A week has passed since then. Today is Saturday and……finally, the day has arrived.

I called Shinonome to my house.

Of course, there’s no strange meaning to it. It’s a celebration party after the test. I’m on my way to the station where Shinonome is.

After being swayed for a while, I saw her in a stand out appearance.

When the train doors opened….I was captivated by her hair that was as white as snow.

Her skin was also pure white, without a single blemish or dimple spot. The reason for her not so Japanese appearance is that her birth parents are not Japanese.

Her face was as beautiful as if she had been created by the god of beauty. Her eyes, as blue as the deep ocean, seem to suck you in when you stare into them. It has a mysterious charm.

However, there’s an icy coldness in those eyes…..or rather, there was.

That expressionless face. Looked at me and became soft.

“Good morning, Minori kun.”

“….Yeah. Good morning, Shinonome.”

When I looked at her. Shinonome has changed quite a bit. No, it’s more correct to say that she’s now able to show her true colors.

“I’m sorry to make you come to pick me up.”

“No, it’s no trouble at all.”

The fear of men has not yet disappeared from Shinonome’s mind. So today. I came to pick her up at the station where Shinonome is boarding.

While I was talking to her….the train to my house had arrived.

“Then let’s go.”

“Yes !”

Shinonome nodded at my words and got on the train.


“……Wow, I’ve never been to this area before.”

“It’s a residential area. There are supermarkets and convenience stores, but other than that, there’s nothing else. If I don’t live around here, I probably won’t come here.”

When we got off the station, Shinonome looked around the area with interest. It was a residential area as far as the eye could see. There’s nothing new here.

Even so, Shinonome began to walk with a somewhat happy look on her face.

“Which direction is your house, Minori kun?”

“This way. It’s not far.”

My house is a five-minute walk from the station. It’s quite convenient in terms of transportation.

When we started walking, Shinonome stood next to me. …..The reason why I felt Shinonome’s sense of distance is strange is because the back of our hands and shoulders could touch each other.

We walk while chatting. Then we soon reach the apartment where I live.

“It’s on the fourth floor here.”

“……Apartment. I’ve never been here before.”

“Is your house a single building, Shinonome?”

“Yes. Well, I’ve only been to my relative’s house.”

“Same for me.”

We took the elevator up, went to my room and unlocked the door.

“Now, come on in. Just in case, I cleaned it up.”

I’m the type of person who likes to clean up. I tried even harder to clean before the visitors came.

…..I don’t think I can turn that enthusiasm into cooking.

“P-pardon the intrusion.”

And finally. Shinonome came to my house.


“Just sit down comfortably.”

You should give the sofa seat to your guest. So I sat down across from her.

Quickly. Shinonome sat next to me without hesitation.

“……Are you going to sit here?”

“U-um. Is that not okay?”

Shinonome was a little confused. She gave me a sad look.

I can’t say no. I stood up.

“Then let’s sit on the sofa.”

It’s spacious enough for two people to sit together. Shinonome nodded at my words, and we sat down on the sofa. She didn’t keep her distance. We sat so close that our bodies just barely touched each other.

I closed my eyes and calmed myself down.

Then, I took out my phone.

“For now. Let’s order a pizza for lunch. Here’s what’s on the menu.”

Even though I said that. I regretted that I should’ve kept the pizza flier.

My phone is too small. ….Seeing it with two people means that the distance will be closer.

“There’s a different kind of thing. Ah, it’s the margherita you mentioned before, Minori kun ! Sounds delicious !”

Shinonome looked at me and said so. Our distance is so close that I can even see her long eyelashes.

“……? What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. That’s right, is there anything else you’d like to order? If you ask for half-and-half, you can enjoy other flavors. If it’s a quarter, you can have up to four flavors.”

At those words, Shinonome’s eyes widened. And then, he showed a gesture as if she was thinking.

“W-well then, I’ll have half-and-half, please. Well, I’ve been wondering about this one with roasted chicken and corn  since a while ago.”

“Okay, I’ll have these two then.”

I nodded and order those two.

“What about drinks and sides? Do you want anything?”

“Ah, then, orange juice. For the sides…..I don’t know.”

“Okay. Then I’ll order fries.”

I moved the screen to place the order. I entered the address, and it said it would take 30 minutes to deliver.

“Thirty minutes. Maybe a little early for lunch, but that’s fine. Are you okay with that, Shinonome?”

“Oh, yes. Fine by me.”

It’s eleven o’clock right now. It’s also the time when I was getting a little hungry and Shinonome nodded.


I put down my phone and looked at Shinonome. Shinonome also stared at me.

“Let’s do it?”

“Yes, let’s do it.

Shinonome nodded at my words. Then, Shinonome reached into her bag. I took a piece of paper that was on the edge of the desk.

Yes. It’s the school rank.

Shinonome took out a long, thin sheet of paper. She looked at me.

“Let’s show each other.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Shinonome said so with a somewhat excited look on her face. I myself am a little nervous. I had never experienced showing each other the school rank.

“Let’s do it, shall we? One-two !”

At the same time as Shinonome. We showed each other our papers.

Putting aside the details of the scores, the rankings were–

[School rank: 1st / out of 280 students]

That’s what was written on her paper. And on mine–

[School rank: 1st / out of 240 students]

–First place.

“……! Isn’t that amazing ! Minori kun !”

“It’s thanks to you, Shinonome. I mean, you’re also amazing, Shinonome. You almost got perfect score, right?”

Shinonome got a perfect score in most of her subjects. The only thing that is not perfect is the English language, in which she scored 97 points. But still, it’s a very high score.

On the other hand, I occasionally see 99 or 98 points. But there are also many 100s.

“I realized that teaching is something that can help me too. ……And. It’s also more efficient when two people do it together instead of one. It was a very good learning experience !”

“Yeah, you’re right. …..I really appreciate your help.”

I couldn’t have gotten this far without Shinonome. Because the classics that I wasn’t good at are 99 points.

“Fufu, you’re welcome.”

Shinonome smiled and gently put down the paper.


“Then, about the reward….M-Minori kun, you can start first.”

“….Yeah. Something that I want, right, Shinonome?”

As long as it’s within her ability…..that’s what I thought.

I have no ulterior motive. If she refuses, just think later. I made up my mind and looked at Shinonome.

I’ve been wondering about this for a while now.

“S-Shinonome. I want to try your home-cooked food.”

When I said that, Shinonome looked blank for a moment.


She laughed. While trying to hide her laugh with her hand. She nodded.

“Yes, of course.”

I’m relieved at those words. I was overflowed with happiness.

“A-are you sure? Really?”

“Yes ! I also like to cook. I’ll put my best effort into making it. …..Oh, right. I have time today. How about tonight?”

It was my turn to be surprised.

“Is today okay? We can do it another day, you know?”

“……You’re right. Then let’s make it another day, shall we?”

With a giggle, Shinonome said. The way she looks is somewhat happy. 

“Of course, if you want to, Minori kun.”

“I-I’d like to do that.”

“I understand. Let’s go shopping together later, shall we? As I recall, you said there was a supermarket nearby.

When I nodded at Shinonome’s words, she smiled.

“I’m also good at making Japanese food……so I’ll make you the secret curry that I learned from my mother. Do you like curry?”

“Yeah, I love it.”

“I’m glad.”

I’m glad I had the courage to say that. My cheeks loosened up at the thought of it, but I exhaled once to calm down.

“Okay. You’re next, Shinonome. Ask whatever you want.”

I shouldn’t be the only one who whirled up. When I asked that, Shinonome’s expression hardened.

She gradually turned red from her cheeks to ears. She opened her mouth slightly.

“…..Anything is fine, right?”

“Hm? Yeah. Anything is fine.”

Because I’m quite indebted to Shinonome. No matter what she ask, I have no intention to refuse.

It’s Shinonome. I’m sure she won’t make any unreasonable demands.

While thinking so. I waited for Shinonome, whose face was bright red, to say something.

After a few seconds, Shinonome seemed to have made up her mind. She looked at me and opened her mouth.

“M-my head. Pat it. I want you to praise me.”

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