I came home when it was completely dark. After that, I had to stay at school until almost evening to do a certain project.

I’m a person who hates unnecessary waste, but if I have to do something, no matter how trivial it is, it’s part of my plan to endure it.

However, I didn’t expect that no one would stay in the classroom. When I was a freshman, there were a number of students who talked in the classroom after school, but it seems that the majority of them went along with Kisaragi when she invited them to hang out. The rest are probably earnest students who are genuinely devoted to their club activities.

But thanks to this, I was able to get through the planning stage without being seen by anyone. I’m sure Kisaragi will do exactly as I imagined tomorrow.

I was thinking about what I was going to do for dinner when my step sister came home a short while later and came into the living room carrying a large paper bag.

“Nee san, what’s that?”

“It’s a letter of opinion to the student council. You know what it is, don’t you?”

“……Of course.”

The student council of Ichinomiya High School has a motto of keeping close contact with the students, and is highly supported by all the students due to the visible work of my step sister and the excellent board members.

As part of their activities, they have boxes in front of the student council office and in the hallways of each grade where students can freely write their opinions. Any opinion, no matter how trivial, can reach the student council, and sometimes there seems to be a mix of opinions from teachers as well. But I hadn’t expected to see so many opinions submitted that it would fill a paper bag.

“Is it always that many?”

“Usually less. But it seems that public morals are being disturbed……especially among the first-year students, this won’t be good if we don’t take action soon.”

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word first-year student is the half blonde girl I saw this morning. She seems to be a successful model, but there’s a good chance that the problem with the first graders is centered around that student. I may be prejudiced, but she seemed to be an egotistical student.

I’m sure that some bad students have been making relentless approaches to her. And because she kept refusing them, problems arose……maybe?

“The second-year students are also conspicuous. The staff office was notified that a large group of students were making noise after school and causing trouble at a restaurant. The school’s written opinion is similar.”

“That’s disturbing.”

“You’re a second-year student, too !”

My step sister gave me a retort. It seemed I had offended her again. I was still talking like I was a first-year student, and I should be aware that I’ve moved on to the next grade.

The second year students who were reported were definitely the group centered around Kisaragi. I saw them happily leaving the classroom after school. They had said they were going to a crepe store, and they probably hung out around there and made too much noise. I’m really glad I didn’t go to the crepe store.

“Anyway, what’s wrong with you today?”

“Eh, what about me?”

“You’re in a more cheerful mood than usual.”

“……..I don’t know about that.”

I think I might’ve said more than usual. It’s partly because I don’t have a lot of time to talk with my step sister to begin with. It’s probably because I’ve been doing something different than I usually do.

“Speaking of which, Nee san.”


My step sister ignored my words and was reading through the opinion letter. When she really doesn’t want me to talk about something, she rejects it outright and verbally. If she doesn’t say anything, it probably means she wants me to continue as is.

“Somehow, my class seems to be in trouble.”

“…..Isn’t it because of you? I feel sorry for Shichimiya sensei.”

Oops, I got an unexpected dead ball. I hope I come back with a proper pitch to catch those words. Also, it’s not fair to bring up Shichimiya sensei.

“I think the student making noise in the restaurant that was reported was probably from my class.”

“……Go on.”

The tone of my step sister’s voice drops slightly, and the pace at which she reads the opinion letter also slows down a bit. This issue has caused so much trouble outside of the school that even my step sister has no choice but to take it seriously.

“Since the noise is centered around the class president, no one can say anything about it. Or maybe it’s more like having fun is the right thing to do, so no one can see that it’s wrong.”

“……Does that usually happen on the second day?’

“Amazing, right-“

“It’s not someone else’s problem !  You’ve already brought me so much trouble…….”

Speaking of which, When I talk actively with my step sister, it’s basically when I entrust her with something. I wonder if it’s more accurate to say that I throw them rather than entrust them.

If I were asked who is the most reliable person in my school, I would definitely say my step sister’s name. Because she’s a relative of mine, it’s easy for me to interfere with her immediately if something happens. In other words, even if it seems like I’m going to suffer a disadvantage, it’s easy for me to manage it myself.

“You should do something about it. It’s your class’s problem, so come on, show some initiative.”

“….You think I can do it?”


My step sister, who looked like she was about to explode, let out the loudest sigh she’d ever let out in her life. That’s the kind of sigh you let out when your frustration meter has reached a maximum and you’ve lost your way. People come full circle at times like that and become calm.

She turned to me in exasperation and was about to start a lecture for the millionth time.

“……I’ll think about it on my end, you should make more friends and stuff.”


“Your answer ! ! !”

“……Well, I’ll think about it.”

I then walked away from my step sister towards my room. I’m not sure how much longer this is going to take, and I’m sure I’ll be forced to make unnecessary promises. There’s nothing more troublesome than making promises to your relatives.

I finished dinner that evening with cup noodles and waited for tomorrow while playing with my phone.

The next day came without a second thought. I left home earlier than usual.

My step sister had already left home, but it was still the earliest she had ever left for school.

(It’s really quiet at this time of the day.)

The street is usually crowded with students talking on their way to school, but there are far fewer people on the street than usual. I hardly saw any of the first-year students from last time.

However, there was a student walking in front of me who stood out in a peculiar way. It was Nanase Natsume, a half-blond-haired first-year student.

(Did she shift her school hours too?).

It can’t be helped because she got so much attention yesterday. It was a safe choice for her. I’m sure there will be rumors in my class that a cute blonde student has enrolled. Nanase was walking along the edge of the street, wandering around and occasionally getting a little frightened. She must’ve been called out by a lot of people yesterday. Despite her appearance, she looked like a frightened kitten.

(Not that it mattered to me.)

It’s none of my business if there are problems around her. Praying that she wouldn’t get involved in my surroundings at best, I entered school late behind Nanase.

(Kisaragi is…..okay, is she here already?)

The only concern I had was that I didn’t know what time she would arrive at school, but from a quick glance at her shoe box, it seemed she was already here. She must’ve arrived at school first in the morning and was waiting for other students to arrive. And if my hunch is right, she should be there too.

(Well, please be as I expected.)

I walked to my classroom, feeling a little nervous, and a little confident. If my trap had triggered correctly, in the morning, Kisaragi would……

As I was wishing for such a thing, I was standing in front of my class in no time. I quietly opened the classroom door so as not to make a sound. And then

“Hey, Yukihana san, be my friend !”


Kisaragi who had a sad and pitiful smile on her face, and Yukihana who made a cat-like mewing sound, unable to understand what she was saying, were facing each other in the classroom alone together.

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1 year ago

This is pretty crazy. What’s this dude doing so much work to be a loner? It’s pretty damn easy I’d imagine. Just tell people to leave you alone and mind their own business, done. Lol, is this the hardest working loner MC?

1 year ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

Like Kale with his path of lazy life

1 year ago

Ruri just goes “nya” in suprize, that’s awesome.

8 months ago

the hell is this, what the MC said was bulshit.
it contradicts to what he wants to achieve.
what trauma, total rubbish, it just feels another attention seeker brat.
that throwing tantrum for not being able to get his toy.
I cannot feel any mature mentality in him at all.