The saint from the neighboring country is—.

She seems to be a beauty that is out of this world.


I hate to admit it, but the koala woman who is drinking a cup of flavored tea in front of me is—.

Silky black hair that reaches down to her waist.

Her skin is translucent.

Sleepy, lowered eyebrows, but beneath them are intelligent eyes.

Her nose is straight, and her mouth is surprisingly cute.

She wears a pure white one-piece dress and a navy blue tabard made of soft fabric.

Small silver embroidery on its chest–he symbol of the Holy Church of Floria.


I fell silent at once.

Because, you know.

A strange person at a strange time.

Then, I could see glimpses of the Holy Knights from the shop window.

They are gathering in a crowd.



I’m going to ask a silly question, but are you a saint from the neighboring country?

I asked her with a low profile.


The koala woman nodded with a cool face.

Wha? (For the second time)

I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

While looking at such a dumb figure, the koala woman puts her hand over her mouth and giggles.


Holy knights, you were secretly following her, weren’t you?

I’ll offer you some tea later.

But more importantly, hey, hey.

Isn’t the disparity in the transfer to another world too much?

I’m just a commoner.

Sigh……I scratched my head and wondered why.

But, well.

“It’s good to see you again.”

“It’s good to see you again.”


Our words overlapped.

Beautiful eyes narrowed in front of me.

The color of those eyes was so gentle.

The back of my throat got ridiculously hot.


It’s been the same since the beginning……

Since that spring day…

I’ve been looking at the koala woman with these eyes for a long time—.


It’s embarrassing, but really, after all this time, I’ve realized how you feel about me and how I feel about you.

I can’t believe that I realized it because of the days with Rena, because she gave me that too kind love–.


My gaze crossed with the koala woman’s.

It seems that eyes speak louder than words, and koala woman’s cheeks are blushed.

The period between evening and night ends–night blends into the world.

So unfortunately, I can’t see her face well enough to get a good look at it.

“I love you……”

I wonder if those words were voiced?


But you smile.

“Maybe…..for a long time…..”

Your fingertips, as shaky as my voice, touch my cheek.

“Me too.”


“So don’t cry.”

–Who in the world gave me this good fortune?

I grab the soft hand on my cheek.


Beautiful eyes closed in front of me–and then we kissed like a kid.


Five years later.

I will always have you next to me.

Hey, hey.

By the way, I’ve always wondered, is the neighboring country okay?


Without your wardin–..

Not only the neighboring countries, but the whole continent including this kingdom is in trouble?

Wha? (For the third time)

That’s new news to me.

You’ve been living with me for five years, drinking tea in peace, and you’re okay with it?


The saint’s job–you’re directly handling the important stuff, but you’ve trained up some excellent juniors (as soon as you met me again) to take care of the other chores, and you’ve left them completely?


Who is it?


That Forte san who comes every month at the beginning of the month?


Didn’t you say that person was a caretaker sent by the church?

Eh, you didn’t tell me because you were worried?

Also, I’m raising her as the next generation of saints.


It’s true, I can’t deny that you look a bit gaunt compared to five years ago.

Is Forte san okay?

I felt sorry.

I see…….

Thanks to her, we are able to do this, I’ll be more gentle than ever next time.

When I was scratching my head in trouble, Umi smiled and said with loving eyes, [I like that face.]

In her arms, a little girl with golden hair as bright as the morning light is sleeping.

She is four years old today, but she is still very attached to her mommy.

I brush her sweat-stained bangs to the side, and she wakes up.


My heart thumps at the sound of her sweet voice.


This time, Umi’s fingertips gently brush through Rena’s hair.

Rena laughed as if she was tickled.

I think it’s a happy sight.

“Rena, today Daddy will buy you whatever you want in town.. What do you want?”

After all, Daddy is a wealthy Sugee, so he has enough money to buy whatever she wants.

When she says this, Rena smiles with a mature expression that I can’t believe she is four years old. 

And then–.

She stretched her arms out to us, full of eyes.

“I don’t need anything as long as I have Mommy and Daddy, okay?”

Umi and I looked at each other.

The goddess and the angel didn’t say anything–.

To you, who gave us this good fortune.

We, too, reached out our hands.

[I Was Just Giving Advice to a Beautiful Gyaru, but Before I Knew It, I Was Madly in Love With Her.]

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8 months ago

Thank you for translating this novel 😀

8 months ago

I am so confused

2 months ago

Wow. This is actually a good concept. Too bad author wrote it too short leaving people confused instead.