After the lunchtime incident with Maki, school ended without any incident.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Onii chan !”

Hikari rubs her head against my chest as if to pamper me.

Hikari is like a dog welcoming its owner.

“You’re such a spoiled brat, Hikari.”

“Only for Onii chan, though.”

She says things that make me happy. I’m so proud to be her big brother.

I was thinking that, Hikari looked into my face. Is there something she wants to say?

“Hey, are you free after this?”

“Yeah. I’m free.” 

“Then, do you want to go on a shopping date with me? I want to go shopping for clothes and stuff.”

“I’m just a baggage handler, right?”


Hikari puffs out her cheeks and looks at me in dissatisfaction.

Every gesture is so cute.

“I’m joking. Then do you want to go shopping together?”

“Date with Onii chan♪ Date with Onii chan♪”

It was the end of the school day, so I wasn’t too keen on going out by myself, but seeing Hikari’s joyful expression, I felt compelled to do so.

I’m really a sweetheart to my sister, I guess.

Even while she was laughing at herself, Hikari seemed to be ready.

“Let’s go, Onii chan?”

“Are you ready already?”

“I was ready before Onii chan came home !”

“Really? I’m just going to go change my clothes, please wait for me.”

“Got it !”


“It’s been a while since the two of us have been in a shopping mall together.”

“I know ! It’s been a long time !”

We are at a shopping mall near the train station.

Because it is in front of the station, it is quite crowded with people…….

“Hikari, please refrain yourself from clinging to my arm.”

“I don’t want to.”

I can feel people looking at me. It’s quite embarrassing to walk around with my arms crossed in such a crowd of people.

But Hikari doesn’t seem to have any intention of letting go of my arm and rather tightens her arm.

However, this caused a new problem.

“……Hikari, it’s hitting me.”

“I’m guessing it’s normal at times like this, right?”

……Too embarrassing.

“Stop it, we’re siblings, aren’t we?”

I made the mistake of saying that, including the embarrassment.

“……Onii chan, I don’t want you to see us as siblings, so I’m desperately trying to approach you and….that’s a bit cruel.”

Hikari silently takes a distance from me, and her face darkens as she looks at me.

I’ve done it. If we were normal siblings, my response would be a model answer, but in our relationship, it’s not. Instead, it ends up hurting her.

“……That’s right. I’m sorry. That was a slip of tongue.”

Even if I apologize, Hikari’s face doesn’t light up at all.

……This time it was also my fault. It’s embarrassing, but I guess I have no choice but to show it through my actions.

I took Hikari’s hand and intertwined our fingers.

It’s what is commonly referred to as a [lover’s knot.]

“Eh !? O-Onii chan ! W-what is this?”

It seems that Hikari was puzzled by my sudden action.

I told her why I was doing it.

“…..This is what I mean. I said earlier that we were brother and sister…but it’s not crazy to do something like this…well, that’s what I mean.”


Hikari was surprised by my answer and froze.

……..I was so embarrassed when I didn’t get a response.

I was struggling with this in my mind when Hikari finally opened her mouth.

“……You mean? Onii chan is……conscious of me……?”

Hikari tilted her head as if to check it.

“Well, I guess it would be a bit difficult if you confessed to me…”

When I said that, Hikari’s eyes widened.

And then,

“…….I’m so happy. I’m so happy I think I’m going to die……”

She smiled at me with tears in her eyes.


…It’s a secret to Hikari that her smile unknowingly made my heart flutter.


The day was already dark by the time I finished going through the clothes and appliances with Hikari, who was now in a completely better mood.

“Hikari, I just got a call that Mom and Dad are coming home, so we’re going home too.”

“I wish we had more time to date.”

Hikari was somewhat satisfied with the date.

I’m glad she had a good time.

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9 months ago

Says something that his relationship with his sister is the healthiest.

3 months ago
3 months ago

Hikari is such an angel.