Episode 15 – Smartly



Since that incident after school, it has become natural for the four of us to be together. 

Yuina’s group often gathered in our class, so we inevitably gathered in Akari Chan class. 

Also, Yuina, who glanced at me every time I moved around but didn’t get involved, was very creepy. Perhaps she has indeed learned her lesson after being told so much by Igarashi san ?

…..No, that can’t be right. If Yuina gave up, it wouldn’t be like this. 

I have a feeling that I’m going to be involved with Yuina again at some point. If that happens, I don’t want my loved ones to get hurt, so I decided to act carefully in the meantime.

With me being like that, without talking to Yuina, I read the love letters that arrived every day, and when I got called, I would say no to them, and so on for several times.

Thus, a boy named Saeki became popular among the first-year students because he became a handsome boy and there was a rumor that said he dated the grade’s number one beautiful girl, Igarashi San.

I apologized to Igarashi san for not denying such rumors, but she told me it was rather convenient.

Perhaps, because Igarashi san received a lot of confessions, this makes the number of confessions smaller. When I asked her about this, I was right.

I was a little concerned that she seemed to be rushing, but she forcefully persuaded me that that was the way it was.

After spending such days, Saturday arrived. After sleeping longer than usual, I woke up before noon, changed into my pajamas, washed my face, and headed for the living room.

I thought I smelled something sweet even before I entered the living room, and I saw Ayaka putting on an apron in front of the oven, so I asked her what she was doing.

“Good morning Ayaka. I just smelled something sweet, are you making something?”

“Oh, good morning ~! It’s already noon, you know Onii Chan~. Today I’m having a study group with my friends so I’m baking cookies !”

“Ah so the sweet smell is cookie~. Well if you have friends coming, I’m gonna go out somewhere.”

I see, her friends are going to come over, maybe I should go out appropriately and maybe buy some novels, but Ayaka stops me.

“E ?! N-no, don’t ! Onii Chan should stay at home !!”

“Wait, why ? If I stay at home, I could hear you talking or something right?”

“Et-too…., that’s….well…”

Then Ayaka apologetically tells me why she wants me to stay home.

“A-actually. When I told my friend who is coming today about Onii Chan, she said there is no such a brother. So I got mad and told her that she should meet him in person and then she would know. I’m sorry I got you involved…”

I didn’t know how she had described me, but I decided to go along with it, thinking it would be okay if we just met.

“I think it’s okay. But I’m just a boring Onii Chan you know.”

“That’s not right ! Onii Chan is…well, truly, a……..”

Ayaka’s face turned red and she turned her head down, so I patted her on the head and she said, “Moo~,” happily.

“So, when will your friend come ?”

“I said that we will after lunch, so I guess 1:00 p.m.! About another half hour !”

Another 30 minutes, then we’ll make it.

“Well, I’m going to the convenience store to buy some lunch. Ayaka, do you need anything?”

“Noo, I’m fine! Take care ~!”

“I’m off.”

She said that she doesn’t need anything, maybe I’m going to buy her some sweets. 

I took my wallet and went to the convenience store. 

The distance is about a 10-minute round trip, and I probably can still eat lunch.  

After arriving at the convenience store, I threw some tea and sandwiches into my basket, then put some limited edition sweets for Ayaka, and went to the cash register. 

As I was standing in the line, the girl in front of me started panicking about something in front of the cash register. 

“O-oh my? Seriously? Um, could you wait a second, clerk~? Eh~ I thought I put my wallet here in my bag…hm~?”

The girl was fumbling around inside her bag for a while, then the old man behind me got annoyed, stuck his tongue out and started tapping his foot. 

“Jeez, check your wallet before lining up.”

“Sigh…you should at least wait for that.”

Finally, the old man said that in a voice that could be heard by the girl, so I put my basket crown on the cash register and told the clerk. 

“I’ll pay for her and this together, may I  have the check?”

“Eh? Wai-, you can’t do that ! I can’t have a total stranger paying for me !”

“We can talk about that later. Apparently, there are people who can’t wait for the cashier, so I’ll pay for it here.”

I told the girls so and had the clerk to settle the bill.

After I paid, I turned to the old man and slightly bowed my head. Then, the old man was scratching his head while smiling bitterly. 

Then, as soon as I left the convenience store, I handed the bag to the girl and decided to go home. 

“Eh, wait a minute ! I haven’t paid the money yet !”

“Ah, it wasn’t something expensive, so don’t worry about it. I’m just irritated by that old man. Well then.”

“Hm wai-! ! Onii San~! !” 

( TL/N : she called him Onii San which can refer to mister but the younger version ) 

With that i walked away from the place as fast as I could, and ignored the girl’s voices. 


“Sigh~. I’m back~.” 

“Welcome back~. You’re late Onii chan~.”

“Oh, I’ve got a few things going on. Here, it’s a limited edition sweets. I think it bent a little.” 

“Wo~w ! This is the one that I wanted~! Thanks Onii Chan !”

“Well then, I’m gonna eat in my room. Call me again when your friends are coming.” 

“Okay~. Thanks for everything~.”

I waved my hand to Ayaka and returned to my room.

Now that I’ve bought the food safely, I think I’m gonna relax in my room for a bit. 

??? Point of View

“He left…”

I knew that the old man behind me was annoyed when I forgot my wallet and started panicking. But when I couldn’t back out of it, the super cool Onii San paid for it instead, and he was handling it smartly even to the old man. 

I’m afraid that he was going to say that he paid for me because I look like this, but he gave me my share immediately and ran away. It’s weird not to fall in love with someone who has such a cool personality and only has good intentions. 

“Saki Chan~Good morning~”

“Hello, Saki San. You’ve been looking over there in a daze, what’s wrong?”

“Ah, hmm~. No, listen to what I say !.” 

The two of them who had met up with me joined me, and we headed to Aya Chan’s house while talking about what had happened earlier. 

Both of them were surprised, but Mi Chan scolded me for forgetting my wallet in the first place.

[I should’ve just asked his name…I wonder if I can meet him again when I come to this convenience store.] 

I didn’t expect to see him again so soon after that. 

(TL/B : I think we’re gonna get a new rival)

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