“……Ah, geez.”

While soaking in the bathtub, I repeatedly splash hot water on my face.

The things I just said are stuck in my brain. I can’t even close my eyes without being reminded of it.

“It’s not good. Not good, me.”

If you ask me if I’ve ever looked at Nagi that way, I can’t honestly shake my head. I have seen Nagi’s feminine side hit me in various ways.

But it is also true that I tried not to look at her in that way. The reason is that–

“About that. She’s…not good with that. I’m sure.”

I got acquainted with Nagi. It’s the reason why I helped her. Nagi was molested and that made her afraid of men.

So I might remind her of those things and…..a few years later or something. I selfishly think it will be after we come of age.

[Except for Souta kun.]

–It’s my selfish fantasy. I’m just imagining that I want Nagi to say something like that.


This hot water is comfortable. I sigh and sink my face into the hot water.


I wipe my hair and body and change into my pajamas.

Nagi is in the living room. [I’m fine, but a bath is supposed to be a place of relaxation. I’ll distract myself somehow by reading a book, so please take your time] she said.

As I went to the living room, I stopped and looked at Nagi. 

Nagi was reading a book with her back leaning against the sofa, looking concentrated.

Her blue eyes were moving up and down, and her beautiful fingers, as thin as a white fish, were turning the pages.

She would occasionally rest her hand on her chin as if thinking about something. Staring not at the book…..but at the empty space void.

But it was less than ten seconds.

Her fingers returned to the book. The sound of pages being turned echoes in the room. Nagi’s eyes began to move intermittently from top to bottom again.

–Ah, it’s beautiful.

That’s all I can say.

It was different from that time–and from the expression I had seen before meeting Nagi.

It may be rude, but it reminded me of her performance.

Nagi’s expression was serious, not even trying to cover it up. It’s so beautiful.

I couldn’t help but be fascinated by it.

Then, suddenly. The sound of Nagi’s hand turning the page stopped. Her face was lifted up.

“–Hm? Souta kun, you finished already?”

“Y-yeah. I just came up just now.”

Nagi’s blue, sea-bottom eyes looked at me intently.

And then her well-shaped eyebrows furrowed.

“……Souta kun, please sit here.”

“Hm? Y-yeah.”

Nagi put a bookmark in a book and put it on the desk. She tapped next to her.

Although it was late, Nagi was wearing fluffy, sky-blue pajamas. The reason why I was so fascinated with her earlier may be because of the gap between her clothes and the rest of her body.

I sat down next to Nagi while thinking about that. Nagi reached out her hand to my head and touched my hair. And then, she looked at me with squeaky eyes.

“I knew it. You didn’t dry it properly, Souta kun.


Oh no. She realized my half-hearted drying method.

“W-well. It dries pretty quickly.”

“No matter how much the room is heated, it’s no good. You’ll catch a cold.”

“……You’re right.”

I can’t say anything back. As I reflected on Nagi’s words, I heard a chuckle.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll dry it for you !”

“Eh? N-no. That’s… bad for Nagi.”

“I don’t mind. In fact, I think it would be fun to dry Souta kun’s hair.”

Saying that, Nagi stood up and took out a hair dryer from her luggage.

She went behind me on the sofa.

“I’ll dry it for you then, okay?”

“….Yeah, thank you.”

I decided to accept it. When Nagi turned on the hair dryer, I heard the sound of strong wind. But it’s not that loud.

The warm wind was hitting my hair and stroking it with her hand.

“Is it hot?”

“Oh, no, it’s fine. It feels good.”

Nagi’s thin fingers brushed through my hair, and my entire head became warm and fluffy.

It feels so good, I can’t help but close my eyes.

“I’ll give you a light massage too.”

Nagi said so and rubbed my head again. It feels good too.

“…Fufu I’m glad you’re feeling so good.”

“Yeah. It feels so good.”

In response to Nagi’s happy smile, Nagi’s fingers tightened. I almost fell asleep because of how good it felt.

After about five minutes, the sound of the hair dryer stopped.

“Well, that’s about it.”

“Thank you. It was very good.”

“Fufu. You’re welcome.”

So after watching Nagi put away the hair dryer…..I looked at the clock.

I realized it was almost time for Nagi to go to bed, and at the same time I remembered something.

……Where Nagi should sleep, what should I do?

No, don’t worry. There’s a sofa.

“It’s almost time for bed, so you can use the bed in my room.”

I said so. Nagi suddenly stopped and looked back at me.

“……Souta kun, you won’t say you’re going to sleep on that couch over there, will you?”

“Hm? Yeah. If I use the cushion as a pillow, I should be able to sleep.

The sofa is not that big, though. …Well, I wonder if it will work out.



Nagi said angrily.

“W-well. But, you know……”

“No. I’ll sleep with you.”

Nagi stubbornly didn’t seem to have any intention of giving up.

……But wouldn’t it hurt Nagi to refuse too much here?

I thought about it a lot and nodded.

“……I understand.”

Seeing me say that, Nagi showed a happy face.

“Yes ! Then let’s go to bed together !”

She didn’t mean to do anything strange. But the way she said it bothered me a little.

If it’s Nagi, it’s likely that she’ll say [Shall we sleep together?].

No, I’m thinking too much. It doesn’t make much difference either way.

I walked after Nagi and headed for the bedroom. My heart is pounding uncomfortably.

When I entered the bedroom, Nagi smiled at me and said, .

“Well then, I’m going to lay down.”

She laid down on the bed. Then, she tapped the side of the bed with her hand.

“Souta kun, please come quickly “!

“Yeah, okay.”

I can’t tell which one is the owner.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that thought, and lay down next to Nagi who was smiling at me.

I had originally bought a larger bed, so it wasn’t hard for the two of us to lie down together.

When I turned my head, Nagi was right next to me.

She was lying on her side, staring at me.

“Ehehe……it’s the first time I’ve ever stayed over. I’m kind of nervous.”

As it was, Nagi’s small, warm hands clasped my right hand.

“……Yeah, you’re right.”

While trying to keep my beating heart out of my mind. I stared at Nagi.

Her soft eyes looked at me. She squeezed my hand.

Nagi’s smile became deeper and deeper.

“Fufu. I’m so happy to be able to lie down with Souta kun.”

“…Even in the morning. You’ve crawled into bed.”

“It’s different from that time. I feel like Souta kun is closer to me now than he was then.”

Saying so. Nagi moved her body and came a little closer. The sweet flowery fragrance reached my nostrils.

“But I’m a little nervous. It’s my first time sleeping next to a boy.”

“……Don’t be so nervous. I don’t intend to do anything strange.”

I say this so that Nagi can sleep peacefully–

Nagi looked at me again.

Her cheeks turned red.

“……You’re sure you’re not going to do anything weird?”

It sure sounded like it.

I couldn’t help but freeze.

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