“As my Kaname Nii said, there are quite a few women who like the [egotistical] type.”

Thud ! A girl who is sitting on her knees in my living room, flapping her T-shirt.

Her hair is a flashy red color.

Semi-long hair with a two-block on one side.

She is a beautiful woman with sharp eyes and a sharp nose, but she still has a certain innocence about her.

That was my impression of Okamoto Yuzu, my step brother Shin’s girlfriend.

“Well, I only get goosebumps from people like that, and I only care about Shin ! !”

I know.

Yo, my future sister-in-law.

Please take care of Shin forever.

I hold up three fingers and bow.

By the way–I’m going to change the subject, only Miku from the “Kimi Koi” gal game can’t be conquered.

I’m going to ask Yuzu chan for some serious advice.

I was able to capture the other characters, but I just couldn’t capture the main character’s classmate, Miku.

I feel like this character looks like someone I know, but I keep making the wrong conversation choices and ending up with a bad ending.

Maybe we’re just too incompatible.

As I was twisting my head, I thought to myself,

“Haaah? Kaname Nii, I’m sure you’re joking, right? Miku from [Kimi koi] is a heroine who is in love with the main character from the very beginning, right? Shin….I don’t think your brother is okay.”

Yuzu chan shouts in annoyance toward the kitchen, and Shin, holding an omelet in both hands, walks in with a wry smile on his face.

Wow, he is a handsome guy that I am in love with even though he is my step brother.

If it weren’t for the painful scar from his face to his neck, he might have been active in the entertainment industry, where he had already started his career back then.

Because he was protecting me, Shin–at that time, when I looked at the scars he had sustained, the regrets of the past came rushing in like a big wave.

Peer pressure–.

Today, Kurokawa san’s consultation reminded me of a word I haven’t heard in a long time that I don’t like.

When the peer pressure thing gets worse, it becomes bullying.

When I was in the second year of middle school, our parents remarried.

Suddenly, I had a handsome younger brother.

Naturally, people around us compared us.

If that was all, I could have laughed it off, but it seemed that a third-year senior who had a bad reputation–the senior who liked Shin, confessed to him and got rejected.

That it was then.

I was mentally and physically bullied by that third-year senior, not Shin, to the point that I can’t even remember those days.

Will it be better if Shin kun’s brother is not that mob? They scoffed at me.

Of course-Shin defended me, but…….

I, too, had a strange sense of pride, and I didn’t want my cute little brother to worry,.

But at some point, I was cornered, and it’s a pitiful story, but at that time, I–jumped off the roof of the school.

At that time, it was Shin that reached out to me desperately and fell as if to protect me.

Miraculously, we both survived, but Shin and I were both seriously injured.

The scars on Shin’s face and neck were also from that time.

When I returned to school about two months later, the bullying was gone, this time due to public pressure.

The third-year senior had also transferred out of the prefecture.

But seeing the scars on Shin’s face, I spent my days regretting it, until I became a third-year student and met the koala woman.

[You know, is every time you regret it, your step brother’s scar fades or disappears? If that seems too difficult, look into surgery. I can refer you to a good doctor through my grandmother’s contacts. And the cost–no, you’re not going to like that, I’m sure……]

[How much, is that ….? No, I’ll look it up myself. Thank you, Kakei san……]

After some research, skin regenerative medicine was out of the question for me.

The surgical procedure would have required about a million yen in overhead, even if insurance would have covered it.

There may be cheaper places, but if he wanted to restore his skin, I needed at least that much…….

It could be double that depending on the university hospital.

So I needed about 2 million yen.

Luckily, the coffee shop that the koala girl introduced me to paid me an hourly rate of 1,000 yen, which is an exceptional rate for a high school student like me.

I’ve been working there since the first day of high school, and when I get my salary this month, I’ll finally be able to reach half of the amount.

If I talked to my stepfather and mother, they would probably pay me the other half right away, but I wanted to take care of Shin myself.

Besides, Shin said–I don’t want to bother my father and stepmother, I’m a man and I don’t mind a scar] refusing to undergo a major surgery.

Shin is stubborn, even though he looks like that.

So I think I need to earn it myself to persuade him.

“Onii san, your eyebrows are furrowed. Don’t think too much.”

A gentle voice sounded.

Placing an omelet in front of me, Shin smiles, pointing to my forehead.


What a killer smile.

And what a delicious looking omelet rice.


This omelet have croquette on it?

“It’s your favorite corn cream croquette.”

This smile,


He’s trying to make me fat.

“Oh, Shin, don’t favor only Kaname Nii. Serve me too. Draw a heart on my omelet with ketchup, a big heart !”


Then, please give your brother a much big heart.

I said.

[Then, I’ll put demi-glace sauce on both of yours.] Shin brought the pan from the kitchen and smiled wryly.

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