Piriri, Piriri, Piriri

Gradually the sound became louder and louder.

Rather, I gradually began to hear it more clearly.

At the same time, my consciousness awakens and my eyelids lift slightly.

“Morning, huh? ……”

Most people don’t like mornings very much.

I’m not a morning person, and I hate the sound of the alarm as much as I hate the chime of the first day of school.

A small table by the bed.

I reach for my phone, which is shaking slightly, with no look.


“…… Ah.”

The phone falls to the floor with a sound.

The alarm stopped ringing and, strangely enough, I woke up with a start.

“T-this could be bad.”

When I picked it up, I found a big crack on the screen.

I tapped the screen, but there was no response.

I pressed and held the power button, but it didn’t respond, and I knew even if I didn’t want to know.

“I-It’s broken. ……”

It had been three years since I started using it.

I dropped it like this many times to check on its safety, and when its face lit up, I would pat my chest in relief.

But finally, I stopped smiling.

“It’s the worst. ……”

It was a morning when I lost a friend who had fought many battles in exchange for a clear wake-up call.

“—That’s why it broke,”

“Well, that was a disaster.”

We talked about this morning as we walked to school.

“But smartphones are expensive, so you have to take good care of them, okay?”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Iyoki san’s opinion was right on the money.

The next time I dropped my phone, I’d better let go of the naive idea that it would be okay.

“Even so, you have to go buy a new one, don’t you?”

“That’s right. well, I thought about not having a cell phone. ……”

“In this day and age, that would be inconvenient, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah I think I have to buy one, but it’s a bit of a hassle.”

It takes a lot of procedures to buy a single phone.

The last time I was accompanied by my mother, I was able to get it by nodding my head and saying, “I understand. ……” This time it won’t be that way.

I sighed.

Then, Iyoki san next to me started to talk.

“Would you like to go with me?”

“Eh? With Iyoki san?”

“Yes. How about we go to a cell phone store together?”

“Yeah, but ……”

“Wouldn’t it be a little easier if you go with someone else right?”

Indeed, there was a section that thought it was a hassle to go out and buy one alone.

If it’s with Iyoki-san, if it’s with a friend,…….

“I-Is that okay?”

“Yes, it’s fine. I’m basically free on weekends, and I just wanted to go on a light outing.”

“I see. Then, may I ask you to come?”

“You’re welcome.”

Iyoki-san gives a small thumbs-up in front of her chest.

Thus, I was going to buy a new cell phone with Iyoki-san.

♦ ♦ ♦

The next day.

I left home early so as not to keep Iyoki san waiting.

It was a ten-minute walk from the house to the station.

I squinted at the glorious sunshine.

It was the last day of May.

The temperature had recently risen a little, and I could feel a hint of summer.


Suddenly, I thought.

Now I’m going to meet Iyoki san at the station and go to the shopping mall.

I’ve been with her almost all weekdays now, but I only see her occasionally on weekends.

This is the first time we’ve made an appointment to meet like this.

“I-I’m starting to get nervous.”

Even though she is my friend, I am meeting Iyoki-san.

She is the perfect beauty that everyone looks back at when she walks down the street.

I’m meeting someone like that.

“I wonder if I’m dressed right.”

I suddenly became concerned about whether or not I had any other sleeping habits.

I think it’s not too much to look at,…….

After that, I headed for the station, still somewhat fidgety.

I glance at the hands of the clock.

The current time is 9:40.

There are still 20 minutes left until the meeting time.

Maybe I arrived a little too early.

I went to the clock tower in front of the meeting place, thinking,

Then I saw a crowd of people.

“Are they doing a street performance?”

I often see dreamers with guitars performing on the street.

They work hard in the morning.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey. Isn’t she too cute?

“Is she a celebrity?”

“I think she’s a celebrity idol?!”

“She’s got an amazing aura. ……”


Looking at the reactions of the people around me, it might be …….

I glanced between the people and saw Iyoki san there, dressed in her casual clothes.

She was dressed casually in flared denim and a T-shirt tucked in.

I was so impressed with how beautiful she always looked, but now she looks so cool.

“Is she a celebrity? ……”

She had such an aura that I couldn’t help but mutter to myself.

Maybe this is what a celebrity would look like if she were standing like that.

As I gazed at her, Iyoki san noticed me.

“Iriake kun!”

She strode toward me.

Her black and silver hair swayed.

Iyoki-san came under me, looking back at the people passing by.

“Good morning.”

“G-Good morning, Iyogi san.”

Overwhelmed by the dazzling aura, I reply awkwardly.

Iyoki san didn’t pay attention to me like that, she narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“Thank you for coming today.”

“No problem. I am also grateful to you for coming all the way here on your day off.”

What a very conscientious person she is.

I was impressed, and Iyoki san pointed toward the ticket gate.

“It’s a little early, but let’s go.”


Iyoki-san lined up so that she could fit next to me.

We started walking at the same speed as we usually do on our way to and from school.

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