I let out a dumb voice. I was surprised at how dumb I sounded.

I could hear Hayama san’s laughing voice over the phone.

[Shinonome chan, you also make a voice like that.]

I was a little embarrassed. I cleared my throat once.

“M-more importantly. I’d like to hear more about what you have to say.”

[Alright, alright. ……It’s just a simple matter.]

I held my heated face as I listened to Hayama san’s story.

[Shinonome chan, you’ve never been in love, have you?]

[….I haven’t.”

Love. I have read some novels about it. But if I were asked if I had experienced it myself……I couldn’t nod my head.

[That’s why you seem to be a little confused. Well then, a question. Do you ever get excited when you’re with…..him?]

“…..Excited huh?”

I thought for a moment. …..Does being with him make my heart pound?


[Eh, seriously?’

“Yes. If anything, he gave me a sense of security. That’s all that matters.”

Just being by his side makes me feel at ease. It makes me feel so relaxed.

When I replied, I heard a voice,

[That’s it. You are the type of person who is suited for marriage, rather than relationship.]

“M-marriage !?”

I unintentionally shouted out loud. I immediately shut my mouth, thinking it was a bad idea. …..Calm down. My mother’s rooms are far away from here.

[Yes, marriage. ……Well, I don’t know, though. Once you’re aware of it, your heart may turn more towards love. It depends on how you react tomorrow and onwards.]

Hayama san continued.

[Ah, but you don’t like him being with another woman, right? Yeah, that’s love. You’re falling in love]

I was puzzled by her words. I had not yet heard the important thing.

“U-um. Putting that aside. I want to know how to solve it.”

When I asked that, Hayama san laughed.

[Sorry, sorry. ……But wait a second. There’s one thing I want to ask]

“Something that’s bothering you?”

[Yes. His best friend. And about her.]

I tilted my head at her words. She goes on to explain.

[This is just my intuition. I think that your friend is trying to figure out Shinonome chan.]

“Figure out?”

I see, Hayama san continued.

[It’s just a possibility. I think that’s why he didn’t tell you about his friend, Shinonome chan.]

“…Right. He didn’t tell me.”

If he had told me, I wouldn’t have had to hide on the train that time. When I said so, Hayama san was satisfied.

“Oh, then I guess it’s right. ….Do you think he can tell you about that, when you’re  like that, Shinonome chan? That friend.”

“Yes. I went to buy clothes at the clothing store where Mino–his friend’s family works. I also made lunch for him. I thought we talked a little.”

[So you like him. That guy. Well, that’s fine.]

I felt my face heat up again at Hayama san’s words. I’m waiting for the rest of the story.

[Hmm. Well then. From your friend’s point of view, Shinonome chan is a complete mystery. Maybe he thinks that Shinonome chan might be an evil woman who plays with her precious friend.]

“I-I would never do such a thing !”

[Haha, I know, I know. Well, there are many other possibilities.]

And then I heard something else.

There’s a possibility that Minori kun is….[in love] with me, but doesn’t realize it.  I should try to make him realize that he is in love with me once he meets other women.

On the other hand, there’s a possibility that I’m in love with him but I’m not aware of it. The other party will understand that I’m in love with Minori kun. I assume that Minori kun will tell me all about it. Making me jealous and realizing that I’m in love  with him.

Going after the possibility that he really sees me as a friend.

As I listened, my face got hotter and hotter. I could fry an egg on my face.

[I think it’s like this. I think it’s very likely, I mean. That’s what I would do.]

“I-I see…..but, isn’t his female friend in a difficult position?”

[Well, that’s right. I think she’s planning this. He can’t do it without her help. In any case, there’s no changes that Shinonome chan will get into a fight.]

I frowned at those disturbing words. ……Hayama san continued to speak.

[His friends are trying to stir things up. If Shinonome chan wants to take some action, fine. If you realize you’re in love and strike him, all the best. ……If no action is taken, I can tell that you really see him as a ‘friend’. I can see that. I can’t tell you directly, but if you feel uncomfortable, “he” will notice.. No matter what happens, the friendship will progress. You have to have total trust in him to do that.]

“T-that’s a great idea.”

[I may have not thought about it that way. There’s also a possibility that they’re just hanging out. But you still.]

Hayama san laughed as if the air was suddenly released.

[If the other party really tries to strike you, why don’t you just hit them with a straight right hand with all your might?]


“T-t-th-the Ice Princess !? No, wait,……,so that’s what it is.”

Minori kun’s friend who’s next to him had his eyes wide open. He somewhat nodded as if he was convinced. The person next to him who seems to be…..his girlfriend is also stunned. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.

That’s it. First of all, I had to say hello.

“Nice to meet you. You must be Minori kun’s friends, right? I heard about you. My name is Shinonome Nagi. I’ve been on friendly terms with Minori kun for a while. …..After that, please keep in touch.”

Saying so, I bowed once. I could hear them panicking.

“Well, um, greetings, my name is Makisana Eiji.”

“Why a samurai? Just greet her normally.”

I chuckled at their exchange…..and I turned to the other one.

“The other day, thank you for taking care of Minori kun.”

When I said that, the air leaking from her throat could be heard.

“N-no, it;s nothing. Ah, I am Nishizawa Kirika. Uh, um. Please don’t kill me?”

“Are you a farmer who wronged a samurai? You guys are a perfect couple……. I mean, why are you here, Shinonome?”

“Let’s talk about that later. Minori kun.”

Saying that to Minori kun. I put my mouth close to Nishizawa san’s ear.

“Thank you. I could realize my feelings a little.”

I said that to tell her that I’m not actually that angry.

……I’m not saying that I don’t have some feelings about it. But more than that. The feeling of gratitude is greater.

And Nishizawa san. Did she understand my words and smiled bitterly?

“Now then Minori kun. I’ve already greeted your friends. Shall we go?”

“……Wait. I told you this morning. I don’t have an umbrella.”

“……? That’s why I’m here, right?”

Bright white umbrella……I opened my favorite umbrella that my mother had bought for me. I gently beckon towards Minori kun.

Of course, the reason why I came here is not only to greet his friends. Rather, there’s another main topic.

It’s what Hayama san told me.

Still, I can say it out loud that this is love. …..Since this morning, my heart started pounding when I was next to Minori kun.

But I’m not sure. so I have to make sure.

Actually, it’s not a good thing. I can’t use Minori kun to confirm my feelings.

But I want to know.

–Is this really love? Or is it something else?

If it’s love…..if it’s that thing I read in a book. I might be able to change from what I am now.

That’s why……


That’s what I was thinking. Shinonome also thought the same thing and stared at the umbrella.

And then–

Softly. A sweet fragrance pierced my brain. At the same time, on my arm. And a warm sensation ran through my body.

Shinonome leaned in even closer. …..As if to make our bodies close to each other.

“Sh-Shinonome !?”

“W-with this, there will be no problem, right?”

Shinonome said that while her face turned bright red. I can feel my face heating up as well.

“Ah, y-you’re right.”

I somehow managed to tell her that. ……Yes. It hit me. It really hit me in my arm.

Shinonome’s ears were bright red. Even though her eyes were slightly teary, she didn’t want to leave.

“I-it can’t be helped. Until we get home.”

Shinonome said so while biting her lips. …..Wait.


“C-come to think of it, I haven’t told you yet. Today was my tea ceremony lesson. My teacher got a fever and had to cancel.”

“….That means.”

With a bright red face, Shinonome opened her mouth while smiling.

“I’ll cook dinner for you tonight.”

And said that. I could feel my heart racing.

At the same time…..I noticed that Shinonome’s heart was also pounding.

While thinking about the unexpected….this fact created more tension and my heart began to beat so strongly that it hurts…..

Let’s calm down for a moment.

Thinking so, I was able to get my reason back.

“And, Minori kun.”

“What is it?”

Shinonome called my name again. …..Her position is so close to my ear. I startled and my shoulder jumped.

Shinonome ignored that…and she continued.

“When we got home. Would you like a reward?”

She said that with a smile. Her face was bright red, but she gave me an hopeful gaze.

I wondered what would happen to me in the future.

If she does more than this to me. It won’t be good.

–I’m going to fall in love with her.

Even though I thought so.


I could only reply in that way.

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1 year ago

Final!? Nooo. I want to see them being cute!!!

Idiot Man
Idiot Man
1 year ago
Reply to  Bunnybacon

The novel updates page says that there are currently 53 chapters and that it’s still ongoing, so this can’t be the final chapter of the story. I think that ‘final’ is just referring to the last few chapters which are all titled “The Ice Princess Makes Her Move” in various parts.

1 year ago

It’s incorrect. Not “Kouhen”, but “Part2”.