Sakura’s point of view

I had no idea that he was visiting Hashimoto san’s house along with his junior, so I’ve been researching Miura senpai around for the past three days. It was tough to juggle my duties as student council president, but my conviction to investigate the mystery managed to push me further than that.

“I found out two things through my investigations. Somehow Miura senpai knew information that he was not supposed to know.”

He told me that he had found out my phone number via Miura senpai. However, I don’t remember giving Miura senpai my phone number. There is a dedicated chat room for contacting the student council, and I also use that chat to communicate with the members of the student council. However, it is not possible to identify the phone number from the application used.

Furthermore, he said that Miura senpai told him that a voyeur photographer was in the mix during the sports festival. It is first of all surprising that such a fact existed, but the breadth of the information network clearly exceeds that of the general public.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this information is that there are two options: a super high school student with a special message or an accomplice. I see the latter as the more likely possibility.

And the second thing I know is that……

“Miura senpai doesn’t have a sister.:

To be honest, this information was the hardest thing to find out. After all, I had to steal the personal information of the students owned by the school. It is impossible to do so unless you are a hacker, so I asked an unspecified number of students in the form of a survey by the student council to find out if they had any siblings.

Of course, I deliberately included Miura senpai among them. As a result, he answered that he had no brothers or sisters.

According to him, Miura senpai told him that Shinya kun had been messing with his sister. But the credibility of that information was blown out of the water.

“I really don’t want to do something like suspecting him……”

As a result of the investigation up to this point, it is clear that Miura senpai has some kind of secret. That is why I would like to know more information beyond that. At the very least, whether he is an enemy or a friend to Hashimoto san.

“That’s why, in the end, the fastest way to find out is to get involved physically.”

After I had finished my duties as a student council member, I was looking at the schoolyard from inside the school. Right now, the football club Miura senpai belongs to is in the middle of cleaning up practice.

(They should have finished by now…….)

The football club participated in a prefectural tournament just the other day and regrettably lost in the final. With that, the third-year students of the football club have retired and are gradually moving to a new structure. However, Miura senpai is still attending practice to help the junior students.

(After all, I feel he must be a good person at heart……)

However, it’s hard to say because I know a few people who seem mature but do terrible things. And just as Miura senpai waved to the juniors and headed home alone, I too left the school.

(I tailed Miura senpai. At least, this is the quickest way to find out what’s going on.)

The sun had completely set and the street lights were gradually coming on, so I suppressed my presence and followed Miura senpai all the way. If I keep a good distance from him, he will not notice that I’m tailing him. In addition, Miura senpai is walking while playing with his phone, so his attention is distracted. The degree of difficulty as a tail is very low.

While following him around, I analyzed Miura Senpai’s destination. He said he was commuting to school by train. That is why I thought he was heading in the direction of the station at first…….

(The station is in the opposite direction, right?)

While playing with his phone, Miura senpai walks through the city after the sun has set without showing any signs of being lost. It seems that he is not going the wrong way. Is he lying about the fact that he commutes to school by train? I don’t know what’s true and what’s a lie,

(And yet, there are fewer and fewer people…….)

So far, no one seems to have noticed me, but there are fewer and fewer people on the road. Up to this point, I have been able to follow him from a sufficient distance, using shadows and poles to my advantage. However, it is getting harder and harder to do so.

(But it’s obviously suspicious.)

I can’t shake off the feeling of discomfort when high school students don’t return home after club activities at this hour and wander around. I want to follow him to the end, but it’s not a good idea to expose my existence by getting caught here.

Should I continue or abandon the project?

(……I have no choice but to do it.)

I remember the face of Hashimoto san, who was going to school in good spirits until just the other day, and discarded the option of giving up. If I miss this opportunity anyway, it is not certain that the same situation will conveniently come up again next time. If that’s the case, then the only thing to do is to continue.

(But Miura senpai, where in the world are you going……)

Miura senpai is walking while playing with his phone. After a while, Miura senpai stops and starts looking around. I hurriedly pulled my face out of the shadows, pointed my camera through my phone and watched Miura senpai go into the back alley.


I also approached the back alleyway Miura senpai went into while killing the sound of my footsteps. At the very least, there’s no way someone’s house or a restaurant where high school students stop by is in a place like this, so my alertness is higher than it was a few minutes ago.


It is precisely because I was in such a state of alertness that I was able to notice. Someone is standing right at the entrance to this alleyway. They are probably waiting to attack the next person who enters the alleyway. As I held my breath, I could feel the unique presence right there.

(He knew I was following him !?)

I tried to make a hasty move to distance myself, but I was dissuaded. If I ran away here, the result would still be the same, that I had gained nothing either way. In that case, shouldn’t I dare to jump in here?

(….Will a demon appear, or will a snake appear?)

I make up my mind and lean forward into the alleyway entrance.

Bam !

At that moment, a hand reaches out for my shoulder. I was surprised to see a hand that suddenly jumped out, and the moment my body stiffened, I grabbed my shoulder and restrained him…that must have been his motive. It is true that humans inevitably become rigid when unexpected phenomena occur.

Bang !

This time, a dry sound echoes in the dark alleyway. I was taught by someone somewhere that if you choose the means of ambush, you will be on the back foot, and if you fold up all at once, you will never lose…..I jumped on the opponent’s body and put all my weight on both of his shoulders.

“Wait, wha !?”

Was the counterattack unexpected, or was he surprised to see my face? Then I held him down with my knees, and put so much force into my body that he couldn’t move. I’m not confident in my muscular strength, but over the past few years I have become familiar with where to apply force to cause pain to my opponent.

“So you’re going to do something really rough with a lady, Miura senpai.”

Miura senpai stares at me with a surprised face. It’s not my intention, but I haven’t done anything like this since high school. That’s why he never thought that I could stand around like this.

“…..I didn’t expect to be followed around by you, Sakura chan.”

“As I thought, you noticed?”

“No, I was checking the camera on my phone because I felt like there was someone there. Then I saw a girlish form, so I thought it was my stalker……”

“If you say anything more silly, I’ll make you kneel even harder.”

Saying that, I put more weight on Miura senpai. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get your hands on a girl like that, but since it’s become like this, there’s something I need to ask him first.


“So, what are you doing in a place like this, Senpai?”

“Just going for a little walk……and it’s painful !”

“All right, then, please spit it out.”

To be honest, Kanata is better at this kind of interrogation. It’s a psychological approach that gets into the crevices of your mind and makes you let it all out before you know it. And it comes with the added bonus of pseudo-mind control. But I can’t do such dexterity. That’s why I have to put pressure on him and make him tell me directly.

“Well, let’s change the question. What are you? Apparently, you have a network of information that is not befitting a high school student.”


“This is still a gentle one, you know? After all, you’re the senior who took care of me in the student council. So please, tell me everything while I’m being nice, okay?”

At the last minute, I restrained Miura senpai’s upper body so tightly that I could almost hear a creaking sound. If you keep your body firmly on the ground, you can immobilize it without restraining your feet. Miura senpai, who seemed to be holding back a frown, eventually gave up and surrendered completely.

“You want to know who I am, right?”

“……I’d like you to tell me quickly, without being pretentious, okay?”

Saying so, I press him to confess quickly, but surprisingly, Miura senpai does not want to speak frankly. However, it is true that he has a somewhat giving up expression on his face. After waiting for a while, Miura senpai opened his mouth again……

“For now, why don’t we change places? It would be better for both of us that way, and above all, I think it would be easier for you to understand.”

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