Like yesterday, I was again absent from school without notice.

No, I guess it can’t be helped as long as there is no way to contact outside……

“Hmm? Wait a minute. Rather, could it be that my teachers and classmates, who were worried about my absence, came to my house?”

It is possible.

But the problem is that my parents are missing.

They might think that I might have run away together with them in the night.

I wondered if escaping on my own would be the quickest way to freedom.

“Asumi Nii, let’s play ! !”

“Aina chan ! What about school !?”

“I skipped school♪ Tuesday is my duty day. It would be a waste if I went to school.”

“You delinquent grade schooler……”

I tried to think of a way to escape somehow, but there is nothing I can do about it if people are looking at me.

……Even so, I’m a little worried about Aina chan’s future because she skipped school when she was in elementary school.

As a senior in life, I should be careful here.

“You should study hard, Aina chan.”

“Eh? You’re worried about me? You’re so cocky, Asumi Nii♪”

“No, I’m serious.”

I told Aina chan, who was trying to tease me with a smirk, with a serious look on my face.

“When I was in elementary school, my test scores were really good. I thought I had enough time to pass the tests in middle school, so I didn’t take the lessons seriously, and my scores got really bad. So you’d better study.”

“W-wow, that’s a real lecture…… Don’t worry, Aoi Nee is watching over my studies.”

“Hm? Is that so?”

Aoi chan’s IQ is said to be 300.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s a famous story in this area.

In fact, she graduated from an overseas university as an exception, so it may not be a mistake.

If she is being taught by her, then there is no need to worry about her falling behind.

“So, Asumi Nii, let’s play a game.”

“What kind of game?”

“Fighting game♪ If you beat me, you can go, okay?”

“…….I see. You’d better keep your promise, okay? I’ll show you how scary ia high school student is ! !”

Kuh kuh kuh.

In a fighting game, I have never lost to a classmate.

I’m going to beat Aina chan by an overwhelming margin of skill ! !

I took Aina chan’s challenge and we played a game.

The result was……


Out of 10 games, I won 0 and lost 10.

It was a complete and overwhelming defeat for me, with no excuses possible.

“Oh? Who was that guy who said he was going to teach me the horror of high school students? Asumi Nii you’re just a small fry♪”

“Guhh, why can’t I win ! !”

“Fufu, well? I’m a professional, after all. So it’s no wonder you can’t win.”

Professional gamer?

“Ah, maybe you didn’t know? I’m rich because I’m making a lot of money in esports tournaments♪”

“……Elite seven sisters……”


The eldest sister runs over a hundred large corporations, and the second is a supermodel who has appeared on the covers of several magazines.

The fifth daughter is a genius with an IQ of 300, the sixth is a professional gamer, and the youngest is a child actress who has been in a lot of dramas.

“……When I think about it calmly, our family lineage might be amazing. Kirin Nee and Midori Nee have their own talents,…….”

“Speaking of which, I haven’t seen those two since I came here. Are they busy?”

The Shinryuuji family still has a third and fourth daughter.

The third girl, Shinryuuji Kirin, is from the same high school as me and is a senior.

The fourth girl, Shinryuuji Midori, went to the same school as me and is a childhood friend.

“Yeah. Kirin Nee is performing in theaters all over the country. I think she’ll be back soon.”

“Shinryuuji senpai….Kirin san, she is a very popular stage actress, isn’t she?”

Kirin san is known by various aliases, such as [The Beautiful Prince] and [The Noble Lily.]

She is the ace of a nationally renowned women’s theater troupe, and is a stage actress who plays mostly male roles.

It is said that she has far more female fans than male fans.

In fact, Shiki chan was influenced by Kirin san to become an actress.

“What about Midori?”

“Midori Nee is practicing hard for the upcoming competitions in various sports.”

My childhood friend Midori is an expert in sports.

You can search for the winners of world championships in any sport.

Midori’s name will definitely come up at the top of the list.

She has a strong sense of justice and is an outstanding person who is the student council president over the third-year students.

But for some reason, she’s very harsh with me.

I don’t think so, but does Midori like me too? No, as expected, that wouldn’t be true.

“Well then, the break is almost over♪ Let’s have a race game this time♪ If Asumi Nii wins, I’ll let you go.”

“……Mazin kart. I can win with this ! ! I’ve never lost in Mazin kart ! !”

When I said it with confidence, Aina chan smiled happily while showing her protruding tooth.

“Hmmm? But you can’t beat me anyway, so I’m going to give you a handicap, Asumi Nii.”


“Yeah. Here.”

“Wait, what !?”

Suddenly, Aina chan sat on my lap as I sat on the sofa.

Instead of just sitting normally, she sat facing me.

My eyes meet Aina chan’s at close range.

Aina chan put her arms around my neck and pressed the two unripe fruits against my face.

“Wait, h-hey, I can’t see the screen with this–“

“Eh? I have my back to the screen, too, so I can’t see. Then, let’s start the game♪”

“W-whoa ! !”

“Hm? Asumi Nii, didn’t you say earlier that you could win?:

Aina chan teases me.

T-this brat, she underestimated me ! !

“You ! !”

“Hyan♡ ……Asumi Nii, you pervert. You’re breathing too heavy. Your breath hit my chest.”

“Eh? I’m sorry. That wasn’t intentional.”

“Okay, I win ! !”

“What !? You’re acting ! ! That’s not fair ! !”

While I was distracted, Aina chan was the first to reach the finish line.

And then, Aina chan muttered in a low voice that I couldn’t understand.

“……There’s no way I can make a voice like that when I’m acting.”

“Hmm? Aina chan, what did you say?

“Nothing? I was just saying that Asumi Nii is a small fry after all.”

“Kuh, o-one more time ! ! Let’s do it again, this time in a pure contest of strength ! !”

I spent the whole day playing games with Aina chan.

Eh? How was the result?

…….I thought I’d practice a little to get a chance to escape.

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