”

“No, still….. I’ll pay too.”


“No, please. Let me pay.”

I felt like a person who wanted to pay tribute. Actually, I feel like my sister is donating to me….

My sister is very weak against requests from her younger brother and sister. Basically, when she is asked to do something for me, she reflectively say yes. This time too, she said yes reflectively so somehow, I can pay. I was impatient after she said yes, but it was too late. I Had to keep my words.

I felt bad for her to take me to such a nice place, but I absolutely can’t make her pay for everything. I was always short on money, so I’m saved, but…..

I’m sorry to the store owner, too. I’m sorry that such a plain person like me came to the store.

Thinking like this, I took the seat I was shown.

☆ ☆ ☆ 

It was a little difficult to see because my long hair was in the way, but I think the hairstylist had an indescribable look on her face. It may have been my imagination, but I felt somewhat sorry.

“So, how would you like it done today?”

I was asked. I guess she was asking about my hair style.

But I don’t know much about that kind of thing. I’m not good at fashion or anything like that.

When I didn’t know what to say and was at a loss, my sister came out of nowhere.

“Leave it to me for now. Please make sure it matches his face.”


The hairdresser seemed to be in trouble. If someone came out of nowhere and said that to her, she would’ve been surprised.

I wonder where she was watching from. I was thinking because I couldn’t see where my sister and others were waiting for me.

While I was thinking about that, my sister brushed my bangs out of my face.

” ! “

“Is it going to be alright?”

“Yes ! It’ll be fine ! I’ll definitely make him look cool !”

“Then, take care of my brother. Surprise your sister by looking cool, okay? Yuuki.”

After saying that much, she went back.

By the way, I feel like the hair stylist is getting awfully motivated, but is it just my imagination? Ever since my sister left, 

“…No-set style… No, softly permed x medium hair… Aah, which one shall I choose?”

She probably mumbled about my hairstyle.

Personally, I didn’t want a troublesome style, so I asked for something that didn’t require a set or something simple.

“I see ! I understand. ….Well, then, let’s have a short mash with bangs.”

“Um, then I’ll go with that, please.”

I won’t understand even when you tell me the name of it. I couldn’t understand most of what hse was muttering earlier either. I can imagine some of them from the atmosphere.

It’s hard these days with so many hairstyles. It’s great that people can take care of that kind of thing. I don’t think I could ever do it.

…..I don’t know if mash is supposed to look like mushrooms or?

In the end, I wasn’t sure, so I decided to be mature and have my hair cut.

I was worried about the hair stylist’s high tension, but it didn’t seem to stop, so I just sat in the chair quietly.

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