When I caught up with the two of them, they were walking together while holding hands at a place not so far from school. 

Why are  those two holding hands?

Is it a situation where anyone can see? I wonder. 

Even Yuina and I haven’t held hands yet since we entered highschool. The reason is that she’s worried about the way people look at us when we’re together. But it was Yuina who made it look that way. Then I thought that we shouldn’t go to school together, but apparently that’s not the case. 

No, now it’s not the time to think about that, hurry up and let go of those clasped hands, as I got a little frustrated. 

Then, they stopped suddenly, and boy started to confess to Yuina

“Hey Yuina, I like you,  instead of that creepy and nerdy guy, please go out with me.”

“hmmm。but I’m still with ryou…”

“No no, being childhood friends doesn’t mean that you should stay with him forever right?and, I think I am cooler than him?”

I’ve seen this kind of situation many times. So of course she would refuse it.

“Ah, I see. Yes ! Then I will break up with Ryou ! if i think about it, Kenji kun is cool、and when i hold hands with you, i am so excited !”


What the heck, that’s a lie, right Yuina. Then what am i doing all this time, trying to maintain a low profile life

“Well then Yuina is my girlfriend now ! hurry up and break up with him !”

“Got it ! I dump him on the phone when I get home !’

“I’m counting on you ! hey Yuina, close your eyes “

Just like what the boy said, Yuina closed her eyes. Like that, they kissed.

Seeing that, I felt like I wanted to jump and give a beating. But my feet won’t move.

I don’t want to see it, I couldn’t took my eyes of the sight

At the moment of being kissed, Yuina looked surprised at first, but she quickly accepted it, after plenty of kisses, they started to walk and went home. 

I stood there, feeling that something inside me is broken

Oh I see, I was betrayed by Yuina. 

All this time, i did anything for Yuina’s sake 

To maintain my low profile, i always cut corners, and i even made my appearance look nerdy and lame like what Yuina told me to do

Even though we couldn’t hold hands anymore, I believed her when she said that it was to protect me from being bullied by others. 

That’s why I thought that I was okay with it. 

I stood there for a while, after that I went home dizzy. 


“Oh, welcome back Onii chan. Are you wearing those beards again? Remove it quickly okay〜

. ….hey Onii chan are you listening?”

When I came home, my sister Ayaka greeted me.

“Hmm? Aah. I’m back, Ayaka. Yes, you got a point”


Haa. You called huh ?

“onii chan. You got a call. It’s probably from Yuina san right? I think it’s best to answer it quickly ~”

After saying that, Ayaka then goes back to the living room.

“Ahh, will do”

Then i purposely answer the phone and put it on speaker.

“Hello, Ryou? Why didn’t you answer right away?”

“So- sorry, I just got back and was talking to Ayaka.”

“Fu~n, well okay, i have to tell you something. Starting Monday I won’t be going with Ryou.” 

Just as I thought, you were talking about that. I’ll pretend to be impatient. 

“Eh…why is that? Do you have something to do?’

“No there isn’t, from today i decided to go out with another person. So, I’m  gonna go with him from now on. In other words, I’m breaking up with you.”

“Wha- what the heck ! what do you mean, breaking up suddenly !”

After being told such thing, I act like I’m panicking and about to snap. 

“Aa~mou, don’t raise your voice so suddenly. It’s noisy.”

“So- sorry…”

“Look here, don’t say such obvious things. Ryou isn’t cool anymore and I’m not thrilled when I’m with him. That’s why I decided to go out with Kenji kun. Ha… why did I go out with you?  Well then, I’m hanging up now.”


Tsuー―tsuーーー ( TL/N : The sound from a hunged phone )

I’ve got hunged (TL/N : from the phone)and I stand there, stunned.

Then, Ayaka showed her face and came to me from the living room.

“Onii chan, I’m sorry, I heard your phone call…you’re breaking up with Yuina san…that’s terrible ! ! ! Onii chan wore those lame outfits for Yuina san sake…but then ! ! !”


I couldn’t hold my laughter so I laughed really hard.

Ayaka looks at me with a surprised expression。I may looked crazy after being dumped, but i’m perfectly normal

“Aa~ interesting.” 

“Oo-onii chan ??”

“Aa、I’m sorry Ayaka. Like you heard, seems like i was dumped”

While still laughing, I remove the beard sticker, take my glasses off, and brush my hair. 

“Of course I know, I heard it too, but why do you look fine? Suddenly laughed like that. Isn’t it shocking that you even dressed like that for Yuina san’s sake?”

Ayaka asked with a worried look on her face. 

She must be concerned because her brother, who had been trying hard for his childhood friend, was now acting strangely.

“Aa. About that, I’ve already taken the shock too, you know. That’s why i’m fine now

“What do you mean you’ve already shocked?” 

Ayaka doesn’t seem to understand what it means. That’s why I decided to tell her what happened.

“She didn’t go home with me today, she was meeting up with the boy from another class and went home. I thought it was suspicious so I followed her…what do you think she was doing?”

“She kissed a boy that is not me”

Ayaka was speechless, why her brother talked about the event so happily, she had a troubled expression as if she couldn’t understand it. 

“C’mon, don’t show me that look okay? I was shocked, but when i think about it, i am totally fine. The thing is, I was thinking why I accepted all those demands all this time. Finally I opened my eyes. It’s pathetic.”

Speaking of which, I’m annoyed at my fully grown hair. 

After seeing the kiss earlier, all the pleased feelings I had for Yuina were gone. 

All I had to do now is to think of how to make her regret abandoning me. 

It’s not like I’m trying to make her unhappy or something like that. It’s okay if she’s happy with someone else, that’s what I thought. Rather, it feels like I can do anything that I want to. 

However, I was angry because she made this situation but still with another boy.

( TL/N : we couldn’t comprehend this sentence well so we will put the raw here and if anyone knows the correct translation, please let us know 


I was shocked at the fully contradictory ideas, ha~a. As I was sighing, Ayaka gently patted my head. 

“Thanks, Ayaka. For not abandoning such a bad brother.”

“It’s okay. Onii chan was like this is all that person’s fault too. It’s because you think about it too much. ……unfair.” 

Not that i’m saying that’s the case, but even ayaka no longer calls her by name. I couldn’t hear the last part, but what did she say? 

“Hey, I couldn’t hear the last one, what was it ?”

“Hmmph ! nothing !”

She threw a puii face and went back to the living room.

What was that?

But well, to always accept this bad big brother, what a good little sister she is.

I’ll buy you something you like again. 

TL/N : 

That was the second episode of the chapter, we finished it earlier than we thought. On the other hand, we already submitted this series to Novelupdates but hasn’t been accepted yet, so let’s see how it will goes from now on !

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1 year ago

A little sister named Ayaka? I guess this Ayato here is starting to get serious.

1 year ago

The premise is questionable, if you do all that for someone, while they are getting confessions left, right and centre, you only have yourself to blame, however evil the other person is.

6 months ago
Reply to  Gab

because author thought that’s how BETAs are made….