The next day, I cried so hard yesterday that my eyes were so swollen that I couldn’t hide them with makeup, so my good friends were worried about me. 

I didn’t want everyone to know what I had done, so I blurted out what had happened yesterday to everyone who was concerned, and told them that Ryou had told me never to get involved with him again, even as a childhood friend.

When Ryou came to school, I could only watch as the students from other classes gathered around him. Some of them were classmates who used to make fun of Ryou’s previous look with us. 

After school, Kenji and his friends asked me to play in front of the station to have fun, and I decided to play because I wanted to get rid of this feeling as much as possible.

Among them was Ryou. Then Kikuchi Kun, the most  popular boy in our grade. And his girlfriend, Akari. And Ryou, who’s good friends with both of them. And another girl who was talking with him. 

I was being avoided by Ryou yesterday, but I went to talk to Ryo. 

“Ah, Ryo-Ryou !”

Ryou doesn’t reply.

“Wait! Don’t ignore me !”

Why did he ignore me ?

“Heyy ! Ryou ! ! !”

“Tch, what ?”

After I called him for the third time, he finally responded. He then looked at me with a very grumpy look on his face.

“Ah Saeki San. Perhaps, this is ?“

“Yes, you’re right.”

Then, Igarashi San, who’s rumored to be the most beautiful girl in our grade, joins our conversation. I had no idea that the girl I saw earlier was Igarashi San. 

“Ha? What is this, why are you talking with Igarashi San like you’re her good friend?”

“Haaa? It’s not like who I’m talking to is your business. Just get out of here.”

“W-what’s that attitude !! W-wait, perhaps the one Ryou’s dating is…”

When Ryou said yesterday that he had a new lover, was it really Igarashi san? I couldn’t believe it, so I asked Ryo.

Just when Ryo was about to open his mouth, Kenji and the others talked.

“Oi oi, what are you talking about Yuina?  How can a shady guy go out with Igarashi San, the most beautiful girl in first grade?”

“That’s right, more than 20 people who confessed their feelings to Igarashi San have already been rejected, so there’s no way he’ll ever go out with her! It’s probably in your imagination ! Gyahahaha!!”

“Well, the you now is better than the old you. I can see why you’d get a little cocky, but that’s just not going to happen !”

If everyone says so, does that mean what he said yesterday was a lie, too? I was just fooled, wasn’t I?” 

“Well, that makes sense. A guy like Ryouma wouldn’t be able to be with a girl like Igarashi San ! I knew it,  you were just trying to make yourself look good yesterday! What~? Do you want me to feel jealous? But, even if you want to show off, isn’t Igarashi San a bit too much for you? Ahaha ! Well, jokes aside, maybe now I can still forgive you, you know??”


Well, the fact that he didn’t say anything means that he was trying to look good !

I felt better after seeing Ryo like that and approached Igarashi san to tell him about Ryo.

“Hey Igarashi San. you know I feel sorry for you because you had to go along with Ryou’s stupid lies~? Ryou can’t even study nor exercise in the first place, even though his looks now are much better than before. He used to look like such a dork, you know? I think he’ll be back to how he used to look from now on~. Hey, I’m not going to say anything bad, so could you not get involved with Ryou anymore? If you like, why don’t you come play with us right now? We were thinking about going to karaoke now ! Come on !” 

I pulled Igarashi San’s hand Who got caught up with Ryou to take her into our group, and the next thing I know, my hands were shaken off. Along with the noise [slap!] I could see Igarashi San staring at me. 


I didn’t know what had happened, I slowly put my hand on my cheeks that were aching. 

“Please knock it off! Why, why can you, the person who knows Ryouma Kun the most, say such a terrible thing!!” 

Why am I being hit and yelled at so much by Igarashi San? I don’t even have time to think about it, and she continues to talk.

“All this time, Ryouma Kun has endured again and again towards your selfishness! And yet, you betrayed Ryouma Kun, didn’t you !? Why are you still trying to tie down Ryouma Kun when you already threw him away ! !” 

“T-that’s  got nothing to do with you !” 

“Well it does ! Ryouma Kun and I are lovers after all ! No matter what people say, I don’t think that it’s disproportionate ! Because Ryouma Kun is a very nice person ! ! !” 

How can you say that so confidently?

How can you say that so confidently?I knew Ryou is a wonderful person. I also knew how great he was. That’s why I hid it. Do you want to take that kind of Ryou ? Why ?

“After all, Ryouma Kun is my…” 

“Igarashi San, it’s alright now.” 

Ryou’s gentle voice came between Igarashi san and me to calm us down.

When I looked at him with envy, Igarashi San apologized to me.

“……And also, Kanzaki San, I’m sorry for hitting your cheeks. If it still hurts, please buy a compress with this money.” 

After handing me a 1,000 yen bill, Igarashi San pulled Ryo’s hand and walked away.

Everyone rushes over to me, worried about me sitting there after being hit by Igarashi San, but the boys are still saying bad things about Ryo, even though Kikuchi and the others are still there.

I have no intention of stopping them. The words that Igarashi San said have been lingering in my mind for a long time. 

[All this time, Ryouma Kun has endured again and again towards your selfishness! And yet, you betrayed Ryouma Kun, didn’t you !? Why are you still trying to tie down Ryouma Kun when you already threw him away!]

Was I always being selfish towards Ryou? 

I’m not.

Did I betrayed Ryou? 

I didn’t.

Am I holding Ryou up? 

No you’re wrong ! ! !

[Ryouma Kun and I are lovers ! !]

You’re not ! ! !

I won’t acknowledge that. I will never admit that you two are dating !

But…it’s not like I can do anything about it right now.

Right now, I’m sure that no matter what i say, Ryou will never leave Igarashi San.

I alone will make plans for the future. It will be during the event that I will put it into action. 

“Yeah that’s right, Ryou can’t do anything about it, so I’m going to humiliate you…I can’t wait to see you cling to me and begging for forgiveness…”

(TL/A : Sick…………..)

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During her second POV I though MAYBE she would learn her lesson but I am clearly a moron. She learned absolutely nothing. Why do you act so entitled? You insult him, ruin his reputation, don’t ever stick up for him, and take his kindness for granted. You and the group of cowards who can only crap talk Ryouma behind his back are pathetic jerks. You try and do anything extreme and you’ll be the only one crying for forgiveness.