[Kurokawa Rena’s Point of View]

It was the last Saturday of summer vacation.

I was waiting for Umi in front of the station.

My heart is…..buzzing in my chest.

The day after I kissed Kashiwada kun–I sent a message to Umi.

[I talked to Kashiwada kun about Tendo kun and Sena and the others, and he took on the role of my new boyfriend. I’m going to be able to break up with Tendo kun safely. And you know what? I have something I want to tell Umi. I think I’ve fallen in love with Kashiwada kun.]

Me too.

I’m sorry, and so on.

Without being able to tell her that.

I already knew how Umi felt for a long time.

But I couldn’t say I was sorry, so I sent a selfish message.

Umi called me right away and we talked a little.

[So…did Kashiwada kun propose to play as Rena’s boyfriend?]

[At first she said how about Otsuka kun, but I thought Kashiwada kun would be better……]

[………I see.]

The gap in the conversation.

There are so many thoughts that can’t be put into words.

Especially in the case of Umi.

It’s unfair for me to pretend not to see it.

I sat on my bed and made a phone call while I reached toward the ceiling.

I stare at my nails, which were newly done at the nail salon today.

A light gradation of turquoise blue and orange.

The simple nail polish looked like the end of summer.

It looks like the sunset I saw after kissing Kashiwada kun that day.

It’s a little sad.

[Umi, I’m…..]


[I think I fell in love with him while I was discussing Tendo kun and the others. Kashiwada kun….he’s very kind.]

[…………I see.]

[Will you support me?]



[Yes,……I will support you.]

Really, I’m so unfair…….

If I put it this way, Umi can’t say anything…….


Ahead of my sigh, I can see Umi walking towards me.

An organdy sheer shirt and wide pants with a relaxed silhouette.

A rare and natural beige outfit with elegant white sandals.

Every time she walks, her beautiful black hair sways.

People on the street look twice at such overwhelming beauty.

She’s so cute and mature, they say.


She’s just the way I like her.

Kashiwada kun said, [I’ve never looked at her that way] but I wonder if that’s true.

“Umi ! !”

I waved my hand and she gave me a small wave back.

I ran up to her and crossed my arms.

“Ehehe, you look cute in today’s clothes.”

“Do you think so?”

“If I were a man, I would definitely choose Umi !”

“………..I see.”

“Ah ! You just made a confused face, didn’t you? Umi rejected me in a second.”

“That’s not true. If Rena were a man, she’d be good-looking, I think?”

“Hahaha, you’re asking. Besides, you didn’t choose because of looks, right?”

“………..That’s not true.”

Umii’s gentle and kind lie.

I’ve taken advantage of that.



I touched her cold hands

I was ignorant of anything at that time.

I didn’t know that Umi was being driven into a corner like that because of Shimada kun.

I didn’t know.

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