“Thanks for coming to the match today. I think I was able to move more than ever because Otsuki came and watched ……. Thank you so much.”

“No, it’s not like that. Look, a lot of people from Hirasawa-kun’s fan club were cheering for him, and everyone was rooting for him.”

Reo shakes his head.

“I was only looking at Otsuki. I wanted Otsuki to support me the most. Because I love Otsuki!”

He confessed in a clear tone. When he was little, he was so timid and always behind me, but now he’s grown up.

When I entered junior high school, he was out of my height and face.

“So I want you to go out with me!”

Otsuki san’s face, which had been a little downcast, rose.

“I’m very happy to hear that. I’ve never had anyone confess to me before,……. I’m not sure I can believe that someone like Hirasawa-kun, who is loved by everyone, would say he likes me. But I don’t know if I can accept this feeling.”

“I thought it was bad, but I heard that Otsuki liked Asahina’s big brother. I’ve been thinking about it for over ten years. I know it’s not easy. But I don’t feel like losing my love for Otsuki to anyone.”

“……What did you like about me?”

Is this the moment of truth? Reo took a deep breath.

“The reason is …… that Asahina got the first place in the final examinations in a row. At that time, Otsuki’s smile that was happy as if it was her own left an impression on me. That’s how I started following Otsuki with my eyes… The way Asahina followed up behind was like a best friend… I thought she was a great person and fell in love with her. After that, I only saw Otsuki. I also like how the desks and chairs are properly put back after a conversation. I also like the diligent way of cleaning the blackboard and turning off the lights after the mobile classroom. I also love the kindness of working twice as hard to follow up on guys who forgot their cleaning duty, and the way you file and deliver printouts for students who took a day off.”

“Oh, um, …….”

Reo is throwing words at her in spurts and Otsuki san is starting to get flustered.

That’s right. It feels like he’s going to tell her 100 things he like about her. Otsuki san was also embarrassed by repeated calls and her cheeks were dyed red.

“I like Otsuki, who does her best to cheer up a friend who is sad. I really like the way Otsuki talks to the houseplants in the classroom tomorrow morning, naming them after! I love how Otsuki never gives up and tries hard even when she can’t do something in gymnastics! I love that she cooks insanely good and is good at making lunch boxes! I like the gap between Ryoma and Otsuki, when Ryoma trigger her and says gruntly and uses a little black language! I love the kind-hearted Otsuki who waits until Asahina, who is confessed all over the place, is finished because she’s tired and then goes home with her!”


“Hmmm. Well, if you want to get my Shizuku, you’ll have to do at least this much.”

To be honest, I didn’t expect it to go this far.

He has only seen Otsuki san, or rather, he is really fallen in love with her.

Maybe I didn’t realize that Reo’s feelings for Otsuki-san had grown so big.

“I like the hair ornament you wore the other day, it suits your hair color! I like the one-piece dress she was wearing at the amusement park the other day, so much so that I keep looking at the picture over and over again! I love the ribbon she always wears when it comes off and she goes semi-long, I love it so much that I keep looking at it over and over again! I love you so much that I’ll remember the way you looked when you put on those glasses you borrowed from the girls in class!”

Reo took a deep breath.

“I love you Otsuki! If you want, I can …… shout out more of what I like about Otsuki!”

“I am!”

It was Otsuki san’s voice, released as if she was shouting.

“I’m not a good enough girl to be liked by Hirasawa-kun.”

“No, I like you! I like you too much.”

“I’m not nice. I’m pretty mean”

“I don’t mind being bullied! You’re the nicest girl in the world, and that’s part of it!”

“I am a small girl”

“I like you better when you’re short.”

“I’m a pain in the ass.”

“I like a pain in the ass!”

“My head is definitely worse than Arisa’s and Hirasawa’s.”

“I’ll teach you everything you need to know!”

“I don’t have anything to offer!”

“I like you!”

“I’m not prettier than Arisa!”

“Otsuki is prettier than Asahina!”

“I’m no match like Kogure kun!”

“I’m ……”

Otsuki-san let out her complex at the thought of Reo

She is a kind and caring girl. There was an ideal girl right next to her who was liked by all kinds of boys, and although he loved her, she probably had a lot on her mind.

I understand. I always felt inferior to Reo. Even so, I continued to stay by …his side.

“I admired Ryoma. He is kind, can do anything, and always helps me when I’m …… in trouble. Today’s game was also won because Ryoma gave me a pass at the best moment and supported me. I am able to confess my feelings to Otsuki now thanks to Ryoma’s various efforts. I always wished Ryoma was a girl.”

“Kogure-kun, your face is red.”

“…..It’s itchy.”

“I know how you feel. I may have said it before, but I also thought many times what it would be like if Shizuku was a man. but……””


Reo jumped out and grabbed Otsuki san’s shoulders with great force.

“But everything changed when I met Otsuki. So I’m more …… more than Ryoma.”

The cry was what you could call a cry of the soul,…….

“I want Otsuki to spoil me as much as she cannnnnn!”

It was the kind of words that made the listeners think what he was talking about when they heard them,…….

“….Fufu. I’m going to tell you, I’m very good at spoiling. don’t you think it’s too late to say you want to go back to Kogure-kun now?”

It seems that the greatest pampering of all was a big hit with the woman. Twists and turns thus the two were united.

Seeing Reo and Otsuki cuddling up to each other.

Tears flowed from my eyes.

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9 months ago

Massive W.

Also, given that both his parents are always overseas, Reo yearning for pampering from a mother-type figure is very believable.

Now we wait for the main couple to get together. Seeing as they are already close enough and Asahina’s frequent heats, it shouldn’t be too long if there’s no additional filler drama.

9 months ago

Ryouma’s boy got stolen by a girl!

1 month ago

“I like a pain in the ass!”