“Hah? Who are you? Why would a mob like you come out from Rena’s house? More importantly, Rena……why can’t you go on Saturday? I told Kenji and Yosuke that I’m going with you. You better explain yourself. But…..who the hell are you?”

Here comes the annoying customer…….


He’s huge.

Do girls like this kind of stuff?

It’s a mystery.

I was alone, empty, waiting for Kurokawa san to say something.

I thought I should do so for the time being.

Kurokawa san let out a long breath and intertwined her beautiful fingertips with my hand.

“Hah? What is that supposed to mean? Why…..would you want to hold hands with such a dull guy……?”

“Don’t you see?”

“I don’t get it……”

“Tendo kun……um……erm………”


Kurokawa san, what’s going on?

Suddenly her face turned bright red……? ?

And so?

“I’ve found someone I l-like. So, will you break up with me?”

“Someone you like? You mean this guy?”

Oh, I see that even good-looking guys have a mouth like a dump truck when they are upset.

However, it’s true that Tendo is right, I’m not fitting for Kurokawa san, who is at the top of the caste while I’m at the bottom…..

Yeah, it’s impossible.

I should have asked Goro chan after all.

Tendo, he’s not convinced at all.

I was scratching my head,

“He’s not dull.”

“No, no, no……Rena, your eyes must be really bad. I’m much better looking than him.”

Well, that’s right.

If you were to ask 100 high school girls on the street, [If you were going to spend time alone with someone on a deserted island, which one would you prefer?] I’m sure 99.9% of them would answer [Tendo.]


I’m having a hard time saying it myself.

But this is the reality.

In other words, 0.1% of the girls are here.

Thank goodness.

But, well–

It doesn’t mean that Kurokawa san likes me.

That kiss just now was just a devil’s advocate, and she probably just needed an excuse to break up with Tendo.

“My eyes aren’t that bad. Kashiwada kun is…..a wonderful person…….”


I couldn’t hear the last part because of the whispering.

At any rate, I’m going to put my life on the line for this girl.

I intertwined her fingertips in an exaggerated manner and forcefully leaned in close.

I heard a strange voice from next door saying, [Hyaa] but I decided to play the role of her new boyfriend for now.

With that being said, would you please let go of my Reina?

I politely bowed my head, expecting to be hit once or twice. 

But instead of hitting me, Tendo said, [Haha, seriously……. I’m…..cuckolded by such a dull guy……] he mumbled and walked away like a loser.

I scratch my head in bewilderment at the state of Tendo.

Then, hey.

I called out to him, but apparently he didn’t hear me.


It’s hard when a prideful person’s pride breaks, isn’t it?

And that’s about all I was thinking at the time.

So I couldn’t even imagine that I would be in such a situation in the new semester–

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