Good morning.

although it’s noon.


[It’s time for lunch.]

That’s why I’m the alarm that wakes up Koala Woman.

And in response to my message, the koala woman slowly wakes up.

When she raises her slender body, her glossy black hair sways.

As it is, she stretches out her slender arms.

Then, she rubs her eyes with her fingertips with a pouty expression on her face, something she doesn’t usually show.

Since the koala woman is exposing her defenseless figure in such a way, the men become excited.


The girls also pouted their cheeks…….


You guys…….

That’s the girl who slept for almost four hours straight, you know?

Hey, hey.

Wake up, okay?

Also, what’s always puzzled me is how the teachers love the koala woman like she’s a stuffed animal.

Aren’t you going to warn her or something?

Well, that’s fine.

I scratch my head and decide to leave the classroom first.

And then I headed for the club building.


At this moment—

I think my life was divided into two paths.

Without even realizing it.

I didn’t have time to think about which path I was going to take.

No, I didn’t have a choice.

But if you call it fate.

I think it’s too much—.

You are too kind to be at the end of that destiny–.

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