Interlude 1 – Yuina Kanzaki feelings


I loved my childhood friend Ryouma Saeki, who I had been with since I remember. 

Because I couldn’t pronounce “Ryouma”, so I called him “Ryou”.

We went to the same place from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, until highschool and everyday we always came home from school together. 

When I entered elementary school, the number of kids increased. Ryou, who was good at exercising and studying, was surrounded by the girls around him. 

At the same time, many boys were gathered around me. 

I didn’t like the girls that gathered around Ryou. 

I was jealous even though I was his childhood friend. But Ryou didn’t seem to mind it when a boy approached me. That’s what upset me. 

With such feelings, I confessed to Ryou when I was in the first grade of elementary school, and so I decided to go out with him. 

Then, after dating and obtaining the chain of lovers, I wish wholeheartedly so that Ryou wouldn’t be taken away from me. 

“Ryou kun is my boyfriend, so please think of me the most.”

“Yes. I understand. I will think about Yuina the most.“

“Really?? Then, please don’t let other girls go near you, and tell them that you hate another girl near you beside me.”

“Got it. I will tell the others tomorrow.”

Ryou replied immediately and did it the next day.

I was happy. There weren’t any girls except me beside Ryou

After spending all those years in elementary school and right before we entered middle school, once again Ryou became even cooler. With that matter, I was in a hurry and made a new demand. 

“Ryou is clever and athletic, so be average in tests and exercise.  You must not stand out. Also, grow out your bangs and don’t show your face.“

“Okay, got it.”

By doing such a thing , there were hardly any people approaching Ryou as we entered middle school. 

The number of people who confessed to me increased, but I rejected them because I’m not interested in anyone other than Ryou.

However, at this point Ryou was also hated by the other boys. I pretended not to see it. 

At all times, Ryou always prioritized me, I felt powerful because of that.

Then, before high school, Ryou was 180 (cm) tall, and he showed a cool aura even though his face was covered by his bangs. At middle school, there was a rumor that said he was cool. After I heard that rumor, I hurried to make a new demand. 

“ High school is tomorrow, so please wear this fake beard. I’ve bought some but if you ran out, please buy more. It looks a little filthy, but we have to keep the others away. And Ryou is tall, so please try to look like a hunchback and be timid.”

“Aa…got it” 

Without a single complaint, Ryou accepted my demand. 

But, from that time, I can’t remember Ryou’s face properly, just old memories to overwrite it. I was desperate to make him my Ryou.

After I entered highschool, we always went to school and back together, but we hardly spoke in class.

When my class friends made fun of me because I was dating a shady guy. I feel embarrassed for dating Ryou, I told them that we are childhood friends and we went out because our parents told us to always stay together.

From that time, my feelings for him maybe ran out.

These days, I always talk to Sawada Kenji who came to play from another class.

He seems to be the popular guy in another class, the other girls told me that he is famous. I didn’t feel bad when they told me that he was a good match for me.

At this time, almost all of Ryou has already left my mind.

As days passed, I felt weirdly attracted to Kenji kun.

That day, before the last class, Kenji Kun asked me to go home together with me today. I always go home with Ryou until now. But, this was the first time that I chose to go home with someone other than Ryou.

After the class was over, I immediately contacted Ryou saying that I can’t go home with him, and I headed to the school gate where we were supposed to meet. 

I met up with Kenji kun, and as we went home, suddenly he held my hand.

I was really surprised and was really thrilled. Then, Kenji kun stopped and confessed to me.

“Hey Yuina, I like you. Forget about that shady person and go out with me.”

I was surprised by the sudden confession, but I was still thinking of Ryou. 

“Eh~hmm but im still with Ryou…”

“No no, being childhood friends doesn’t mean that you should stay with him forever, right? And, I think I am cooler than him?”

I see, I just haven’t cooled off for a long time because we’ve known each other since childhood. 

A while ago I was thrilled when Kenji kun held my hand. I’m wondering if I like Kenji more than Ryou now?

Yeah, I’m sure of it. Alright ! 

“Yeah I see that too, okay then, I’m breaking up with Ryou! If you think about it properly, Kenji kun is way cooler, and to be honest,  I was really excited when we’re holding hands !” 

“Well then Yuina is my girlfriend now! Hurry up and break up with him !”

“Got it ! I dump him on the phone when I get home !’

“I’m counting on you, okay? Hey Yuina, close your eyes.”

Suddenly Kenji kun asked me to close my eyes, and when I did as he asked, he kissed me. 

I was really surprised that he suddenly kissed me, but since I haven’t done this with Ryou since middle school, I have drowned with the feeling and accepted it. 

At this point, I felt a prickle in my chest.

What was that? I wondered for a moment but I decided not to worry about it. 

After that, I fully kissed him, and then I let go and let him take me home.

Then, as soon as I got home, I called Ryou to tell him that I’m breaking up with him. Ryou didn’t pick up his phone right away and it makes me irritated. 

“Hello Ryou? Why didn’t you answer right away ?”

“So-sorry, I just got back from talking with Ayaka.”

Ryou seems to have just got back and made an excuse about talking with Ayaka.  

“Hmm, well it’s okay. I need to tell you something, I’m not gonna be with you from Monday.”

“Ee… what’s going on ? Do you have something to do ?”

“That’s not it. From now on, I’m gonna go out ( Date) with someone. That’s why from now on I will stay together with that person. That means I’m breaking up with you.”

I said it clearly to Ryou who knows nothing. Then, he was upset and snapped at me. 

“W-Why?! Suddenly breaking up like that, what’s the meaning of that ?!”

“Aa moouu. Don’t talk loudly like that suddenly. So noisy.”


So Ryou is that kind of guy? It’s just like what everyone says, I was just being pulled by the old memories. 

“Look here, don’t say such obvious things. Ryou isn’t cool anymore and I’m not thrilled when I’m with him. That’s why I decided to go out with Kenji kun. Ha… why did I go out with you?  Well then, I’m hanging up now.”

“W-wait…a mi-”


Tsuーtsuーーー ( TL/N : The sound from a hunged phone )

I contacted Kenji kun to talk about the breakup I had with Ryou, and continued to communicate as a lover. 

Then that night.

I decided to go to sleep while looking forward to being a beautiful couple next week. 

(TL/N : 

This one has many lines that are the same as the earlier chapter so we decided to just re-translate it, not just copying the line from before and trying to improve the lines…

Translator A : 

Damnn translating this chapter really took a toll on my chest. But that’s the thing I like about this kind of WN lmao. I don’t know about you guys but I’m really looking forward to the development of these characters and I hope it’s a good one. See you guys on another one ! )

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