While the class was talking about us, Yuina came.

What a good timing, I thought. I looked at Yuina who just came.

Then, Yuina’s good friends fearfully asked her if she really broke up with me.

“Morning..ettoo, Yuina chan…did you really break up with that shady guy Saeki ?”

“Ee? Why do you know that kind of thing ?”
“That is. Earlier Saeki kun himself told us that he’s been dumped..”

“Fuun. is that it~, Ryou already came huh. Yes, that’s right~ we broke up last friday, and i have started going out with Kenji Kun~!”

[Ahahaa~], Yuina is reporting that she is now going out with Kenji, and the girls around her gave a subtle reaction.

“Everyone told me that I am more suited with Kenji kun, breaking up with Ryou might be the right action ! and this morning, I already came to school together with him ♪”

“Ah yes, that’s right~ Congrats…”

“Thank you ! By the way, where is Ryouma ? “

“Eee, aa~ that’s – -” 

Apparently Yuina was looking for me, but the other classmates seemed like they were having trouble saying it. 

Then, Yuina, who came across Asahi, came up to us, and  asked my whereabouts. 

“Aa, Kikuchi kun! Do you know where is Ryou ? I have something to tell him but i cannot find him. That’s right, do you know Ryou ? His full name is Saeki Ryouma.”

Asahi looked at me and Yuna, then awkwardly opened his mouth. 

“Umm, Yuina chan, did you really say that?” 

“Huh?  Say what?” 

“No i mean, the guy here said that “ maybe she forgot what i look like?” Jeez, you’re such a terrible person. The person that you’ve been looking for has been here all along. “

I told Asahi to cover for me. 

Then, Yuina, who didn’t seem to understand what I was saying, froze up with a blank face, so I decided to explain it to Yuina  so that she could understand. 

“Like I was saying, I’m Saeki Ryouma. Your childhood friend Saeki Ryouma that you dumped on  the phone call last friday. I heard that you’re looking for me, what do you want? As for me, I don’t have anything to do with you.” 

“Ha? You’re Ryo-, are you really Ryou…?” 

“Who else can you see?” 

Asahi suddenly said, “well, you can’t tell that it’s Ryouma just from the first glance~” when he said that, i kicked his leg under the desk. 

[ouchh] while Asahi was enduring the pain, I looked sideways, watching Yuina muttering something. 

“It’s a lie…because Ryou looked so dirty and sloppy, his tone wasn’t even that confident, anyway, he’s lame…” 

I was about to ask who made me look like that, but I refrain from telling the fact yet. 

“Oioi, what’s wrong. I became like this is none of your business right ?”


“But? What is it?”

Yuina’s hands were fidgeting and she hesitated to say anything, but suddenly she said something strange fastly.

“No, it is my business !! ww-we are childhood friends right !!”


“That’s right ! It’s my business because we are childhood friends ! Why do you change your appearance like that without telling me ! Listen, tomorrow you must change back your appearance to what I have told you !”

Yuina really said something ridiculous. I feel disgusted. I looked at Asahi.

But Asahi too, really didn’t understand what Yuina was saying. He opened his mouth.

“What the hell are you talking about? Why does he need your permission because you are his childhood friend? And there is absolutely no reason that he must do what you said.”

“Wha- what the heck. You never talked back to me until now…” 

Kiinko-kiinko ( Sounds of bell )

“Okay, class will begin~ wait what is wrong with you guys ? don’t just gather there and sit down”

As the teacher came in, everyone went back to their seats. 

Yuina turned around several times on the way back to her seat. She looked like she had something to say, but I ignored her, assuming that it wasn’t something important. 

While the teacher began the roll call, Because I was changing so much. “Saeki!” The teacher called me. The truth is, I already replied many times. Please don’t run from reality, sensei.

After being called 5 times, sensei finally recognized me, but after that, class became messier.

After that kind of class ended, Sensei leaves the classroom. At the same time, Yuina came to my seat and said more annoying things.

“I don’t accept Ryou with that kind of look ! I have something to say to you so come  to the rooftop during lunchtime ! Okay !” 

After saying all that, she went back to her seat

Sigh…another troublesome…

I was disgusted with what Yuina said, so I plowed down on my desk.

However, it’s a mistake if you think that I will listen to everything you said, I murmured while getting ready for the class.

(TL/N :

Shuri, the name of the character from the chapter before will be changed into Akari, thank you for all the advice.

Translator A : So many B words came out while translating this, please be calm, my mind.)

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