[There’s someone I like in there. So I tried to end the relationship.]

That day, Aizawa confided in me the secret he had been holding on to.

Because of that, during this trip…..or even before that, I kept thinking about who Aizawa likes in that group.

He guessed what the question was and I didn’t know how to respond.

For a while, I thought Aizawa was looking at me like that……

“I see, you’re an easy guy to figure out.”

Aizawa laughed.

“Even if there was someone I liked among those three, it wouldn’t change what I do, so I’ll leave you alone to pry.”

Aizawa patted me on the shoulder.

“Aikawa, it’s time to get back.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say to Aizawa, who was calling out to me from afar.

When we returned to the tent after fishing, the three of them were already back, probably finished playing.

“Wow, you caught a lot of fish !”

Sawaguchi san came up to us and looked into the bucket. She approached me from the front and almost head-butted me, which I avoided by pulling myself away.

I quickly checked Aizawa’s side.

I thought that if Aizawa’s intended partner was Sawaguchi san, there might be some shade in his expression, but Aizawa was smiling as usual and hiding his emotions.

“How were Riho and Watanabe san?”

As I watched, Aizawa asked them what they thought of the facilities.

“Yeah, it was my first time bouldering, but my arms were sore and my back aches. But I think it’s pretty fun.”

“I see, it’s a game you can do alone and in silence, so maybe it’s suited to Riho.”

“I enjoyed archery. At first I couldn’t hit the target well, but after shooting a lot, I think I gradually got the hang of it, and it felt good to hit the target.”

“Watanabe san is very athletic. You seem to get the hang of it quickly.”

He is making casual conversation with both of them. Both Ishikawa san and Watanabe san seemed to enjoy chatting with Aizawa.

“……Hey, Aikawacchi !”

“Eh? Sorry, what?”

I was so focused on the other side that I seemed to have neglected Sawaguchi san.

She glared at me with a swollen look on her face,

“I was asking you how you were going to eat this fish you caught !”

“Then I guess I’ll have to grill it with salt. I sprinkle salt on the sweetfish and cook it over a bonfire for a long time. You can eat it from head to tail, so I can be bold and bite into it.”

“Wow, that’s a bit of a hurdle for a classy girl like me, but I’ll give it a try !”

“No……that’s not it !”

For a moment, I wondered who she was talking about, but I had to rush in response to Sawaguchi san’s blabbermouth.

Normally, Sawaguchi san would get angry here, but for some reason she looked at me with a strangely happy expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

Unexpectedly, I involuntarily asked Sawaguchi san for confirmation.

“I just thought you’re the same old Aikawacchi. I’m just happy that we could come to the camp together like this.”

It was the same for me.

I started talking with Sawaguchi san around the time before the summer break, but there was no one else I wanted to go into it with so precisely.

I feel nostalgic and enjoy talking with her.

Casually, I ended up staring at Sawaguchi san, and I’m thinking of telling her what I’m feeling…

“Aikawacchi, thank you.”

She whispered a little shyly as she pulled her face close to mine.

“I didn’t think I could have this kind of time anymore,……so Aikawacchi fixed what’s broken,…….”

Perhaps because she didn’t want the other three to hear about it, Sawaguchi san brought her face closer and expressed her feelings.

“Because I don’t like it if things stay like this. I don;t usually interact with people that much, but I enjoyed talking with everyone including you, Sawaguchi san. That’s why I’m glad we’re doing this now.”

She was not the only one who felt the fear of loss. I, too, am happy that our relationship has been restored.

It was quite embarrassing, but because Sawaguchi san was so serious, I had the courage to tell her how I really felt…….

“I see. Aikawacchi, you really love me that much !”

“Wait, what !?”

Sawaguchi san suddenly reverted to her usual demeanor and began shouting something loudly so that everyone could hear.

“Hey, hey, what is it? Are you a couple now?”

“Maho, congratulations?”

“Aikawa kun?”

Aizawa teased, and Ishikawa san tilted her head to congratulate her.

Watanabe san has a big smile on her face, but her mouth is not smiling at all. Did she really take Sawaguchi san’s joke to heart?

“No, Sawaguchi san is just saying random things like usual ! I have no intention of doing so !”

I hurriedly appealed to the two of them that it was a misunderstanding…….

“Muu, I think that’s a terrible way of saying it, isn’t it? Aikawacchi !”

If you say that, there’s no helping me. Sawaguchi san showed a rather serious anger and glared at me.

“Maho and Aikawa seem to be on the same wavelength.”

Ishikawa san dropped such a bombshell, and Watanabe san gave me a sharp look.

In such a situation, Sawaguchi san approached me so that only I could hear,

[Thank you so much.]

She thanked me and ran away.

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