Episode 9 – Relationship began to change



After receiving Asahi’s outrageous plan, we both stood up and shouted. 

We suddenly screamed and everyone around started to look like [What’s going on], so we sat down, waving our hands and saying [It’s nothing].

“What the hell? Suddenly talked about things like that! You’ve embarrassed me!”

I’m gonna headbutt Asahi to cover up my embarrassment.

“It hurts! No, why are you so impatient ? Of course it’s only pretending ? pretend about the dating you know. Haaaa…..you are more violent than usual…”

“Ha? Pretend?”

“Moou, the way Asahi put it is bad, you know? You have to pretend that you have a proper relationship so Yuina will give up.”

Thanks to Akari’s explanation, I finally understood what Asahi was trying to say.

“Ha…..So it’s like that huh? Thanks to Akari Chan I finally understand, but it’s too much isn’t it? Even if it’s pretending, it’s unpleasant to go out with me right ?”

 I was saying that [of course I am right] to them, but they showed their [yare yare] face at me again, but for some reason, Igarashi san seemed positive and was about to accept Asahi’s plan.

“H-hey! If I may, please let me be your pretend girlfriend ! I can’t pretend I didn’t hear what you said earlier Saeki San!”

“No, but…”

I felt really grateful about Igarashi San’s suggestion, but I can’t accept it right away.

“Look, Koharu Chan even says the same thing too. Why don’t you just depend on her even though it’s pretend, or are you dissatisfied with Koharu Chan ?”

“Of course I’m not dissatisfied, who wouldn’t want to have that kind of cute girlfriend, even if it’s a lie?”

“T-to have me called cute…..”

You don’t have to be that embarrassed just because I called you cute. I’m sure that you already used to be told that. 

“Hmm I’m really grateful about that but is it really okay? Pretend or not, if we date, we have to be together always until the problem settles. If you have someone you like, he will misunderstand you know ?”

I told my concerns, but Igarashi San shook her hands.

“T-that kind of thing ! I don’t have someone I like and I have never been in  a relationship before. Besides, we had the chance to know each other like this so I don’t hate the idea of us being together…..or, Saeki San don’t want to be with me?”

On that note, she stares at me with a teary-eyed look on her face. 

Uh…how can I refuse when you look at me with those eyes…

Ah~mou, I don’t like the idea of being forced by Asahi, but since Igarashi San is cooperative, I’ll gratefully go with his plan. 

“I don’t hate it at all, rather, I’m relieved to hear that. Then, Igarashi San, will you cooperate with the role as my girlfriend  for the time being?” 

“Yes ! I will do my best !” 

I don’t think you need to do your best though. 

With that, I ended up with a beautiful girl as my girlfriend [temporary] right after my childhood friend disappeared. 


Just after we finished our lunch and were ready to return to the classroom, as expected, we got entangled with Yuina. 

“Wait ! Why didn’t you come to the rooftop! You’re about to miss your meal !” 

Aagh so noisy. Maybe because I was talking to Igarashi San and the others, I felt really noisy. 

“I never said that I was going. You selfishly said to come and went back to your seat without waiting for a reply.”  

“Wha-! It’s natural for you to come because I told you!” 

( TL/B : what a bi- )

As I hit the desk with a bang and stood up, it attracted the others’ attention immediately . 

“What the hell do you mean by natural? There’s  no reason whatsoever for me to prioritize you.” 

“You’ve been saying this and that for a while…! Hmph whatever, you definitely have to tell me after school ! Got it !?” 

( TL/B : I’m not even mad anymore, I’m depressed)

This time, I felt the pressure from her not wanting to let me go from here until I said yes. 

It’s really troublesome, but I don’t want to get involved any further, so I agreed to talk. 

“Aagh, I get it already, what a pain. After school right. The timing is perfect, I’ve got something to tell you too.” 

“Hmph! As long as you understand ! I’ll take you to the rooftop so don’t run away !” 

As soon as Yuina spat that out, she returned to her usual group. 

“Sorry, it seems that I may not be able to come home together today.” 

Since I got caught by Yuina, even though I feel bad for Asahi because I can’t go home together, I’ll ask him to inform Akari Chan and Igarashi San.

“Well, it can’t be helped. I’ll do something about this, as for you Ryouma, do your best.” 

[I will] As I replied, I went back to my seat,  and decided to take my afternoon class. 

Every time I take a break Yuina always comes up to my seat and says [rooftop, after school, okay !] So I decided to  be prepared to talk back to her, no matter what she says after school.

 “Phew~. You all worked hard today~okay then, class dismissed~hurry up and go home~.”

After the teacher’s appropriate words, while everyone prepared to return home, Yuina came up to me without her bag. 

“Hurry up and come. Follow me.” 

When we got to the rooftop, Yuina looked this way and said the same thing similar to this morning.

“I’ve told you this morning, but you have to change your appearance back to usual starting tomorrow!! In my mind, it’s been decided that you have to dressed up unfashionable ! get it !? this is not a request, it’s an order ! ! !” 

Yuina really said the things as I predicted, I can’t stand it and laughed.

“Pfftt, HAHAHAHAHA!!!” 

“W-what the hell ! What are you laughing at all of a sudden !” 

“Well, you just said the thing that I think you’re going to say. It’s really interesting you know…Haaa, what’s really going on inside your head, hahahaha ! !”

“Ha ?! D-don’t make fun of me, even though you’re just Ryou !!”

I laughed and then glared at the annoyed Yuina and gave my answer to her.

“Who do you think is  gonna listen to your order? You cheating woman”

(TL/A : Ryouma Strikes Back)

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