“Wow !”

Looking at the store on the right.


Looking at the store on the left at the next stop.



Then looking at the store on the right again.

Mashiro’s reaction to her love of sweets is very funny and very cute.

Just seeing her eyes sparkle and her head move around as she scurries around so as not to miss a single store, I feel so happy that I chose to go on a food tour from the bottom of my heart.

The fact that she lacks a bit of maturity compared to usual is a charming sign that she is being hit by her favorite food.

“I thought it would be a fresh reaction, but given the timing, there aren’t many opportunities to look around the station area.”

“You’re right. I’ve been a little busy with my schedule until recently, so I’ve had to take a few trips around the station.”

“I see. You’ve probably moved, and you need to get all your furniture ready, right?”

“….R-right !”

There was a pause as if he had said something a little out of line, but he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Yuuto concludes that he is probably overthinking it.

“I’ve already found multiple things I want to eat, which one do you want to eat, Yuuto Onii san?”

“I’m not sure. I would like to eat Taiyaki first.”

“Ah, me too ! We are kindred spirits, aren’t we ! !”

“I guess so.”

Yuuto answered with a smile, but he kept it a secret that he chose the shop where Mashiro’s reaction was the loudest.

So as not to be noticed, he pointed to a line of several customers and said, ]Let’s get in line then].


A humming that sounds like a musical note is heard.

Mashiro is probably in such a good mood, but that is why she is so good at making people happy.

Does she have a boyfriend or not? I haven’t been able to ask that clearly, but if she shows this kind of appearance every time we go on a date, she will always be reflected as a lovely person.

While I was thinking this, it was my turn to order.

“Yes, what would you like to order?”

“What would you like, Yuuto Onii san?”

“I’ll have azuki bean paste.”

“Is that all?”


I think one taiyaki is enough to fill you up, but considering the amount of food Mashiro san ate at the family restaurant yesterday and the fact that it is her favorite food, she probably feels it is not enough for her.

She actually asked me with a curious look on her face.

And this expectation was correct.

“Understood ! Five azuki bean paste, three custard, and three matcha !”

“Okay !”

“I would appreciate it if you could put the three red bean paste in individual packages and put the rest in a box.”

“Understood ! It will be 2,200 yen !”

The fish was to be baked in double digits.

I wondered if I would be able to eat all of this amount by myself…..but I guessed that the other “3” included the second and third daughters’ portions.

Even so, Mashiro was supposed to eat 5 taiyaki in total.

“Yuuto Onii san, since this one includes my sisters’ portion, I will serve it to you.”

“Then just for my own order……”

“Let me also thank you for the bag.”

“I didn’t do anything to be thanked.”

“It’s my eldest daughter’s pride.”


“I’m not as good as you.”


I can’t help but laugh at the words that seem to have confessed themselves, and also at the expression on her face, her eyebrows changing shape and her cheeks puffing out.

To be honest, I got one, but after I picked up the freshly baked taiyaki in my hand, the sharpness of Mashiro was gone.

“You were indeed a great big sister, buying taiyakis for the both of them.”

“…..This is a secret, but if it remains, it will be mine, so it’s a good deal.”

“I see.”

She said [Good deal] with a serious face and said [Itadakimaus] and stuffed her mouth with Taiyaki.

“Is it good?”

[Nom nom nom.]

She squinted her eyes happily, mopped her mouth, and shook her head, which made her like a kid……

Yuuto puts the taiyaki in his mouth in the same way and walks slowly to match Mashiro’s walking pace.

“What should we eat next?”

“……I’m aiming for strawberry daifuku or a crepe.”


She is obviously aiming for the crepe.

By the way, it is also Mashiro who says while holding two taiyaki with red bean paste.

If these taiyakis were shinai (bamboo swords used in kendo), you would feel the atmosphere of a fierce fighter.

“I guess a crepe after eating two taiyakis, since strawberry daifuku also contains red bean paste.”

“Oh, I certainly feel that way.”

“If it was a crepe, I’m sure we could find one straight ahead here.”

“I’m glad to hear that information. I have to eat it quickly…….”

“It’s okay to take it slow. We still have plenty of time.”

“I-I guess so !”

After a break in the conversation, Mashiro once again takes a bite of the taiyaki.

The big bite is probably to savor happiness.


Looking next to her, she saw that one of the taiyaki in her right hand had disappeared.

The speed with which she did it, as if she was performing magic, was astonishing, and in such a situation, I noticed something when I looked at her mouth.

“Mashiro san, can you turn around for a second?”


She squirmed and tilted her head to look at me.

I knew it.

If you stuff your small mouth while walking, it will be like that.

“Excuse me.”

He takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and gently wipes it off.

There was no resistance…, it was very easy to deal with just because she was frozen.

“It’s nostalgic……. I remember doing this in the past.”


When he asked that question as he cleaned up her face, Mashiro let out a depressing voice and cast her eyes down.

Her ears are bright red, but her hair hides it well.

“……B-but that was on purpose…….”


“I-I put it on my mouth on purpose……. I’m all grown up now…….”

“Oh, then can you look into my eyes one more time?”

She took advantage of such a provocation and made eye contact with him with a face stained with autumn leaves.



One, two, three seconds.

“R-right now, um…was…….”


“Ugh……. Don’t be so mean to me…….”

It seemed that she had already reached her limit.

Mashiro, who seemed to leak a puffy sound from her head, began to hide her face with the taiyaki she held in her hand and her free hand.

“D-don’t tell Miyu and Kokono about this…….”

“Ahaha, of course.”

Going out with Yuuto is really fun. As a result of surrendering herself to such feelings, Mashiro ended up like this.

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