The next day, with determination and resolve in my heart. I was ready to get into action in full swing today when I was approached by an unexpected person. I thought about ignoring him, but since he was one of the people in the crowd, I didn’t want to, but I went to the family restaurant where he was waiting.

“……There’s an extra person mixed in.”

When I entered the restaurant and looked for the person, I saw him sitting at a table in the back drinking a Coke. But unlike what I had heard, there was an unexpected seatmate across from him. As I approached, the two people gave me contrasting reactions.

“……Tch, you’re late.”

“Ah, it’s this way. I’ve already ordered the drink, you can go get a drink first.”

The first is Hisui, who looks like he’s too lazy to put his mouth on the straw and complains, and the second is Miura, who beckons me to come over with a fresh smile on his face. I had assumed that I would never see Miura again since Sakura had been investigating him in various ways.

Since I did not intend to stay long, I sat down next to Miura without going to the drink bar. Miura is becoming less and less trustworthy to the point that I feel uneasy about sitting next to him, but I decide that it is better than sitting next to Hisuii and getting bitten.

“Hey, I’m paying 400 yen for the drink bar, okay?”

“Then you’ll have to come up with the money from your part-time job.”

I don’t remember ordering a drink, so I ignored the offer. I know he looks like a jerk from the outside, but I don’t feel particularly guilty because there is no good guy in this group.

“Hmmm, so you know after all.”

Miura then sipped the drink he had brought with him, looking a little bored. He drank about half of the glass in one gulp and turned to me sideways.

“I was surprised. I didn’t think you were connected to Sakura chan as well.”

“I guess it’s because she thought I was more trustworthy than someone else.”

“No way. I think you are the opposite of trustworthy.”

What’s funny is that Miura looks at me as if he is laughing at me. And across from him is Hisui, who is still glaring at us grimly. I feel like I’ve become popular, but I’m sure it’s not my imagination that I feel nothing but discomfort.

“Ah, I thought I could use her at first. When I found out that you connected with Shinya and have a very high potential, I thought a little blasting would be convenient.”

“Is that why you approached me?”

“That’s part of it, but what really impressed me was the fact that you’re Haruka san’s younger brother. Anyway, she took care of me too, and I was surprised to find out that her younger brother was enrolled in the same school.”

And I guess he was impatient with Shinya’s impending transfer and the incident at the gymnasium, so he gave me some half-baked information and urged me to speculate and take action. I was just taken along by it, but it’s just as naive.

“I heard you said before that you have a sister, but I heard that was a lie after all.”

“Well yeah. I thought it would be more credible if I told a lie like that. But now that I think about it, that story just doesn’t feel right.”

It is true that the story seemed out of the blue. No, there must have been a breakdown somewhere before that. What is excellent is the organization this man works for part-time, not that Miura personally excels at this kind of exchange. Above all, I sensed from the previous exchanges that he is not the kind of person who is suited to deceive others.

“So, let’s get down to business. What do you want?”

I cut off my conversation with Miura and turned my attention to Hisui, who was staring at me. It was he, of all people, who had called me here. If he had something to say to me, I don’t understand why he brought Miura into the mix.

“You’ve been talking for a long time…..Tsk. On the other hand, you haven’t heard anything from my sister, have you?”

“From Yukihana?”

Yukihana was definitely at school, but I don’t remember having any special interactions with her. If I had to guess, I’d sometimes just ask for leftover sweets, but that’s about it.

“Yesterday, I heard that my sister was chatting with the student council president.”

“Oh, I didn’t know they were getting along that well.”

“Don’t make fun of me. I’ve been asking her to forward me a screencap of the exchange.”



[So that’s why, how’s the engagement thing going?]

Yukihana Ruri

[There has been some progress. We’re having something like a social gathering between parents.]


[Eh, is that so?]

Yukihana Ruri

[I’ll attend, but that Shinya kun won’t be coming.]


[I see. It’s a little difficult for me to intervene.]

Yukihana Ruri

[Well then, I’ll lend you my brother, so let’s do a special attack together with the two people you said were troublesome earlier.]




……What the hell kind of exchange is this? I frowned at the endless disgusting foreboding in the text, including the fact that Sakura’s reply was in emoticons.

“Hey, these [two troublesome people] are……”

“No matter how you think about it, it’s probably about you.”

While I thought that was the case, I was honestly surprised that the exchange between Sakura and Miura was shared with Yukihana. Apparently, Sakura decided that Yukihana was worthy of trust. I had never thought that she would develop such a friendship with a twisted guy like Yukihana in such a short period of time.

(And Sakura lumped me and Miura together and called us troublesome.)

I was honestly shocked about that, so I swore I would definitely retaliate someday, and looked at Miura next to me. Miura seemed to be a little surprised, too, as he put his hand on his chin and seemed to be thinking about the text.

“So that’s why I approached you guys.”

Hisui seemed to be very interested in this team-up (?). The two are now in the process of working together to create a new team. Sometimes it is difficult to move around because it is a relative. Originally, they should have relied on an outside party at an earlier stage.

“It says it’s a special attack, but what exactly are they going to do?”

“I don’t know, ah !?”

“There’s no plan or anything.”

I guess we will make that plan now. I’m honestly lost. I was thinking of fighting the chairman alone, but these two are valuable resources. I can get both military power and information at the same time. There is no better asset for me than these two.

However, depending on how Miura plays out, this calculation may not even have been made…….

“Yeah, I’ve got an idea.”

Miura said as he took another sip of the drink he had in hand. Then, he looked at me and Hisui and continued speaking in a low voice.

“We…ah, when I say we, I mean the part-time job I work at. We’re actually talking about setting the board chairman up soon.”

“Set him up?”

“We’re planning to team up with the media and confront him with evidence of his past misdeeds. Oh, and it goes without saying that this is classified information.”

Miura says this because it was us. Anyway, what he is trying to say is that Miura has the Chairman’s weakness with evidence. The chairman is a cunning man and has left little evidence of the evil he has been involved in. I had been having a hard time getting my hands on him, but it looks like I’m going to be able to solve that problem in one fell swoop.

“My goal is to publicize his evil deeds. Kanata kun’s goal is to take revenge on him, Hisui kun’s goal is to cancel his sister’s engagement.”

Hisui and I both nod our heads in affirmation that this is so. And when we confirm it, Miura grins and……

“Let’s do it all at the same time. In front of the chairman himself.”

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