Episode 3 – Family is Kind



Realizing that I was at the front door all this time, I decided to follow Ayaka to the Living Room.

Then, at the red faced Ayaka, I made a request.

“A-Ayaka. Are you free tomorrow ?”

“Yes, I don’t have anything to do.”

“Then, come shopping with me tomorrow. But first I want to go to the salon so after that.”

“I’m coming !! I will definitely come ! ehehee~ It’s been a while since I go out with Onii Chan!!”

I was surprised when Ayaka gave a sudden OK while eating. Well, when I think about it, it’s really been a while since the two of us went out together.

All this time, I have prioritized Yuina so it’s been years since I played out somewhere.

Safely, I got myself an appointment tomorrow.  After I decided to wait at the station in the afternoon with Ayaka, I went back to my room.

After a while, my parents came home, and while we ate dinner, I told them that I broke up with Yuina.

At first, they were surprised. I told them that I saw Yuina kiss another guy and she broke up with me over the phone. My dad was disappointed but somehow, my mom was relieved.

My mom seems worried all this time at the fact that Yuina might have killed my true self.

“I’m sorry that I made you worry, Mom, Dad too . I will not be like this ( Appearance) from tomorrow. First thing, tomorrow I will go to the salon, and after that I will go shopping with Ayaka. So, can I borrow your card and passbook ?”

(TL/N : I think Passbook is somewhat like a bank book, but I don’t know the specific, sorry)

I have very little to no desire for things. Every month, I always give back the allowance I didn’t spend to Mom.

Fortunately, Yuina was an indoor person, and when I think about it, I’m quite grateful because of that, I don’t spend that much money.

“Well…then that’s good. Oh and, i was going to tell you if you no longer need to dress like that you can go to the salon. Wait a minute, you’re okay with this, right Dad?”

“Aa..” Dad nodded, and Mom left the room for a moment then came back with an envelope. 

“Here you go. Use this if you wanna go out shopping tomorrow.”

As I received the envelope, there’s 50 thousand yen inside of it. 

( TL/N : around 369 USD )

“Isn’t this too much?…I can’t take this much.”

“It’s fine. You need this for the salon fee and various clothes, right? You can use the remaining portion for this month’s allowance. So use the money in the passbook for your future. You’ve never been selfish till now, so at least, please let me do this.” 

I gratefully accept my mom and dad’s kindness. From now on, I promise not to worry them, and start laughing while caressing  Ayaka’s head.  

“Understand, thank you so much, I’ll use it properly. Alright, we’ll be a little extravagant tomorrow, Ayaka ! Look forward to it, okay !”

I’m seriously blessed with a good family. 

After finishing my meal, I went back to my room and made an online reservation for tomorrow’s Salon, then laid down on the bed. 

[ I will change. I don’t need the “me” who’s timid and follows everything that Yuina says. And Yuina who made me that way, I don’t need her anymore. ]

( TL/N :

Today’s chapter is really really short, so we might or might not translate 1 more today…

Anyway, the chapter is already in Novel update! Check it out )

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