Episode 8 – Lunch Break



After the first class was over, Asahi who’s in the front seat turned around with an apologetic look on his face. 

“Hey, about the conversation earlier? If it looks impossible, should we cancel the lunch? I’ll call Akari now.” 

“Hm? No, you don’t have to cancel it. I never said that I was going, right?” 

Yeah, Yuina told me to come to the rooftop, but I never said that I would go. Besides, 

“Besides, Asahi and others are more important now.”

“O-ooh. If you said so, I wouldn’t mind. But, it’s kind of embarrassing to see you smile at me with that face.”

“What the hell, you’re gross〜. It’s not that unusual, get used to it〜.

While exchanging nonsense with Asahi. Morning class already ended and lunch break came.

As the lunch bell rang, it seemed that Yuina left the classroom and  headed for the rooftop, but we didn’t mind it and headed towards the courtyard . 

While we headed to the courtyard, I felt the gazes from a lot of people but when I think about it, it’s always like this so I chose not to care about it.


When I arrived at the courtyard, Nitta Akari Chan, Asahi’s girlfriend, was waving her hands. Akari Chan has been dating Asahi since middle school. She is a girl with a ponytail that looks great and very lively. She treats me the same even though I changed my appearance. She is a girl with an open-hearted personality. 

Then, I saw one more girl with a beautiful face sitting and waiting next to her. 

“O~i ! Asahi~! you too Saeki Kun~! Over here !” 

I walk quickly to where Akari Chan is waiting, and apologize to her. 

“My bad ! I’ve kept you waiting Akari~!

“Sorry to keep you waiting Akari Chan. Also, who’s the girl beside you?” 

I thought Akari Chan was the only one who came, so I ended up asking who’s the girl beside her.

“My name is Igarashi Koharu, I’m in the same class as Akari. I often heard about you from those two, Saeki San. According to what I heard, you have a childhood friend who’s also your girlfriend.”

[Fufufu] Koharu San, who smiles beautifully, has a short bob haircut that is half tied up,and she’s the girl that fits the word “neat and clean” in every gesture that she makes.

She probably has heard it from Asahi and the others, but I’ll introduce myself just in case. 

“Oh right, once again, I’m Saeki Ryouma. Nice to meet you. That aside, Asahi, you should’ve told me first if Igarashi San is coming.” 

“Hm? Didn’t I tell you? I said that Akari and the others are coming, so I meant that Koharu Chan is coming too…Rather, Ryouma, didn’t you know about Koharu Chan?” 

“Of course I wouldn’t know” 

I told him that I don’t know about Igarashi san. Asahi looked stunned, he shook his head saying [Yare, yare].

Me, not knowing is a natural thing right ? It’s only been 2 months. Yuina also told me to not look at other girls.

Feeling a little bit irritated, I lightly tapped Asahi’s shoulder and turned to Igarashi san.

“I’m gonna apologize in first. Sorry for getting you mixed in because of that idiot asahi. Actually I called both of you because I wanted to talk about the childhood friend you mentioned earlier.”

“Well, I see that. If I’m interrupting, I’ll leave my seat.”

“I think I’d rather have you stay. I’m gonna leave Akari Chan alone when we get to class. Well, it’s not gonna be that interesting of a story though.”

It seems that Igarashi San decided to have lunch with us. And then, we decided to have lunch and talk about what happened last Friday and the problem that occurs now. 

“Well, this is how I broke up with Yuina. But when I arrived at class this morning, she said something really ridiculous…”  

“Hmm, I see…I see! So the reason why Saeki Kun became cooler is because he’s been rejected by Yuina, right〜. Even so, the atmosphere around you has changed a lot〜!” 

It’s a little too late, but Akari Chan made a comment about my appearance.

“Well, I don’t have to dress like that anymore. By the way, except for Akari Chan, the one who’s surprised by my look is Asahi. He even said  “Are you really Ryouma?” like that.” 

“No no, normally people will get surprised! Akari chan just don’t care right !….. hmm? What’s wrong Koharu chan ?”

Asahi noticed something wrong with Igarashi San and called out to her, so we turned our attention to her and found her looking down with a bright red face. 

“N-no, nothing. Well, I’m thinking if Saeki San is really fine with his girlfriend, like, k-kissed someone…”

Igarashi San, whose face is still bright red, worried about me, so I replied gently to what she was saying. 

“Well yeah, I was shocked by the time I saw it, but when I thought that I had been betrayed, it didn’t matter that much to me. Suddenly everything that I had been saved crumbled, hmm…it’s hard to put it into words.” 

“W-well, that’s right…k-kiss…hm! Uh, so the problem now is that you two have broken up but you’re still forced to dress up like before, is that right?” 

Everytime Igarashi San responded to the word “kiss”, her face turned bright red, but she shook her head to calm down and asked me questions about what was happening. 

“Yeah. That’s what I think it is. Maybe she still thinks that I would do everything she says, and she’s mad because suddenly I dressed differently, even so, I don’t understand why she’s telling me that even if I’m not her boyfriend, I should listen to her this time because we’re childhood friends…i have no need nor intention to listen to her…but I’m sure that she will continue to pester me…hm~what can I do…” 

While I was pondering over what Yuina was thinking, and how to handle the situation in the near future, suddenly, Asahi came up with a good idea and made a suggestion. 

“If that’s the case, then why don’t you cooperate with Koharu Chan?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Whatever do you mean?” 

The two of us asked Asahi the same thing. 

Then, the next moment, an outrageous statement came out from Asahi’s mouth. 

“Just tell Yuina Chan that you’re dating Koharu Chan so you wont listen to her.” 

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !?”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !?”

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