“Private detective?”

The day after I went to Hashimoto’s house, I met Sakura on the rooftop to exchange information. I knew that Sakura was also working independently, so I asked her about the information she had obtained while also sharing the information I had obtained from Hashimoto, and I was surprised by the unexpected information that popped up, so I muttered to myself.

Apparently, Miura was working as a private detective while still in high school.

“It seems like he’s a part-time worker, but what he’s doing is no different from what he does in his day job.”

I wondered if it was possible for a high school student to work as a private detective. I was curious, so I looked it up on my smartphone and found that it is legally possible. However, the working conditions are quite strict and it is not very realistic for high school students to do. I’d rather work at a local convenience store for a few hours and make more money.

“……What a big shot.”

In addition to the titles of former vice student council president and soccer club ace, Miura has even earned the title of detective. He looks like the main character from a novel or manga. He must be living his high school life as if he is pressed for time. Working part-time as a detective in addition to his normal school life is not a feat that a normal high school student can pull off.

Was he in need of money or was he just doing it for the fun of it? It is hard to believe that such a person would have a sense of justice, and it is just too unnatural.

“It seems that the detective agency had been independently investigating for several years that our chairman was committing fraud in the operation of the school. Moreover, the head of the detective agency is apparently Miura’s uncle.”

“……So he had his nephew investigate the inner workings of the school?”

“He was appointed vice-president of the student council because he has a deeper knowledge of the school’s internal affairs than the average student.”

“Maybe the reason why he was a member of the soccer club and had such remarkable success as the ace was because he wanted to blend into everyday life and gain the trust of the students.’

“Or it could be that he was simply taking a break.”

Whatever the case, the mystery about Miura has finally been solved. I’m sure Miura….no, the detective agency that employs him must have more information about the chairman and others than I do. I’m still surprised that such an organization was even involved. It seems that I’m not the only one who shows contempt for them.

At first, I had planned to gather information on my own and launch an attack in the near future, but that would have been a different story. Maybe he doesn’t want to hide everything after a little threat. If I could get around him, I might be able to move things forward more advantageously than I expected.

“I’d like to continue with your story. I heard you met Hashimoto san. How in the world…..”

“I just followed a faint lead. That in itself doesn’t mean much.”

“Then, why?”

“Think about it for yourself.”


Sakura was a little miffed at my dismissive tone. But I want her to learn the art of negotiation, not to seek for an answer from the beginning, but to guess to some extent and then probe each other. When you go out into the world, the people who can do that will be the ones who rise to the top. Well, I guess I’m no longer qualified to say anything about it. Hopefully, she will face this as her last advice.

(There are two main reasons.)

I won’t tell Sakura, but there is a good reason for this action.

First, I wanted to know how Shinya was involved with Hashimoto. Did he do something similar to the way he did with me a few years ago, or did he take a completely different approach? This was so that I could clearly identify Shinya’s level of danger once again and take countermeasures.

If her story is to be believed, he was involved in a more criminal act of using sleeping pills. At that point, the level of danger goes up considerably. In addition to that, I had the impression that he was more sociable than in the past. Therefore, it was quite possible that he would act in a way that even I could not predict.

Finally, my old knowledge was no longer useful.

And the other reason is quite personal.

(I wanted to look objectively at someone who had been in the same situation as me.)

Hashimoto, whom I asked the other day, was cornered just like me. She had been robbed of her place before she knew it. In a way, she was probably worse off than I was, but she seemed to be managing to keep herself together. I’m sure it was because her family supported her wisely. At that time, the only person I could call family was my own mother, who rarely came home.

Whether or not I had a family that loved me. That was the only difference between me and Hashimoto.

But whether Hashimoto could recover in the end is her own problem.

“I’m leaving now. I have all the information I need.”

“What are you going to do next, Kanata?”


All this time, I’ve been gathering information and not taking any action. But today is the end of that. Now that I have all the information I need, all the pieces I need, I don’t have to wait any longer.

That’s why…..

“Ending it.”

I have to settle all the scores, past and present. Otherwise, I can’t really move forward…….

Sakura’s POV

With his back turned, he left the rooftop. Seeing him looking so confidently back at me as he had done in the past, I was unsure of what I should do from now on. I’m sure that he and I have different views.

“The old me would have followed him without saying a word.”

And I would have helped Kanata in my own way. Not for the praise or for myself, but just because that was the stereotype.

“There is no reason to stop. If Kanata would rather do everything for me, all the problems I have now would be solved.”

So what I should do now is still support him. But for some reason, I can’t follow behind him like I used to. Is it because of the passage of time? Or is it because I think that what he is about to do is worse than anything he has ever done before?

Until now, he has been acting in the name of justice. But what he is about to do now is clear revenge.

“I really don’t want him to do that.”

I don’t want Kanata to suffer any more.

“…..But it’s an unavoidable path to achieve his goal.”

If that’s the case, I have no choice but to bear with him the suffering he will have to go through from now on. The ones he couldn’t do before and the ones he will do in the future.

“Then I have made up my mind.”

I decide what I’m going to do. Then I took out my cell phone and called one of my not so many friends.

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