Episode 6 – School day



Thus monday came, I prepared for a different morning and headed to the living room

“Good morning.”

“Araa, good morning.”

“Good morning Onii Chan!”

“Oh, good morning. I think we still aren’t familiar with the tidy Ryouma.”

A greeting was returned from the family altogether. My father was still not used to the new me, his eyebrows were frowned in the shape of eight. 

“You had the weekend so please get familiar already. Because, the current me is like this now.”

“That’s right, unlike the you in school days.”

“No,I didn’t even get this far. Maybe from tomorrow, you will have a hard time at Getabako~?”

(TL/N : Getabako is school shoe rack)

“Hee? What do you mean by that?”

Suddenly, my father says something ambiguous with a grin. I don’t understand what it means, so I let out a weird noise.

“It’s my experience, you know. Up until middle school, I didn’t care about my appearance or something like that, but when I entered high school, I cut my hair. The next day, I had a hard time because of all the love letters and call outs. That thing happened and unlike me you are more handsome, so you’ll get popular for sure.”

I didn’t know that my father was really popular. Well, he still doesn’t look like he’s in his 40s, and he brought a lot of chocolate home during Valentine’s. 

When I looked at my mom, she nodded. 

Come to think of it, those two have been dating since they were in highschool. 

“No. That kind of thing won’t happen, you know. I’ve changed, but I don’t think I’ll get popular like you dad. Ah, it’s about time.”

“Okay okay…here’s the bento~, have a nice day.” 

“Thanks, I’m off !”


While I went to school, I felt different gazes from the surroundings.

Usually, boys and girls gazed at me like they’re making fun of me, and even though I’m beside Yuina, they told me too quickly to break up. 

That was a complete turnaround, the girls around me were looking with a surprised and a pleasant gaze to the changed me. 

For the boys, they looked at me with such confusion and jealousy.” 

But not a single person noticed that I was Saeki Ryoma.

With such gazes. Like usual, I took off my shoes in the Getabako and I went to class.

(TL/N : Getabako is a school shoe rack)

I arrived at my class, 1-A. I opened the door and the boys and girls that were chatting and laughing took a glance. They looked at me twice and started rushing and fussing.

When all the people in class saw my face, their reactions were varied. 

“What’s up with that handsome guy?” 

“Why is he in this classroom?” 

“Is he a transfer student?” 

“Oi oi, has there ever been such a guy like that?” 

“Isn’t he much more handsome than Kikuchi?” 

( TL/N : probably some other handsome guy in this school  ) 

I ignored my noisy classmates and went to my seat and i called out the one who sits in front of me.

“Yo, Asahi. Good morning.”

“Oo, Ryouma. Wait a minute, I got a message from Akari…I don’t know but the class suddenly became noisy, people like Will Kn-…HA? Oioi, What’s with the appearance ?”

(TL/N : The new character Akari taken from kanji 朱莉 an it can mean Akari or Juri, but we’ll take Akari) 

The one who’s surprised to see me coming to school with this kind of haircut, is a friend from elementary school, Kikuchi Asahi. 

Even though Asahi looks quite flirty, he’s a serious guy with good grades, and he’s also popular amongst girls. 

Since middle school, I had a girlfriend that I dated, and unlike our previous relationship, we are a beautiful looking couple who matched  each other and got along well. 

Up until now, because of this guy who’s always been with me, I never had terrible bullying. 

“Aah. Well, I broke up with Yuina for some reason, so I got my haircut done. What do you think?” 

“I’m really curious about all that stuff…no, you are totally handsome??? Well you have that kind of face huh ? Haa~ I can’t believe how much it’s changed.”

“Is that so, if it looks good on me, then fine?” 

“O, oh. Hmm ! ?? I mean, you really broke up with Yuina!? You dumped her…well of course you don’t. So that means Yuina Chan…what is it again?” 

“Well, you’ll see when she gets here. I’ll tell you the details when Akari chan is here. How about lunch time?”

“Aa, I’ll tell Akari about that.”

Like that, I make a promise to Asahi at lunch time. Meanwhile, there was all the extra noise in the surroundings.

“Ha ! ? Is that Saeki ! ? he looks so different” 

“Wasn’t it the unappealing Saeki kun?”

“How should i put it, he’s really my type…♡” 

“I heard slightly about it, it seems like he’s broken up with Kanzaki san…” 

I am, Haaa. I took a deep breath while Asahi was laughing at me

“What the hell Asahi, What’s wrong”

“No~ My best friend that just came to school suddenly got famous !? I mean, The development of the story is like in Light Novels, it is interesting. Hey, does Yuina know about you cutting your hair ? back then you did it because of Yuina right?” 

“Aah, She probably didn’t know about it, I didn’t tell her and I don’t have to.”

“Well, I guess so.” 

As we’re talking about such things, the door was forcely opened, and the person that we were talking about earlier came to the classroom. 

“Good morning〜 ! it seems a bit noisy, what’s going on〜??” 

Yuina, who’s talking about the commotion with a carefree voice, finally came. 

(TL/N :

Translator A : well, next episode will be interesting~)

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