While the girls were busy in the kitchen space preparing the barbecue, we were building a fire to cook the food.

“But it’s hot…….”

It was just after six o’clock in the evening, but the sky was still bright and the temperature was high.

Meanwhile, both Aizawa and I are sweating because we are standing in front of the fire.

I thread a skewer through the mouth of the sweetfish I’ve caught and stick it in the fire pit.

When Aizawa came near me, he poured barley tea into a cup and drank it.

“It’s lukewarm. Let’s get something to drink before the barbecue.”

“I agree, as expected, this is tough.”

Obviously, the water is draining from my body faster than I can replenish it. I feared for my life as I could get dehydrated at this rate.

I used tongs to pull over the coals and took care to position the sweetfish.

“Wouldn’t it cook faster if you grilled it closer?”

Aizawa looked at me and wondered.

“River fish tastes best when it is cooked slowly over a high, long flame.”

“Hee, come to think of it, the fish sold at food stalls are grilled in a row around the fish. I thought they were just trying to look good.”

I’m behind Aizawa this time when it comes to fishing, but I can’t lose to him when it comes to cooking fish.

As I was talking to Aizawa about the key points of cooking…..

“Sorry for the wait, I made a lot of skewers.”

Sawaguchi san approached me, holding a bottle of juice in both hands.

“This one has meat and vegetables between them.”

“This one has seafood and vegetables.”

Ishikawa san and Watanabe san each brought a tray. On them were a large number of skewers with delicious-looking meat and seafood on them.

“What about you guys?”

Sawaguchi san asked about our situation.

“The sweetfish is just on the fire right now, so I think I’d like to leave it for half an hour.”

“Eeeeh ! I want to eat it right away.”

“It’s just Aikawa’s way of doing things, you know.”

Sawaguchi san complained, and Aizawa took advantage of it to tease me.

“I caught three fish this time. Don’t be surprised if they taste so good, Maho.”

“Hmm, then I’ll eat the one Aikawacchi caught.”

“No, you can’t tell the difference though…..”

They are about the same size and I honestly don’t care either way.

“Aikawa kun, may I go ahead and line up the skewers?”

“Hurry up because it’s hot !”

Watanabe san asks a question, and Ishikawa san rushes her.

“Ooooh ! Let’s keep on grilling !”

Sawaguchi san led the way and the barbecue began.

While eating the meat being grilled in front of me, I pay attention to how the sweetfish is cooking.

Aizawa, Sawaguchi san, Ishikawa san, and Watanabe san were enjoying their meal away from the barbecue table, smiling and talking.

The customer who had made the reservation must have spent a lot of money, because there was plenty of marbled meat and high-grade seafood, including abalone, for the number of people.

On the aluminum foil, abalone roasted in butter and other delicacies were wafting a delicious aroma, as if they were waiting for the moment they could be eaten.

“Ah, Aikawa-kun……are you eating?”

Watanabe san called out to me as I was waiting for the food to be ready to eat.

I looked at Ishikawa san and saw that she had joined Sawaguchi san and Aizawa at a distance and was enjoying herself in some way.

After confirming that the three of them were not paying particular attention to us, I replied to Watanabe san.

‘Yeah, it’s really good meat. Wish I could have used this for other dishes.”

Of course it tastes great grilled over charcoal, but with meat this good, I didn’t want to waste even a drop of the marbled fat.

If you’re not careful, the fat will catch fire and burn, so it’s essential to keep an eye on it.

“I-I see…..if it tastes good, that’s fine.”

When Watanabe san says this, the conversation ends.

An awkward air flowed between me and her.

“It’s okay if we treat each other a little more normally, okay?”

I don’t tell anyone that Watanabe san and I are dating at the moment.

So during this camp, we decided to be aware of the distance between us……

“That’s……we’ve been together for so long lately that I can’t remember what the distance was between me and Aikawa kun before we started going out.”

She looked up and said something cute. For a moment, I also forgot about the distance and I felt like wanting to pat her head, but as expected it would be bad to do that in a place where the other was present, and my reason stopped me.

‘Well, let’s try to…..manage that.”

It is not only Watanabe san who has a hard time. If she gets too close, I’ll want to touch her too, so it’s mutual.

“Actually, I have a complaint.”

However, Watanabe san glares at me sharply and says in a whisper.

“I’m Aikawa kun’s girlfriend, but you’re always with Maho san and Aizawa kun, aren’t you?”

Originally, Sawaguchi san spoke to me regardless, and since Aizawa is a man like me, it is natural for us to work together.

“It’s a shame we can’t be alone together when we’re camping.”

Watanabe san puffed out her cheeks cutely as she said this.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s because I sent the wrong message.”

‘N-no, no. This is my selfishness. Besides, Riho san and Aizawa kun’s relationship is back to normal, and Maho san seems to be enjoying herself.”

Both Watanabe san and I had hoped for the restoration of friendship between this group of people. Now that it has come true, it seems that there is nothing to blame.

Even as Watanabe san said that, she looked somewhat disappointed.

I looked at her, mindful of the three of them (especially Aizawa), and said,

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Let’s go out together next time.”

I wanted to cheer her up, so I arranged a date with her.

“Yes ! By all means !”

Watanabe san, who had been looking downhearted earlier, responded with a big smile on her face when I said that.

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