Because the time was consumed by the class rep’s strong introduction, everyone, including me, didn’t have time to introduce themselves. Originally, it would’ve been a disappointment, but I was grateful for that, and the people around me seemed to be somewhat relaxed, perhaps because they were nervous.

However, without time to catch my breath, I moved to the gym with my new classmates. Incidentally, the person standing in front of everyone and leading the way is Kisaragi, who has just become the class president.

Today is the first day of school for second-year students. In other words, there’s an opening ceremony where all the students gather. I’m glad to know that classes will be canceled, but as I’ve become completely uncomfortable with crowds, it’s one of those events that I wish would hurry up and be over with.


At times like this, some sort of events is bound to occur, which is a very common thing that happened in manga, but the opening ceremony went on without any problems in particular. Kisaragi, who had been enthusiastic earlier, is now quietly concentrating on the assembly.

“Uhm, so the student duty is…..”

The principal stood on the stage and said a long, template-like speech. Apparently, there are more students with bad behavior this year than in previous years. Perhaps Kisaragi, who just gave an incomprehensible speech, is an example of that.

Kisaragi may be a hero to other students, but to me and the other teachers, she’s like a bomb. I’m sure Shichimiya sensei will have a hard time handling her.

“Uhm, then finally, the student council president would like to say a few words.”

After the principal’s long speech, the class president, who’s the student council president, stood on the stage as if replacing the principal.

(……Come to think of it, I’ve never said congratulations before)

I was thinking that as I looked at the student council  president standing on the stage. However, without knowing it,  the student council president who stood on the stage in front of students has an even more imposing figure than Kisaragi.

“I am here to introduce myself, my name is Shiina Haruka. Congratulations to the first-year students on your enrollment, and congratulations to the second- and third-year students who have advanced to the next grade.”

The student council president who stood on the stage, Haruka Nee san, was my step sister who was brought in by my mother’s remarriage around last spring.

She has excellent grades and outstanding looks. Her hair is long and even well-maintained, unlike mine, which is just fine with me. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought that she is the definition of perfection. It was last fall when my step sister became the student council president, and I was always watching her activities and efforts in her election campaigns and service to the school.

My mother’s step daughter, a perfect beautiful girl and hardworking person, and her son, a pain in the ass who has become gloomy and apathetic. It would be obvious which one my mother and step father would love more. I mean, I wasn’t  accustomed to my new family in the first place.

“In this school, students are expected to act proactively. It is out of the question to put off taking action just because you are a first-year student. In other words, the attitude that you are willing to put in the effort from this time is…..”

(Nee san, you clearly pointed that at me.}

Yes, my relationship with my step sister isn’t going very well.

I’m fine as long as I’m the only one being rewarded for my minimal effort. But she’s the type of person who values hard work and paths and will not compromise. In other words, she’s the opposite of my current personality.

It’s not that she hates me completely, but she’s always being sarcastic when I talk to her.

[You got a low grade again, didn’t you ! That’s why I told you to study harder…..]

[Why don’t you join a club? I’m busy, too, but I’m trying my best to do Kyudo (Japanese archery)……]

[Hey ! I told you to cut your hair for the first day of school…..]

She told me that when I left the house. I didn’t say anything back to her because she might’ve been worried about me in a roundabout way. So, it’s been a year since we became siblings, although we haven’t cooled off.

At last, I’ve been let off the hook recently so that I don’t get in her way. However, she does talk to me from time to time, and I guess she doesn’t intend to completely cut me off. She know that her new mother will hate her if she does that.

My mother also adores Haruka, so I’m trying not to do anything tactless. I will do so after I graduate from high school when I will be able to stand on my own.

“Well then, that’s all I have to say. Ah, but one last thing. There have been some changes in the student council members since the start of the new semester, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you here in this all-student gathering.”

(Change? Ah, the scouting system.)

The student council of this school has a special system. It’s the scouting system by the student council president.

The student council president can appoint one student from the school to be the vice-president. However, he or she has to fulfill various conditions and also have to talk face to face with my step sister, this system wasn’t used last year.

In other words, in this school, there are two vice-presidents: one is elected by election and the other is appointed by the current student council president.

(But is it someone that Haruka Nee san appointed personally?)

Unlike me, they must be hardworking and excellent people. While I was thinking about this, the new student council vice president walked from the end of the stage. It was an unimportant detail that I would normally ignore. But I casually turned my eyes in that direction.

“Huh !?”

When I saw the person, I was so upset that I almost screamed. But I managed to hold back and regain my composure. The worst part is that this is a school assembly. If it were possible, I would walk away right now.

“Shinkai san. Please come to the podium.”

“Yes. Thank you, Prez.”

Urged by my step sister, she stood on the stage and looked down at us with a smile on her face. However, it was obvious to everyone that she was slightly nervous and her facial muscles were a little stiff.

She was as beautiful as my step sister. She began to speak while swaying her long hair with her hand.

“Starting this semester, I, Shinkai Sakura, who was appointed by the student council president, will serve as the vice president from now on. Well, I know I’m a incompetent person, but I look forward to working with you !”

As soon as she finished her speech, the people around her and the teachers applauded and welcomed her. I also applaud her as she stands on the stage in a sync so as not to stand out.

I’m sure she looks like a goddess to them.

(Damn, why is she here……)

I’ve been at this school for a year and anyone mentioned her name. Either she’s been in hiding or I’ve had a bad turn of events. I try not to change my expression as I try to remember as much as I can about her.

Shinkai Sakura. 

She was in the same middle school as me, and in the first grade, we were in the same class. And she was the person I trusted more than anyone else in that class. But I never thought she would be at this school.

(But with her academic ability……no, humans can grow up…)

In my memory, she was always timid and her academic ability was never high. However, I don’t see any trace of her former self in her current appearance. She must’ve made a lot of effort and passed this high school, which has a high deviation score.

(Either way, it’s annoying.)

I had assumed that there might be some acquaintances from that time, but it was completely unexpected that she, one of them, would grow up like that and appeared in front of me.

She……no, She was nowhere to be seen as she hid behind me and walked around like she was having fun. What I see in front of me is one annoying individual who has completely become independent.

(This might not be like last year…….)

I manage to regain my composure and calmly look at her from a distance. Unlike that time, she seems to have gained a lot of confidence in herself.

Yes, she is one of the people I once helped, just like Kisaragi. A former friend who may have been my closest friend in middle school.

And….she’s also a friend who used to help other people with me.

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Anue Ibarra
Anue Ibarra
1 year ago

This piques my interest

1 year ago

You should keep better pace on novelupdates to show readers you’ve released a new ch by update the page on that site.

A random fish in the sea
A random fish in the sea
1 year ago

I still don’t see what caused his sudden turn. Did those girls do something to him or what?

1 year ago

My mother also adores Haruaki, so I’m trying not to do anything tactless. I will do so after I graduate from high school when I will be able to stand on my own.

She’s called Haruaki here instead of Haruka.