Nana’s breath enters my ear and I back away in surprise.

She laughs devilishly, as if my reaction is funny.

She is probably just teasing me.

I shouldn’t read too much into it.

That’s true, but the important thing is that Yuna is not here.

“Ah, Yuna, you know, she is in the security room because of some annoying guy.”
“……, that sounds like a hard time.”
“I’m sure it’s hard. But it’s all right. It’s always the same, and thanks to Tsukasa, she’s getting by just fine.”
“Thanks to me?”

As I tilted my head at the overly mysterious words, Nana tugged on my arm. 

security (office) 

“You fucking pick-up artist! How many times have I told you! This time I’m going to turn you in to the police! This is a prestigious women’s college! You know what you’re doing! Huh? You know what? ! Do you think this is a joke?”
“I-I’m sorry!”
“God grief! Give me a break from CEO’s sons, celebrities, models, and some young entrepreneur! Don’t make my job any harder!! Aaah! Twenty years ago, if we had guys like you, we would have buried you alive with concrete long ago!”

The security guard, who resembled a yakuza, was yelling at the handsome brown-haired man who had annoyed Yuna.

He has a skin head and an old scar on his face.

And he has a short pinky finger. ……

I guess that security guard really was a yakuza. ……

Well, I got a general idea of the situation.

Yuna is in the corner looking anxious, but the moment her eyes meet mine.

She also gave me the look that she had given me when the old man almost did something terrible to her.
She is asking for help.

My heart was hot again.

I wonder why.

When other girls stare at me, I just get a little nervous, but every time I see the turmoil in her eyes, I get an unnameable feeling.

The next thing I knew, I was grabbing her arm and trying to get out.

“H-hey! What the hell!?”

The yakuza-like security guard was puzzled, but I ignored him and took her outside.

“W-wait! Hey!”
“Security guard san, shut up.”
“! Miss Nana!?”
“It’s okay. Let him go. I’ll tell Papa everything.”
“Y-Yes. ……”

I thought I heard Nana’s voice coming from inside the security room, but I ignored it and walked on.


Out of college.

“I’m really sorry …… for grabbing you by the arm out of the blue.”
“It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m sorry I’m late too.”

We left the university and just walked.

Then I realized how stupid I was and quickly took my hand away and apologized.

But she just turned her cheeks a light pink and showed no sign of disgust.

She is really beautiful.

She’s wearing casual denim and a pale purple one-shoulder knit that reveals a lot around her chest and shoulders.

Overall, she looks sophisticated, but her huge, explosive breasts give her a sexy look.

Her fashionable ring-like earrings also suit her very well.

It makes me wonder if I should really be walking around with such a beautiful girl, and I’m rather afraid of her.

As I was walking restlessly, Yuna walked while gently placing her own arm on my arm.


It smells soooo good and soft.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Yuna, who was walking right beside me, looked down and asked me.

I had to answer her without hesitation.

“Because you had the same expression as you did before …….”

The moment she heard my words, she took a wrong step and leaned toward me.

I put my arms around her back and held her in place, and her marshmallow hit me in the stomach area.

What the hell is this ……

It feels like it doesn’t exist in this world and I am speechless.

But then she..About a guy…

“Kiryu-san! I’m so sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose! I’ll be right away!”
“”It’s just like old times. That’s what I really like about you. ……”
“It’s nothing. Let’s go”

Yuna walked away and smiled as she walked away.

But the way she walked was a little unnatural.

It is intermittent and twitching as if it were running on electricity.

“………….. and just call me Yuna. Tsukasa.”

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