By the time I entered the classroom, more students than usual had already arrived and were already changing into their gym clothes. It seemed that they were in high spirits, laughing with each other and looking forward to the start of the festival. Seeing so many students like that, could it be that there were a lot of athletic students in this class?

(Anyway, I’ll go change my clothes too.)

I go to the locker room to change into my gym clothes, because I don’t want to stand out in the classroom in my school uniform. This school not only has girls’ locker rooms but also boys’ locker rooms (although they are very small), as you would expect from a private high school. By the way, since it’s for both grades, there are boys from other classes as well.

(How can they all look so happy?)

I still don’t understand. No, I was trying to understand. But I still don’t understand human emotions. Well, if I had known that, I could’ve prevented the tragedy in middle school.

“What events are you going to compete in?”

“I’m going to do the ball toss and the relay.”

“Oh, you’re going to be in the relay? Are you sure?”

“Hey, what does that mean !?”

“I’m going all out in the pole topple, by the way.

“No, no, no. That’s impossible lol.”

When I listen carefully, I hear the voices of many male students. There wasn’t a single voice among them that was clouded, and they carried hope and expectation in their tone of voice. Some were friends inspiring each other, others were playing pranks to provoke each other, and so on.

(Hmm, is that Hayama?)

I saw Hayama, the leader of the pole topple group, in the back, changing into his gym clothes. There was no anxiety on his face, and he looked as if he was sure he was going to win. Well, not many people go into a match thinking they are going to lose.

“Hey, Hayama ! I just heard that Miura san is going to give the pledge of allegiance.”

“Really ! He’s really amazing.”

“Yeah. And this is a rumor…..but I heard that Miura san is going to confess his feelings to someone after this sports festival is over !”

“Eh !? He’s been popular since the first year, but he’s always turned down girls’ confessions, right?”

“Yeah, but I hear it’s solid information.”

Miura…….I never thought I’d hear that name from Hayama and the others. No, it seems like he’s in the same soccer club as Hayama, so isn’t that strange? After all, even at this school, he seems to be in the category of celebrities.

(Come to think of it, I haven’t heard any rumors about my step sister in that direction.)

I suddenly thought of my step sister. She has a good-looking face, so there’s no doubt that she’s popular, but I have never heard any rumors about her. Perhaps her position as student council president makes the boys shy away from her. I, on the other hand, am the one who is forced to be unreasonably subdued without having any romantic feelings for her. Well, I heard that my step sister started to pay attention to her appearance when she became student council president, so I guess she wasn’t blessed with good timing in many ways. What can I say, she’s a very unfortunate person.

“Oh, Shiina.”

As I was beginning to think about my family environment, I was spotted by Hayama who had just finished getting dressed and was walking from the back of the room.

“Let’s do our best together. Let’s definitely win this thing !”

“……I’ll do my best in moderation.”

I said that and let Hayama’s words slide. However, perhaps satisfied with the answer itself, Hayama left the changing room with a smile on his face. His back view shows no sign of uneasiness at all. I used to be like that……


I don’t think anything in particular.

As soon as I got back to the classroom, Shichinomiya sensei came over and we had a simple homeroom. The content was just a brief miscellany,and after that, everyone was talking about the purpose of doing their best. Shichinomiya sensei is usually dressed neatly, but on this day she was unusually dressed in a jersey. It was probably her way of expressing her enthusiasm.

Kisaragi’s eyes were sparkling, Yukihana’s cheeks were poking out in a complicated manner, and Hayama was standing in a dignified manner in his seat. The other students are similar to each other. While I was observing them, an announcement was finally made in the classroom.

[Please move to the field when you are ready.]

The classes began to move out, and we followed Shichinomiya sensei’s instructions and moved to the field. The opening ceremony is to be held there, and the pledge of allegiance is to be made all at once.

“Kisaragi, I’m going to the staff room once, so please guide everyone.”

Shichinomiya sensei leaves the guidance to Kisaragi once and leaves. And so, under Kisaragi’s guidance, we went out to the field. There were things that hadn’t been there until yesterday, such as a pole for pole topple, a basket for ball toss, and a table for the principal to be used for the player’s oath. Perhaps this was what my step sister had done in the morning.


I saw a certain person at the guest of honor table and immediately fell on my face. And the next moment, a bad feeling took over my heart.

(Did he see me? No, I was far away from him and I didn’t feel any gaze. It’s fine, it’s probably fine…)

Without breaking my stride, I looked toward the guest seating area with just my eyeballs. After all, the one who was there was Chairman Shishiyama, whom I hadn’t seen in two years. He looks exactly the same as he did back then, sitting with his own face on the high school’s guest seating. Exactly like a ruler.

(……That son of a bitch)

Remember that. I can’t do anything now, but when I graduate from this school, I’ll let my eyes speak for themselves. I’m not going to give you despair, I’m going to put you through hell. Not just you. But your……

“Please line up ! I don’t mind if it’s by attendance number or by height, please line up !”

When I was wrapped in an unusual feeling that made my guts boil, I heard the instructions of the student in charge at the site. I think the priority for now is to follow these instructions. I put aside my tactless thoughts for the moment.

(Ah, it’s my step sister)

She stood in front of us and watched over us with the full dignity of a student council president. Although she sometimes gives us instructions with gestures, she is basically doing nothing. Perhaps she had decided to leave the entire management of the sports festival to the first and second year students who would take over for her. However, even so, it’s apparent that the burden on my step sister hasn’t changed. She really is a clumsy person.

As soon as all the classes gathered, the opening ceremony of the sports festival began.

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1 year ago

So, the main villain re-enters the stage.
I knew he was the main reason for MCs fall to ruin. I guess no matter how much of a genius MC was as a middle-schooler, a single child can’t beat a prominent person who’s also the chairman of a ‘prestigious’ school who’s also dealing with shady business