I realized that the voices of the women who makes fun of me this morning are approaching,  

It’s annoying, but I’m going to refuse normally.

“I’m sorry, I’m waiting for someone.”

“Ee~the one you’re waiting for is a girl?”

“Yes it is, are there any problems ?” 

Those Trio expressions turn to grin. 

“Then, it’s fine isn’t it? There is no one prettier than us right~? Let’s have some fun.”

“No, I already told you I have someone to accompany.”

“It’s okay, now let’s go.” 

My hand was about to be taken forcibly, but I can’t let them take me away like this. 

Especially, these guys are the ones who made fun of people just by their appearance. 

I have no obligation to get along with them anymore, so I shook my hands off, and decided to pay them back for what they did in the morning. 

“Hey, knock it off. I told you that I’m waiting for someone. I mean, did you guys even look in the mirror?” 

As soon as I said that, the three of them looked so flabbergasted, and they yelled at me with their faces bright red. 

“What was that, you want us to look in the mirror before we pick up guys?” 

“Haa!? Don’t get carried away just because you have a nice face !” 

“Even though we already told you that we’d play with you!” 

I told them while feeling annoyed by their yapping. 

“You guys don’t have any recollection of this morning? Don’t you guys think of anything when you see what I’m wearing?”

“What are you talking about…” 

“Ha? Isn’t that just a normal outfit…” 

“…Wait a sec, isn’t this the guy who was walking near the station this morning with crappy hair in his head!?” 

One of the trio looked at my outfit and noticed that we passed each other this morning, but the other two refused to admit it. 

“Ha !? That’s absurd ! There’s no way that guy is this handsome ! !”

Haa. I knew it, these guys only judge men by their looks. Well it’s only natural that these guys are the ones who make fun of strangers. 

I was amazed by the timing. As I was about to talk back to them, I heard someone’s voice from behind. 

“Ba~ sorry to keep you waiting.” 

I was relieved to see my Savior appeared, and decided to create a date-like atmosphere while smiling at Ayaka. 

“Aa…I’m not waiting at all. Your clothes today suit you more and look cuter than usual.”

When I praised Ayaka who looked more fashionable than usual, her face looked so happy “Ehehe” and she thanked me, “thank you”.”

Seeing the two of us like that, the trio with the wicked look on their face, silently stared at us. 

“So?, what’s up with the “there isn’t someone who’s prettier than us”? You don’t think that you guys are much cuter than my girlfriend, right?” 

“E-eh …? W-wait wha-”

That said, I embrace Ayaka’s shoulder and walk away. 

“Well then, since my partner came, it’s okay right? Ah, I’ll give you one more piece of advice. If you wanna pick up guys, don’t judge just by their appearance. I might just call the gloomy person that you guys made fun of, you know? See ya.” 

I’m taking Ayaka with me. 

They were yapping and saying something behind, but I didn’t really care and kept walking away. I stopped somewhere when I couldn’t hear their voices, and apologized to Ayaka for making her involved in this situation. 

“Sorry ! I was getting hit on persistently, so I ended up calling you my girlfriend…hey what’s wrong? Your face is bright red, you know?” 

When I apologized for what just happened, for some reason she smacked me repeatedly as her face turned red. 

“Tsu~!! Mou! It’s because Onii Chan suddenly hugged my shoulder and told me that “my Ayaka is the cutest.” You know! 

Well I didn’t say that far though. 

In order to make her mood better, I promised to buy her something that she likes. It seems her mood got a bit better, although she was still a little pouty. 

“Yosh, it seems like your mood is fixed. Hurry up and let’s go shopping.” 

Thus, we headed for our original goals to go shopping. 

After that, I had several clothes of my own and asked Ayaka to choose them for me. As expected, it was a girl coordination that I can’t think of. 

( TL/N : coordination/コーデ such as clothes, accessories, etc ) 

After that, I bought Ayaka some clothes, wax, and cosmetics for her personal appearance, and lastly, I decided to buy a souvenir such as cake for my mother and the others. 

By the way, I bought Ayaka a crepe. I told her that she can buy something more expensive, but she said that she wanted this one, so we decided to eat the crepe together. 


“We’re back~” 

“Welcome home~. Ara, is it really you, Ryouma? It looks good if you do it seriously, right! It suits you well !” 

“Thanks Mom, the bangs were annoying, so it was really refreshing. And, here, I bought this cake as a souvenir, so you can eat it after dinner.” 

“Ara, thank you~ ! But no matter how much Yuina Chan likes Ryouma, she shouldn’t make him look like that. This would’ve  surprised her on Monday, wouldn’t it?” 

“Maybe somewhere she will back out? Will she even remember what my real face looks like? It doesn’t matter anymore ‘cause we already broke up. Well, enough talking about her, let’s go have dinner.” 

My mom says “okay okay~ “ as she prepares dinner. 

When my dad came back and looked at my face, it was really funny when he asked “who the hell are you? Ayaka’s boyfriend?”. Hey, don’t ever forget your real son’s face. 

Then, on Sunday morning, I was sorting through my memories with Yuina. I threw away all the  things that Yuina had forced me to wear such as clothes, fake beard, and many other things that I don’t need anymore.” 

After that, I did my daily muscle training and reviewed my studies so that I won’t forget. 

All this time, I’ve always been acting like I was taking a shortcut. In reality, I’ve been working harder than I should’ve because in order to make a good adjustment you have to be competent. 

You can’t make a good adjustment if you don’t understand everything, in order to be neither above nor below. 

From now on, in order to perfect my strength, I will continue my training without missing a beat.

After finishing it all, I dived into my futon and fell asleep while looking forward to tomorrow. 

I’m really grateful to you Yuina. Thanks to you for throwing me away, so now, I can get serious. 

( TL/N : another short chapter, but with this we think that we can release two chapters in a day…

Translator B : at least our boy Ryouma has changed, and is ready to get his revenge muehehehe)

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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter.

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Lmao ….to think he forgot his own son face….and mom’s the best even when he struggled she encouraged him