Then days passed, the results of the midterm exam seemed to have been posted on the bulletin board in the corridor, so we decided to go check the results.

There were quite a few people gathered, but as soon as we arrived, the people in front of the bulletin board quickly retreated, making it easier to see, but I couldn’t help but feel indescribably uncomfortable.

[Mid-term examination results (1st year)]

1st Saeki Ryouma 500 points

2nd Igarashi Koharu 497 points

3rd Gariben tsuyoshi 496 points 

(TL/N : the name is really benkyou lol, 我理勉強, and the writer said the pronunciation is がりべんつよし)

32nd Sawada Kenji 428 Points

57th Nitta Akari 372 Points

65th Kanzaki Yuina 360 Points

85th Kikuchi Asahi 345 Points

100th Heihei Bonbon 300 Points

(TL/N : This one too, 平々凡々)

I saw the results that had been put up and felt that all my hard work had paid off.

Asahi and Akari were also in the top 100, not just avoiding red marks.

“Saeki, that guy really got a perfect score…”

“Igarashi san basically almost got a perfect score…”

“What’s going on with you, being so good looking and so smart?”

“There is no god….!”

“I thought Saeki was on our side…

“Saeki kyun has high specs…shuki..”

(TL/N : Kyun = kun, Shuki = Suki, like)

I can hear the voices of the other students talking about me and Koharu, but I don’t react to them and start talking about the results of the test with Koharu and the others.

“Good job, everybody. It was the first test in high school, and we managed somehow.”

“No, it’s really because of Ryouma and Koharu Chan ! I’ll buy you a meal on the way home today, so let’s go out for dinner!”

“Thank you so much you too~! Rather than a cut in allowance, I may get an increase !!”

“Fufu. It’s because you two worked hard.”

“Aaa that’s right. I’m going to give you another squeeze so you don’t go down at the end of the next term, so be prepared.”

“Uheeee…Please treat us with care..”

After seeing the results, we’re about to return to the classroom. When we turned around there was Yuina and Kenji standing in front and stopped us. 

“Hey Saeki, you’ve been acting cocky lately, haven’t you? I thought it was just a lie for the occasion, but it looks like it’s true that you are dating Igarashi san ! Mind your own business, you’re just a shady person !”

I stood in front of Koharu, and replied to Kenji while looking down at him. 

“It’s not like I’m trying to be cocky. The results of this test were just a matter of reviewing and studying for the test in advance. Then why don’t you ask her? I was the one who watched her study in middle school. At least she knows that I can study.” 

When I point my chin in Yuna’s direction, she freaks out and turns her eyes away. I was expecting you to say something back, but that’s interesting.

Then Kenji stood in front of me as if he was protecting Yuna and grabbed me by the chest.

“That’s not what I’m talking about right now! I said don’t get any more carried away!”

I think it’s a pain in the ass, so I grab the arm and push it lightly under. I give Kenji some advice in his ear.

“wha- !!!!”

“Hey, look around. Don’t you realize how you look right now?” 

Kenji, who had let go of the hand, perhaps unable to bear the pain, looked around, then clicked his tongue and left the place.

“Tch! Let’s go, Yuina.”

“Ee, aa y-yes.”

I straighten Kenji’s messed up uniform, tell Asahi and the others who have gathered around us that everything is fine, and apologize for making a scene.

“’still rude as ever. When he confessed to me, he was kind of condescending.”

“Ee? Has Koharu ever been confessed to by Sawada?

“I think I didn’t need to tell you this, but right around the time I entered school, he called me up and confessed to me.”

“So that happened…”

So he went for Yuina because Koharu didn’t take him seriously. I’ll have to change my opinion of him.

After that, I sent Koharu and the others off to class and returned to the classroom with Asahi. My classmates were worried because they had seen the whole thing, but I assured them that I was fine and returned to my seat.

Since it was the day to return the answer sheets, I decided to check Asahi’s mistakes and consider what to teach in the next study session.

Then came the lunch break. As soon as class was over, our classroom’s door opened with a bang and my name was called out loudly.

“Excuse me at the end of class!! I heard there is a guy named Saeki Ryoma in this class, which one is it ?!!”

Who’s that ? I got up and looked toward the door, where I saw a very pretty girl tiptoeing, wandering around looking for me.

“I’m Saeki Ryoma, can I……help you? Or rather, who are you?”

“Mu, So you are Saeki !! ooo, I forgot to tell you who I am! Sorry sorry! I am Tachibana  Kyoka, the student council president of this school!

This little one is the student council president? I’d say she’s about 140cm or so……Come to think of it, something sounded like this at the entrance ceremony…No, my bangs were too long at that time so I could hardly see them.

By the way, what is the student council president doing here?

“I heard there was a freshman who got a perfect score in his midterm ! That was Saeki, who had been the talk of the town lately, and I’m here to recruit you to the student council! What do you think ? Wouldn’t that be nice for you?”

The student body president looks up at me with her arms crossed as if to pull her breasts together, but I have my answer.

“I refuse.”

“Ooh okay so you refuse….Wait what ?!”

No, I’m not sure why you’re asking.

I continue to answer the student council president, who looks at me with a roll of her eyes, as if she didn’t expect to be rejected.

“I don’t know what to say….Because I’m not interested in the student council. I have a lot of things I want to do right now, so I am sorry, but please take this back. The exit is that way~.”

I had just been freed from Yuina’s spell, so I didn’t want to be held up by the student council, so I turned the student council president around and chased her out into the hallway.

The student body president, who had been stunned for a while, looks back at me and declares in a misleading manner with tears in her eyes.

“I’m not giving up on you !! I’ll definitely turn you around !!! You better brace yourself !!!!”

After declaring this, she leaves in a fuss.
As I watch her back for a while, I am approached by Asahi, who has brought his lunch box, in a voice of dismay.

“…………why do you get yourself into so much trouble?”

“No, I don’t want to hear it…”

Giving up on thinking about it, I got up and went back to my desk to get my lunch and headed for my usual courtyard with Asahi.

(TL/N : The writer wrote this but after the post script so I don’t know if this was canon or not.

Tachibana …? I remember hearing it somewhere … )

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1 year ago

That punk Kenki really is a small fry. You’re the one getting carried away, acting like you’re hot shit when you’re just a little turd. How is Ryouma dressing good and getting good grades “getting carried away”? It’s the results of his efforts. Honestly, I feel like that moron Kenji just said that cause he’s too dumb to come up with anything clever to say. You’re weaker than Ryouma, uglier than Ryouma, and dumber than Ryouma. Live with it.

I hate NTR
I hate NTR
1 year ago
Reply to  OneCoin

I think that’s because he got a girl he can’t get…. pretty dick head …right????

9 months ago
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Kenji’s brain is so small , even einstein can drop him hard with nuclear words.

1 year ago

Loli president???? I wanna see her lmao