[Everyone~! Thanks for coming to our show today–]

Woohoo ! !


Me, Yamada kun and Hazuki san were at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama Prefecture.

“It’s my first time at Tama-Ari, but it’s amazing~!”

“It really is.”

Today, a three-member female voice-actor unit–[Try☆Stars] is holding its third anniversary live.

The venue has a capacity of over 30,000 people, but the seats are packed.

What great enthusiasm.

And the one next to me is also—-

“Woohoo ! ! ! ! Shiori chaaaan ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

“Y-Yamada kun is being super excited.”


Yamada kun is waving a light stick around and screaming.

A change that can’t be imagined from him who’s usually quiet in the classroom.

T-that’s a lot of energy……

However, Yamada kun is not the only one who stands out from the crowd.

There were cheers like shouts from all over the venue.

–This voice-actor unit “Try☆Stars” is nicknamed “Trusta” by their fans.

All three members belong to the same voice acting agency, Oishi Productions, and all three of them are still students.

Other than Shiorin, the other two voice actors are so successful that they have appeared in more anime roles than can be squeezed into a single hand.

When I see people almost my age shining in the spotlight, I feel like I can’t lose to them and it gives me energy.

I, too, have to do my best…….

[Well then, here we go~! Try☆Stars 3rd Anniversary Live in Saitama Super Arena–]

[ [ [–Start ! !] ] ]

After the live was over, we were on our way home.

The three of us were heading to the station.

“Well~, it was amazing !Today’s live concert.”

“Just like you said, Hazuki san ! ! Thank you, Nekura kun !”

I’m really glad that both of them were satisfied with the show……

I owed Yamada kun a great debt, and I’m sure I’ve repaid it now.

“I’m glad you two are happy.”

“It really was thanks to you, Nekura kun! But how did you manage to get tickets for three people to Trusta’s concert? Even I, who was a member of the fan club, didn’t win any tickets at all……”

“Oh, that’s……”

A week ago, after the commotion, I was thinking about how to thank Yamada kun.

I asked him what he liked and found out that he was a big fan of Try☆Stars.

Yamada kun was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t make it to today’s concert, so I asked Shiori about it and she said,

[Megumegu (one of the members)’s family couldn’t come, so there are exactly 3 seats left~”

and she invited me.

However, I can’t say that I directly message Shiori in line.

As I was thinking what to do, I glanced at Hazuki san.

“Ryoga kun, I heard your father’s company is a sponsor. So that’s why you can get the seat?”

“Hee, is that so?”

“Eh? Y-yeah. That’s right.”

I-I’m saved……

Thinking that, I turned around and saw Hazuki san winking at me with one eye.

My heart flutters involuntarily.

Compared to before, I’ve gotten used to it, but I still get nervous talking to a beautiful girl like Hazuki san when I’m not in work mode…

Brrrt brrrt

As I was thinking about that, suddenly my pocket vibrated.

Who could it be?

I open my phone and look at the incoming call screen–


There was a string of text that said [Himemiya Shiori].

“What’s up, Nekura kun? Phone call?”

“Y-yeah. Something like that…… Excuse me for a bit.”

I distance myself from them and press the call button.



[Ah, Ryo kun ! Thank you for coming~”

“T-thank you for your hard work……”

[Geez ! Honorifics ! !]

“Y-yeah. Sorry, good work.”

[Fufu, good. How did you like it? Today’s live performance]

“It was really great. Shiori and the other two were shining. I thought….I couldn’t lose to either.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that, it makes all my hard work worthwhile.”

“So, what’s up?”

[Oh, that’s right. Um……Ryo kun, are you free after this?]

“Eh? Well, I guess I am, but–‘”

[Thank goodness ! Actually, Megumegu wants to meet Ryoga kun….., can you come to the backstage now?]


I’m interested, but I wonder if it’s okay for me to go…….

I mean, won’t the security guards stop me?

[I’ve already talked to the manager, so if you talk to the security guard, you can go through.]

“A-ah. I understand.”

[Well then, I’ll wait for you♪]

Piip piip

The call is disconnected.

But still, I’m going to the backstage to meet Try☆Stars now?


I’m in a state of shock, and Hazuki san called out to me.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, no, it’s no one…….”

“Hmm? Suspicious.”

Hazuki san seemed to have sensed something.

Well, she knew that I’m Roga, so it’s too late for that……

“I’m sorry, I have some business to attend to, can we part ways here?”

“Business? Oh, okay. See you later, Nekura kun. Thank you so much for today ! Let’s go then, Hazuki san.”


Hazuki san is really staring at me. But as expected, I’m not sure I should say this…….


“……Sigh, okay, I get it. I’ll see you tomorrow. Ryoga kun.”

The two of them then walked towards the station.

Well then, I’m gonna go too……

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